Conflicts of wealth, resources interests & Common Islamic Philosophies

A few days ago, an email from the Palestinian Cause "BDS Movement", an org that attempts to passively blockade Israeli organisations from pilfering monies from unethical sources, or something, dropped into my inbox,  In it was the latest about the Israeli security group "G4S".

Earlier, I'd noted that the Papua New Guinea government was contracting G4S to cover their security issues.  So I serfed and got an email address of a PNG Legal department, then sent an email to the PNG legal dept.  It went to their email page and I forgot to copy it before hitting send.  But, with the PDS link to the article on G4S, my email basically said to the PNG Legal department, that G4S aren't worthy of being contracted to the PNG government and her People, and that PNG should severe their contract with G4S.

Then last night, for want of someone to argue with, I sent the BDS Movement the following.....,

Hi, I saw your campaign to down G4S, agree and recalled they are contracted by Australia's ("pet") northern neighbor PNG.

So I flung the PNG govt's Legal dept a short email with your G4S item's link, suggesting G4S is not worthy of being contracted by PNG.

You might want to extend your campaign to include the Noble Bleck Fella People of PNG, to persuade them to dump G4S?

Praise the Indigenous Immortals!

By "pet" I mean PNG has been under the white conservative, aka "British colonialist" offshore dictatorship (via Australian authorities) since before world war 2, & to today, suffer all manner of quite deliberate yet, of course, "covert" Australian establishment undermining of their attempts at constructing a healthy and harmonious govt., culture & society. Mainly for the huge and wide range of mineral etc., resources in PNG's islands, the likes of Rio Tinto, BHP-Billiton & other Aust-British IMF mining corps have raided and devastated PNG's pristine ecology for.

They're Noble & Strong People, who like Palestinians, deserve much more Respect than our Aust & Brit-Eurapean colonialists know anything about. Much the same as the deeply dysfunctional Israeli aggressors in YOUR Land.

So, Palestinians can identify with PNG People.

Also, it's obvious G4S are in PNG to protect those IMF exploration & mining interests, perhaps even as their main call.

As we know, the "whiteguys" IMF & Israel are joined at the hip, so Palestine & PNG True Fellas defend their territories from the same foe.

Close geographically, to this resources war, sadly however, are the pre-colonialist Papuans in West Irian, the western half of the Papuan main island, engaged in the exact-same fight defending their Ancient Lands & Cultures.

However, not so directly against "whiteguy", but against the Indonesian govt and mining forces.

The West Papuans, seriously under-resourced, are engaged long hard and cruel in this battle.

I mention this because the Indonesians, while clearly doing chilling deals with whiteguy IMF for Papua's land (real estate!) & minerals, profess to be Islamic.

We know many Indons are Very Righteous Muslims, & even have a lot of sympathy from President Bang-Bang Yudiono.

But this sad contradiction of aiding the IMF western miners in ongoing wars against the Righteous Papuans, is a blight on all Muslims.

Perhaps Islam's Middle-Eastern True Fellas can make mention if these conflicts of wealth, resources interests & your Common Islamic Philosophies, next time they chat with President Yudiono?

All Praise The Indigenous Immortals!


Gunai Aborigine Outlaw