O Which Game-Changer Will Do It?

130105 JUST DEFIANCE Outlaw Junction O Which Game-Changer Will Do It Edition


Whereth doth I begineth?

Last weeketh I hadeth a visiteth in a late dream, from one sparkling ex-prime ministereth, by name ofeth, Ruddeth.

In said dreameth I was in a lower place, looking up at the B&B cheerleader (blonde and blue-eyed), as he spoke in the most eloquent tones, somewhat affected, about nothing that I remember at all.

But it did seem like a purposed entry into my usual dream-laden resleep spaces, which occur after nights of many uninvited characters.

Sadly, though I sense his dropping in had a purpose in it, I cannot recall what.


Of the last two or three blog posts here, I've written of the purposelessness of life, and of the fatal end the mighty powers of the most dominant cultures, nations and group-psychopathy have arranged for the species, for the habitat and for life in general on mum eartha.

Perhaps the stand-out point I raise in them, is the urgent yet hopeless-anyway, need for “THE Game Changer” across the globe, if anything is gonna at the very least, slow the beast of our own god, ie., Mammon, down.

In my pessimism, to be red as “Realism”, I don't see any means or people-powered event on the near-or-far horizon, that will so stun, shock, and/or awe, the masses, but more, the elites of the psychopathy “humanus stupidius”, enough to have us-collective do something good for a change.

Outside of course, of the cataclysm to end all cataclysmzzz!

Having disgorged my mind of any purpose, of any sound reason, of any hope of acting to actually “Make a Difference!” (COPYRIGHT!!!), even while I do rather enjoy pondering the imponderable options humanus stupidius has available, from here forward, one does tend to lower one's gaze into the shithole we know as Australian politics, occasionally.

How much this or any thinks in this cranium are my own, I always question. But being pushed to having nothing else to do, what with psycho-landladies, and her clearly politically inbred relo's (I'm in Bjelke-country, remember!), and anyone near enough to them that they can talk their shit to, harassing and stalking me day and night, I try to choose to follow my own instincts in regard to the days' politrix we all more and more suffer.

So, whatwiff the B&B Ruddie dropping in last week, to my semi-conscious dream-state, I sort of knew I should expect more of the same from the same or similar political classholes.

Because I am this pained open book for witches to enter and not read, but print their own psychoses in, for-to have my numb mind broadcast whatever they want to the wider multiverse.

FUCK YOU! being my usual response to the pieces of pooh!

Getting back to my thoughts of the last few blogs, and our desperate need for something of a major “game changer”, and drifting in-out of Astrayliarn politrix lions'-dens-plural, federal-state and local covens, in my early morning dreamspace this very mourning, I was standing on a street corner somewhere, when a nice '70s model Mercedes Benz 2-door coupe appeared, made a rash and illegal manouvre through the intersection, then swung another more illegal u-turn, and zoomed to stop - umm? - in a servo or such, where I alluvasudden was.

And who was driving, but her-republican-herself, Madame J. Gillard!

An exchange of some sort was had between us, wherein I now deduce something about this year, 2013, being rather crucial for the whole of Astrayliar's liars, including Ju-liars ALP, et al et al, and that the idea of re-surfacing the “Republic” issue was “on the agenda”!


“Game changers?”

Sure, campaigning federally, thus, it goes without saying, at the lower political levels of state and council, for us to revisit the Republic issue, would, with enough support, dependent upon how clean and strong any campaign is, by Republican lobbyists, would certainly be the most beneficial “game changer” for Astray liars like most white Astrayliarns!

And, being the oxymoronic king of Dissident Republican Democratism, if M. Gillard was to take that approach, as she knows by her visitation this mourn, she, and they, hopefully from throughout the lower and upperclasshole houses of all parliaments, get my unreserved “TICK”!

But “Mister No”, the peasant leader of the upperclasshole peasants' party in federal dropposition, likely would object for thus losing all sight of his opportunity of selling his arse to become prime miniture.


So, I guess, would his puppet-mistress, Mrs Habit.

Ne'ertheless....., on the global front, which funnily enough we down here down the shithole are connected to - funny hey! - The Guardian UK has an article talking pretty straight saying that Britain's Labour Party were not responsible for the 2007, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, and off into the unforeseeable financial crisis, but - SHOCK-HORROR - THE BANKS were!


Jolly brave of the Guardian, yes/no?

In the 2nd article I red from same UK pages, fear was rising down in the Middle-East, with an Israeli election on the way. In the chaos inside and outside the walled whorehouse of the unholy land, an even more extreme right wing political party was showing promise of winning more influence than would be healthy for Palestinians, and for Arabs, and for everyone not pearly-white and Jewish elsewhere.

The only sight of hope of curtailing any such rise to Armageddon, was that the US mainly, but the Jewish diaspora, outside of said walled whorehouse, were less in favor of right wing anti-liberal political narrowmindedness, and therefore, a reduction of funds from the diaspora into the Israeli government and corporate coffers, could be the way the more intelligent world could slow and stop the rise of Jewish fascism in Sinkhole Jerusalem?

Things do, and are changing, globally, as most of us, and the threatened species, well know.

But the Banker's parties in Brit-Eurape, and Washington, et al, are not likely to allow unmanipulated, as-in untampered-with US, Australian, British or Eurapean, let-alone Israeli election ballot papers, counts, and results to pass through their subversive church-school kiddies hands at any elections in the near future.

So..., I fall back onto my “Amoeba-to-Empire-to-Self-Extermination” hopelessness, for the overall future.


