Please Don't Mess With Doctor Fireheart?

130108  JUST DEFIANCE Outlaw Junction Doctor Fireheart Edition

"Please Don't Mess With Doctor Fireheart?" is the call to those who have maltreated this mysterious man of the forests, highways and deserts, "Doctor Fireheart".

Whether anything is real as seen from his eyes, heard by his ears, or even the scent of bushfire smelled by his fire-breathing dragon-nostrils, whether he does possess the power set the world alight by his mere thoughts, or not, all he has ever asked of others, is that they treat him with the same respect they would expect for themselves, lowly, beggared, twisted minds and souls though they are, mostly.

So, as the vast majority of Australians have been seduced by their own weak psychological demons to issue curses and hexes upon him, as he travels from one campsite to the next, on his nomadic sojourn, and for their own filthy small-minded idiot and selfish entertainment, harass and stalk him day and night, even the idiot witches of this once Divine country, should know they are bringing upon themselves, his fire-breathing anger.

Hence, the days' headlines, assuming there is some reality in them, for we all know how much Zion rules the pages of our news services, and so censor and manipulate the truth as much as they do, and therefore, our minds, hence the days' headlines and news bulletins broadcast items about the fact that the nation has recorded today, it's hottest day on record, that out of control bushfires rage across the continent, and the summer is but relatively young, and that we may be facing catastrophic situations from Western Astrayliar to Sinny.

So, as so many juvenile (read - hypnotized) Aussies, Brits, and Eurapeans, etc, etc, have often traveled far just to issue their tiny-minded curses on the ever-humble Doctor Fireheart, and that the Zionists continue, even in the face of the FACTS Doctor Fireheart speaks, to try to control his soul, so they can lie to the world that their lord has returned, the factual Doctor, not any acting character paid 30-pieces-of-silver to tell porkies, created in the warped and lost minds of Britain's and Hollywood's Zionist BULLSHIT story-telling movie machines, returns fire, fights fire with fire, sets the world on fire, and will keep firing up his fireheart as long as the imbeciles of the real estate and mainstream white Zionist world of selfishness and CRAPitalism so ignorantly pester him, and keep him without a secure and private home, just so they can monitor and harass him.

Maybe the 'luminated 'maginations of the British Doctor What, Where or Who, can set to with a storyline of the false Doctor, him of their clever little imaginations, meeting a True Doctor of the Ether, of the Ethos, of the Forests, of the Highway, of the Fireheart, who at last humbles Doctor Who with his True Power of simply Talking True, about the real troubles the English Doctor's o-so-precious humans face?

And maybe, though no-one expects this much, the Australian police forces who've monitored him for decades, and who've terrorised him wherever he's roamed, while keeping "why" from him, can "Man-Up!" for once in their gutless lives and careers, and compensate him for everything they've done to him?

Nah!  NO-ONE expects Aussie coppers to be that brave, Honorable, Humble, and TRUE!

"O well!" murmurs Doctor Fireheart to himself.


And may all the Zionist Catholic witches burn too!!!

What's that, Doctor Fireheart...?

"FUCK 'EM!!!!!!!!"

Yeah..., gotto agree with ya' there, Cuz!

Meanwhile, local dizzy, giggling Christian school boys with rabid-rats for brains and for pets, try to think of the rectitude of dropping pet rats hexed by school-boy cleverdick, near Doctor Fireheart's camp?

But, HAHAHAHAHA! "Christian schoolies....", even at 75 years of age, "...trying to think of the rectitude..." is this evening's laugh-a-minute OXYMORON, kiddies!

Take that home and study it with baby-mummy-and-daddy.

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

aka Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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