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Monday, 14 January 2013 2:12 AM

My Comments on reading an article published online in the German news daily “Der Speigel”, titled

by Mary Beth Warner and Kristen Allen

(No sign of this report on Australian media, as far as I can see?  WHY?)

Is it possible the inquiry into Catholic kirk child sex abuse in Germany was killed (click on the link above for Der Speigel's article) because the current pope is 1 German & 2 may be found to have been an offender?

Highly possible.

The size of the Catholic church globally is enough to influence justice against the Catholic priesthood, & pressure would definitely be put if such pontifical involvement was likely, because it's quite possible that publicity of that crime would be the last straw, which even the mammoth Catholic church global, could not survive.

And were it so, neither should it!

But O what enormous relief, not alone for the anti-Catholic Freemasons, but for Atheists and Intellectuals, Critical Thinkers, REALPolitik Activists, and Scientists, as well as all the Humble Folk who can, without an expensive education, simply deduce the falsities propping-up 1st, the notion of this Judeo-Catholic invention of the Christian god, & 2nd, the evils upon which all Christian churches have profited for too long.

I think, as do millions, that it's clergy have gained "promotion" and “license to abuse”, both on threats of blackmail & as pay-offs, bribes to stay silent about both the "god" lie, & the numerous lies contained in all Christian dogma. Let alone to maintain this global crime's cover-up.

But it cannot be ignored that pedophilia on such a scale in just this one institution, has another purpose underneath it, and also therefore that the same abuses have been rife right across all "contending" faiths and cults.

So above any and all inquiries into Catholic priest pedophilia, its time the planet dug in and began a global inquiry into ALL cults.

Jewish. Christian. Freemason and the many many others.

Therefore it stands to reason that Thinking Peoples of all nations should increase pressure on the German dioceses of the Catholic church, through German people & government, to pursue the inquiry there.

Even, or especially if an inquiry implicates a living, sitting pope.

We can be sure, that if Ratzinger was a pedophile in Germany, the rest of the clergy will be doing everything to delay exposure until after he dies.

And..., it has to be understood that with the church being so long and so deeply corrupt, and perverse, that climbing the ladders of it's bishopric, was as often achieved by now senior “prelates”, by lowering themselves to exactly these types of heinous crimes.

However, it is hard, admittedly, from the televisual media imagery I recall of the last Pope, John Paul II, to accept or believe that he fell to, or gained the top job, through being an abuser of children. Rather, with respect, I suggest the he was in large part a puppet, while impossible to have been completely unaware of these types of crimes, he may be said to have been to some extent, naïve.

My opinions of the current pope are different, and, to some extent, personal. I'll leave it at that.

But I will say that if the man Karl Ratzinger, is a Man, he will step up to the plate, and speak out in full and frank disclosure, both of his own errant behaviour, which, under the circumstances of this being a cult-wide, indeed, a worldwide cult-wide crime, were he to do the more-often “compromising” Catholic thing, and confess, he might find the world forgives him.

But, that could not possibly occur, without his complete confession, of also the horrors hidden by the whole church, in terms of the extent of abuses, physical, sexual and psychological, including it's secretive and quite demonic psychic abuses, all of which may very well simply be their warped way of accumulating economic power over the masses, and over the species.

Also, abuses inflicted upon those who rejected the dogma as false and evil, who were pursued by the fanatical church to their demise, psychologically or to the point of their own death, must be given Just Release for their Souls.

But we best not delude ourselves that this might occur, purely, or impurely because there are vast numbers of Catholic and other Christian clerics who have fallen to being completely fascinated and demonic, protecting what they regard as worth assassinating the likes of even a pontiff for – power – and so to keep their secrets secret forever.

Knowing the generally dark history of Catholicism and of it's opponents, Freemasonry perhaps the equal-most-evil, it's a certainty that such assassinations have happened before.

But..., this is a different time.

Exposure” is the flavor of the new century, perhaps, which might send a warning to all hierarchies, corporate, political, legal, landlordal, religious and even social, that now is the time to “...make straight your roads”?

Far from another false god coming down and sitting in judgment on the wicked, these times, with all the tyranny and falsity played with by those with more power than they have Intelligence, thus Wisdom and Ethics to handle Properly, those with too much power, mainly products of these same dark institutional schooling facilities, are, slowly-too-slowly, being brought to answer to Democratic courts, and, with the rise in Popular Media and PROTEST, are finally being fined and imprisoned in keeping with the extents of their transgressions. Well..., closer than ever in keeping....!

It's fully understandable that, even if the current pontiff has been an offender, and even if he wishes to speak the truth, he would not make it to the dock, without someone assassinating him, or, as often occurs, without some huge and shocking distraction exploding, to take our minds off this. Major wars have been fabricated for just such purposes.

As I wrote above, We can be sure, that if Ratzinger was a pedophile in Germany, the rest of the clergy will be doing everything to delay exposure until after he dies.

So we can be sure that, as always, “damage-controlcover-ups will be the flavor of the religious and cult world, by many others outside the Catholic church also, simply for a twisted sense of respect for the "gentle and lovable" pontiff, & because everyone knows it will rock most of the foundations of western hegemonic religious AND political culture to their core.

All the more reason to press all Germans & all Humans, that-is, People with a Conscience and thus, with a Rightmindedness, to make the HA! German “Christian Democrat” (O what hope! For that party's name is but the very worst religio-political oxymoron!!!) government go full tilt at pursuing a full inquiry.

Aside from these crimes bringing Just Cause to completely review all religious practices, authority, and influence in almost all corners of social and cultural life, we must especially act to clean-out the deeply abusive and callous administration and indoctrination of school-aged students – children and adolescents – by any and all of these anachronistic and disgustingly draconian cults and religious institutions.

In this rather better informed age, with tools like never before for the Common Folk to learn, and discern fact from fantasy, in crucial arenas as “god” and whether in fact such exists, “faith versus Reason”, as Pope John Paul wrote in Latin, “Fidel et Ratio”, the species cannot afford to turn a blind eye and ignore anymore, those who remain free to pervert everyone and every thing their entranced eyes cast their megalomaniacal, lusting, eager gaze upon.

It cannot be ignored or overlooked that, in Australia for one, major advances have been achieved by a better standard of policing forces than we've ever seen, with irrefutable evidence, and innumerable witnesses finally being allowed – that-is – protected by CIVIL law - to come forward with their accounts of the tyranny they suffered under at the hands of Catholic and other clergy.

So it has to be considered that for Germany being as close to the centre of global corruption and tyranny, in religious belief, political and economic corruption, and the deeply dysfunctional whiteguy lust for power, and for perhaps the unfortunate fact that the present pope is also German, pernicious malfeasance is stopping Germany from bringing all such clerical abusers to Justice.

It might be worth watching how the stock markets react, once a full-scale inquiry, indeed, an INQUISITION, is announced by the leading world governments and independent judicial courts.

However, while we might be correct in lifting our respect for the institutions of the judiciary, for there being better, less corruptible minds in the chairs, in my opinion, most all in the northern hemispheres are irretrievably corrupt. To that, I cannot see a place in any inquiry as this, for the Eurapean International Court.
Lastly, anyone who believes that a society is better off with religious institutions having their way in schooling of our most important minds - our youth – are 1, deluded, or evil, and 2, misinformed. So misinformed as to be a danger to any Democratic voting Polity.

For just one example of a nation leading the world in education standards, is Finland.

And Finland has no “private schools”.....

Neither, as it happened, did the World's True Fellas, It's Aborigines...

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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