Drifting back into this mourning's dreamspace, passing comment about M. Gillard's deft driving in said dream-intersection on the way, were she not PM one might say it was impressive. But as she probably ordered all coppers away from said scene of plural traffic crimes, she can get away with it, and “do whatever she fucking well likes!”


The thoughts put in my dream, about us becoming a Republic, being thrust back on the federal election agenda, has lots of Merit.

No only for the lost tribes of our dumb as dogshit electorate.

But because we have huge resources sitting under Aborigine feet, in much demand globally, though with the financial banker's crisis dropping demand and profits somewhat, were we to change the game here, and vote for our very own Democratic Republic, with every other ramification inherent in our FINAL political-thus-economic Independence from Britain and Eurape, and, properly “Navigated”, all the other positives such a vote would more than likely ignite globally, an extremely positive outlook, against my preferred REAListic pessimist tendencies, might forecast that this wee-little “Middle-Power” Ashcan-Astrayliar, could effect enough of a shock on world politics to actually change the fucking game, everywhere?


Now.., OK! So, good-on-yer Madame PM, for provoking another burst of sunlight from this cranial core.

And I guess I forgive you for being of your gender, and of your using me to promote something worthwhile, via my occortals.

I only hope you actually are an atheist, and not a secret agent for the fecking Catholic Witches Association, et al, and their matriarchal putsch?

Maybe, maybe, you are of the wiser mindset which recognises that both genders have, in the main, in the mainstream, lost the plot, and so we have to do some very hard, ego-free thinking on the issues you thrust yourself into, of governing for the good of all, and not just for smug bitches with comfortably-parked fannies, on mens' hard yards, alimony and half-owned land?

So....? this brings up another crucial issue?

By how much does any modern day, Intelligence-based Democratic-Republican Philosopher, address the hidden, underlying most important issue the whole species faces, of “leadership”?

Are we as a species now doomed to follow, like blind sheep, the propaganda of monarchs, of presidents, of PMs, and of all other in-potentia-psychopaths-cum-eventually-megalomaniacs, as per the last 6,000 years of Jewish lost-tribalism?

Back to my safe-haven fatalism!

Nah! Not a fucking chance, missus!”

I've been doing-the-lexicon lately, looking for alternative words for the usual “kings” “queens”, “presidents”, “prime miniatures” etc. Because they are clearly all failing the species.

But this, not for their weaknesses, necessarily, but more, as has been emphasised by myself for some decades now, the model we blithely and hypnotically follow, en mass, is flawed.

Ask any Elder Australian Aborigine! They'll tell yer!

Democracy, is BY THE PEOPLE! Not, led by some “hero”, catapulted up into the pulpit by their back room cult of megalomaniacs with major crime syndicate financing!

So, what say you Madame PM, and your backroom drivers?

How far does the “game changer” phenomenon actually go, outside of Sky and Murdoch media BULLSHIT, of focusing on the messenger and discarding the fucking MESSAGE?

Can the species Dumb-As-Dogshitus, “Zionist Roman Catholicus” for short, go the distance before Saachi-and-Saachi finds it rubs too much against their corporate power-mongrel legs and pull the plug?

Er-umm? Please, from this day forward, DON'T MENTION FUCKIN' SAACHI-AND-SAACHI!?@#$%^&*?!

What have we? Six months, before Tiny Habit's puppet-mistresses demand he demand an election?

“NO, for PM!” Hmmmm! Has a “ring” to it!

Being the anti-Christ, dumb-as-Christians have made me, during that exile, inquiries have me confirm what Bleck Fella has always known, that Democracy Rules! And shall always forever hereafter rule! OK!

So to MOVE FORWARD, from the abyss the white Zioneeeest northern peeeeeegs, have dropped us into, it does seem iminently Wise to do something Progressive, as, forming an “Anti-Hero Party”!

Sid Vicious, of the Immortal “Sex Pistols”, not the 1st, for sure, but he may have been one of the 1st 20th century Heros, to sing it?


So..., The Republic is well overdue, most of us down here down the foreign-owned mine know. And yes, Madame Merc driver with ZING, such a putsch could be something of a “game changer”, not only to save the ALP from going to the bottom of the shithole.

If indeed, that was the hidden purpose of your erratic driving this morning, into my dream station, then, we must review allegiances fully, and ensure the woemens' cluckery are not given false authority by any vote of confidence from my dream-committee.

Stoic, stubborn, steadfast, and others that the ALP core is, and has been since 1808 Jan 26th, and even with the supposed purging of the Terrigals, et al, from the toilets of power in Sodom-er-Sinny-er-Sydney's Phillip Street HQ, my couple of decades of being chained to the flusheries of ALP influenza, has me doubt that any Revolting inside the chamber, no matter who does the wiping, can effect the necessary reforms, anywhere near to the extent I, Mr No Difference (COPYRIGHT!!!?) have investigated and confirmed as right and proper.

Game changers only seem to work when they have that IMPACT of a major smack in the chops.

However...., if the Leveson Inquiry in London has quelled Murdoch's hubris any, so something similar has occurred across the lavatory-seats of the Lib/Nats, and if the general public have gotten over Harry Potter's naïve happiness spells, and are at last ready to get down to business, and ALL business depends completely on Good Government MISta Palmer, (...and his five daughters! Hahahahoho!), then YES-YES-YES, with the Greens by your side, let Astraylairn punters put down the lottery tickets and make it known we are together behind the all-party call for the Democratic Republic of Australia.

Go the Game Changer!

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