The Media Game Of Avoiding THE Fight

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It's been “ramping-up” since the invention of the printing press, I guess, if not much earlier, as far back as ancient Roman times.

The effort by the worlds' elites to oppress and silence Dissent.

Most people, in the mainstream of 1st world nations are uncaring about the elite clamping down on those who recognise something's terribly awry in how the governments actually treat their “citizens”, or “subjects”, and who take to whichever medium is around, to voice Dissent and to inspire the masses to stand against the tyranny.

Most mainstreamers are so self-absorbed as to excel in ignoring hard truths about how the culture they prescribe to and blindly consume, is deadly.

In 1930's Germany, the mainstreamers were the same. Self-absorbed and like most Jews, Catholics, Protestants and other wealthy middle-upper classes, really didn't care less about anyone outside of their little world. The remains of the high life of the booming 1920s lingered at least in their minds, keeping them “high” on whichever drug or drink was the trend, and on the excess of the new century's materialism' explosion.

However, once the “pogroms”, persecution of ethnic minorities etc., reached the levels of threatening all sane and balanced cultural and social behaviour, the same middle-upper classes began to live in constant fear, of the Nazi SS or Gestapo knocking on their door and carting a son or husband away forever.

But, by then, for even the wealthier of them, it was too late.

War had descended upon their self-absorbed comfort-and-schnapps-zones, upon their dance halls and restaurants, upon their high lifestyles.

Too late.

They had become their own worst enemies.

All mainstream media - back then there was next-to-no “alternative” media - voiced objections to the fascistic National Socialists, only to be shut down, and reporters and editors carried off to concentration camps, to torturous suffering, to silence.

The nation's youth had been preempted into serving the tyranny of Hitler, who himself, with his recruited aids, Goebels, Hesse, etc., had been groomed for decades by an unseen landed elite, many of whom were British, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and American, etc etc. and of course, German. Landed elites, whose descendant's still run the global colonist corruption today.

The mainstream, if they saw it, ignored it. Foolish as wealth and promises of more wealth makes people, they were seduced, hypnotised - materialized - into trusting the wealthier, the dynasties who'd essentially ruled forever, even once this “democracy” concept was propagandized to have taken root.

In their self-assured trances, they felt a sinister joy when masses of youth and adult troops, regaled in the smartest uniforms, marched in tight formation, showing excellent self-and-group-discipline, through their streets.

Achtung! Ve are Safe!” they'd laugh to each other, in German, sitting in street cafes, at bars, in offices.

Until it was.., too late.

Today, with the veneer of freedom dancing down our streets, across all continents, we're allowed to be as distracted as we like.

WE don't have to worry about the future. About tyranny. About increased surveillance of our phone calls, of our internet use, of our shopping trends, purchases perversions psychopathologies!?”


Ignorant bliss pervades the polity, powered by promises of endless wealth, “if you'll just do THIS?! buy THIS!? Spy on THEM!? Lie about.....!”

Now, across the US, across Britain, Eurape, Australia, etc etc., whole cities and rural regions, are so frightened, so bought-off, so convinced they are right to follow this cult, that genre, that trend, that model of living, that model of farming, that the minority, not yet bought off by one wealthy cult or another, live in fear of being left behind, of being falsely accused, of being picked-up by henchmen, carted-off to prison, to camps, to disappearance, go crazy, act out, are picked up for the crimes of the “WE're OK!” classes, and are so scrambled in mind to be unable to ORGANIZE themselves, their street, their generation, to effectively voice their objections to the insane morons running the tyrannies, let alone to organize Public Militia to stop the out-of-control corporate military forces.

Since well before Gutenberg, thinking, wise people have objected to censorship, to oppression, to totalitarianism, etc.

Since before Gutenberg, or since especially the late 19th century, when newspapers were speaking openly about government tyranny, real estate fraud, worker's rights, etc etc., media has tried to inspire the masses to 1stly, follow their papers, their opinion-maker pieces, and to buy their newspapers.

Listen to US! We write to inform YOU of the dangers we ALL face!”

But, always, not enough people really listen, hear, read, watch, comprehend, unnerstand, follow.


How many journo's actually get out on the soapbox on the city streets and foster resistance in the people on the streets?

How many actually speak, or write, or even think about the HARD TRUTHS, for fear, unspoken? Let alone gather their fellow industry staff and mount a mass, multi-city, multi-nation PROTEST, on city streets, out front of parliaments, out front of police headquarters?

O shit no! That'll compromise my comfy home loan, overdraft, smick-auto, ability to suck cafe with fellow cafe-suckers!

No, thank you. And what about my BABEEE! She/he/it is only 2 years old!?!?!”

Until it's too late...

Guess what folks? Journos'? “Keyboard Warriors!” as the Brave Anders called us?

It's too late!

Shamefully, those middle-upper-class well-to-do's with egos as big as the Empire State - not the New York building, THE Empire State of the New World Order, who's parents, one criminal corporate way or another, afforded them a swish church-school indoctrination, so they could swan-it in the best social media circle cafe-latte settes, have, for their upper-level aloofness, always been part of the problem.

