The Ultimate Outlaw Ride Scoot-4x4-Bed-&-House

130115 JUST DEFIANCE Outlaw Junction The Ultimate Outlaw Ride Scoot-4x4-Bed-&-House Edition

After 17 years ostracised, exiled, defamed, and Outlawed by the mass of your own society, all so the pricks – all of whom have associated with you on the pretext that they're your “friends”, but in reality, behind your back, so they can be paid 30-pieces-of-silver to stay silent about the fucking disgusting Catholic AND Freemason plan to leave you hanging on their sacrificial cross, y' tend to drift away from typical, mainstream whiteguy thinking and seeing of things.

Motorbikes were introduced to me by my Noble Outlaw Step-Father, who gave me the basics and lots of stay-alive tips to shelter my “Mad Max” enthusiasm for the next 30 years.

Then my scumsucking brother sold me a lemon when I was around 17 y/o. A 1972 BSA B50SS 500cc single, which stole many many of my hours, patience, and beads of sweat making rideable.

For those introductions, and 3 years in England, most of it owning a rough-as-guts (condition-wise) 1959 BSA A10 Road Rocket 650cc twin, then back in Astrayliar, 50 boxes of bits, of varying years of the same A10, a few of which I got running, never to forget the sheer Beauty of the ol' Brummie' twins, when they ran r-r-r-r-right, it's kinda unnerstandable that I look at about every possible Alternative to the commonly accepted way/ways of living.

Having learned early, and over 40 years of adulteryhood, learning the hard way, coming to accepting that the real estate industry in Astrayliar is one massive megalomaniacal piece-of-shit, and for my determination to remain Honest, I'll more than likely never even rent a comfortable secure fixed abode this side of death, let alone owning my own piece of ABORIGINAL real estate, the idea of being a Nomad, GO NOMAD!! in order to NO GO MAD, like the vast majority of whitearse mainstreamers here, building my own mobile home became possible when mum and family were gracious enough to front me 12 grand.

So I bought a '98 Holden Rodeo ute, with plans to build a frame and hut on back.

But for being set-up by the aforesaid mass of cocksucking Catholics, some large percentage of them woemen, all of them all tooo ready to set me up then accuse me of being one thing or another, none of which I have ever been, nor ever will be, so am unable to find suitable rental space to put some regular, serious and undisturbed time and effort into building this little, humble dream.

So.., for being absolutely pissed-off by the current landwitch and her verbal diarhea, I've stopped working on said mobile home.

Instead, I stay in the scrub, in extreme minimalist back-of-ute tarpaulin shelter, and write REALPolitik invectives against anyone who hits the headlines, and who deserves a literary roasting.

G'day, Ratzinger!”

And, when forgetting about the rest of the scum white arses, I dream.

The minuscule joy I get now, is designing, primarily, the bits and panels for the ute-hut, on the laptop, on the Nobel Prize Worthy Open Office Draw open source software.

As said, motorbikes are in my DNA, and the Nomad Way adds-up for so many Sound Reasons.

But now, I'm too old to be a Nomad Outlaw on a motorbike. At least a flat bed of foam rubber is all I ask. A minimalist kitchen and shelter from the hard weather, seems to be too much, according to the egomaniac selfish dog-maggots around where I'm stuck now.

Nevertheless...., I Dream.

I guess, taking the dream overseas, anywhere but Astrayliar, I throw the Dream, with the OpenOffice sketches, to a bunch of Kool Dudes who had a show on Foxtel for a while, at Orange County Choppers, I think they called their trick concern.

If...., I had a life, Bro's, I be straight over there with a fist full of drawings like the one below, and a fist full of cash, setting to getting you to build me this terra!


Somehow, I reckon there's a few Dudes sketchin' their versions of the same trickster quad bike, 4-by-4 mobile home Supa-Scoot, right now?

A new concept!

A new way!



I guess the base I've dreambuilt it around, my reasonable but aging '98 2.8L turbo diesel 4x4 Rodeo, wouldn't pass muster in the workshops of OC.

But it could be as nice a mobile place to start?

With, a GM V6 petrol donk, running on H2O.

Looks like DUTY, to mememe!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

aka Max Earth


Outlaw Junction


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