Outlaw Talk to a right wing American Online Rag

Last night, I played wiff my Somsong stupidphone and set my Google news link to receive articles with "Outlaw/Outlaws" in them.  

This morning, scanning the same news pages, one item'd dropped in from the US right wing Christian online propaganda rag ("rag" used disparagingly) "National Review Online", with an article titled "And Will Jesse James or Billy The Kid Elementary School Follow?"  (Sorry, I don't have the link.)

I actually red it, then flung this'n off to the rag.........

130110  JUST DEFIANCE Outlaw Junction Outlaw Talk To right wing US Christians Edition
Far from wanting the same for mememe, being perhaps Astrayliar's leading "Outlaw" (17 years on-the-run), mainstreamers must face the facts that pretty-much all aspects of mainstream culture, as driven into kids, is full of corrupt ideals.

Primary to this corruption, are the underlying laws, long ago corrupted, and buried beneath mountains of untrue, principally economic propaganda.

So, mainstream schools in effect, teach kids to be cowardly, ignoble criminals.

The word "Outlaw" says it all, really, were it not turned upside down by ..... er ...... media, Hollywood, government et al, so that dumbed-down mainstreamers picture "evil" instead of "Honorable", or "Righteous" or Fearless and Defiant, etc etc, when the word is used.

It should be clear to clear minds, that

"When the law is corrupt, it is Duty to be an Outlaw!"

However, clearly, mainstream Judeo-Christian culture and "education", has refined schooling to muddy students' minds so badly, that Intellectual Clarity is the enemy.

Yes, if Communities and mums and dads are Wise, and True, they WOULD choose Righteous Outlaws as models and their names for schools.

But, all our woes - or not - have seeds in culture and parenting.

So children are really up against it, expecting m&d to know what's best, AND, to be Brave & Honorable - that is Selfless enough, to swim against the tide of corrupt mainstream culture, and press school boards to choose Righteous Dudes as Models and Mentors in the classrooms.

Instead, they take the weak path and choose railroad barons' names, ETCETERA!

1. Motorcycle riding and mechanics classes from grade 1. (My little joke, there!)

2. Teach how to live like an Aborigine!

3. Go Green.

Aborigine - Wisdom.
Green - Intelligence.
Biker - Honor against tyranny.

The Three Wise (Outlaw) Tribes!


Gunai Aborigine Outlaw