Not..., part of any cure, resolution, dissolution of the tyranny now oppressing Julian Assange, Private FIRST CLASS Bradley Manning, Jeremy Hammond, Aaron Swartz RIP, Et Al, Et Al,Et Al.


Shamefully, those middle-upper-class well-to-do's with egos as big as....., consciously, perhaps gutlessly, choose to leave the actual FIGHT, to the next series of generations, who will loose parents, older brothers, uncles, to the henchmen, prison camps, disappearances of our government-by-oppression offshore tyrannical monarchs, corporate secret services, media moguls, mining tycoons.

At least the kids of today, for our allegedly “adult” generations intellectual, political and physical laziness, are already much much tougher, fearless, aware of the extent of the REAL enemy threatening their futures.

But, as I wrote to a newspage 'totherday, can they ORGANIZE their whole generation, free of the bigoted BULLSHIT their parents and grandparent's generations accepted as the racist truth, as the nationalist truth, as the footy team truth, to know who their real enemies are, in corporate marketplaces, in Hollywood hyperbowls, in consumer-seduction showrooms, in advertising companies, in political parties, mainstream and so-called “alternatives”?

I fucking hope so!

I hate the little shits meself.

What I write, is dispassionate, merely observation of what I see, and of what I deduce as necessary to change the downward trend/course/sewer the middle-upper-class well-to-do's with egos as big as... are so-self-confidently leaving and leading the next-gens into.

However..., fearless I write, but readily admit those of the middle-upper-class well-to-do's in their comfy media houses and website offices/homes/cafes, feed me the guff, the goods, the gen, - the excellent quality verbage, reportage, commentary, the succinct, accurate, accumulated research - I consume to inspire this sort of evocative blurb, and, without you, I'd be as lame as the mainstream whiteguy fuckwits some of us, you included, well-to-do's, recognise as, the world's real enemies.

However..., there comes a time, when words are not enough!

This repeats itself throughout history.

So..., who's side are the economic, political, cultural and social media, male and female, on, when it comes to such topical issues as the promoted “GUNSSS!?#$%^&!?” Issue???

Education Issue?

Religion Issuezzzzz?

Auto Issuezzzzz?

Land Distribution Issuezzzz?

Clearly, the tyrants have the tanks, the drones, the air forces, the nukes, the protective armor-plated uniforms.

The poor suckers who pick-up your garbage, who deliver your cafe, and wine, and eggs, and your volevantes, your organic veg, and print, retail and provide inks, electronic parts etc., for the books and tablets your precious little kiddies so need for school, and the shit necessary for your girlfriend's occasional IVF transplant, or breast implant, etc etc etc., and-an etc etc etc, usually don't have guns in their closets.

THE TYRANTS (of Astrayliars political class), via their hypnotised puppet, Martin Bryant, (Rest His Soul!) FOOLED YER AV'RAGE WORKING AUSSIE BLOKES (AWABs) INTO SURRENDERING THEM!!!

So, when the illegal police wireless phone-taps pick-up that they, yer AWABs, are really scared about the government officers and utterly insane military and secret police taking the country down the shithole, and that the PEOPLE, really should start to think - THINK!?$%^&!? - about - ACT! FUCKSTICK! ACT! - about doing something to stop the limits on our freedoms..... who's side of the GUNSSS debate are YOU gonna be on, pseudo-high-class CATHOLIC BITCH!?!?!#$%^&*!?!?!

YOU gonna be at the barricades outside the British High Commission in Canberra, DEMANDING “OUT! WHITEGUY SCUM!!!”?



And..., outside the CHINESE EMBASSY, SHOUTING, "Ni Hou!  BU SHI! BU SHI! Please let us introduce PROPER LAND LAWS,  and tax your mineral exports properly!!!???!!!

Naaah! We'll be down at our fav'rite side-street cafe, IN PARIS! IN BERNE! IN VIENNA! IN PRAGUE! IN RIO! IN KATMANDU! Hahahahehehehohoho!
O! the kids? Ummm..? Well, you see, it really IS, all about ME!
We didn't have kids for THEIR sakes! NO-O! Mummy needed them, to make her feel..., comPLETE! If you know what I meeeean?”

Wake up kids! Time to ORGANIZE Y'SELVES! No point waiting for the adults to tell you the facts, or about what to do! They're about as lost as they can be! And..., they're selfish, and gutless, when it comes down to it.

10,000 KIDS out front of parliament, might very well shock the upperclassholes to change their tactics?

Uniforms???” HA! No-o!

Don't get me wrong, you know I hate y'all, insolent lil' shits! And the last thing I'd do is look at you like a predator.

And... I simply will not be anyone's “leader”!

But you'd smash your point home if you all marched together and on reaching out front of parliament, got NAKED!

Like my artwork, “FUCK TH' CAGE!!!””

I'm sure the whole fuckin' priesthood and half the fuckin' coppers and military, up as far as the pope and General Commanders, would be messing themselves where they prayed or stood!


ORGANIZE, y' lil shits! ORGANIZE!

See how the latte media sette deals with THAT!

See if they're wearin' lipstick?


All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

aka Max Earth


Outlaw Junction


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