2013 federal election is about the media, not politics

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My comments on Michelle Gratton's SMH article and other related ishooozzz, this morning....,
Timing, PM, is Crucial
by Michelle Gratton

This Sept 14 2013 fed election is gonna be a test, not so much for politics, but for our media.

Therefore, as usual, but with even worse increasing levels of difficulty, for our voters.

The 2 big media stables are now in the hands of blatantly biased moguls, 1, the 70% owner of media in Australia, the global megalo-maniac Rupert Murdoch, & 2, of the last few years, influential-enough Fairfax share-holder, no less than the world's richest person, mining inheritance profiteer Georgina Rinehart.

This signals voters will A, have to actually research and think well outside the mainstream media and economic suggestion-boxes to get sound facts and wise unbiased, uncensored and considered opinions about which way to vote, and B, are in for a fight, certainly for any semblance of the dead "Australian dream" of owning a home, ensuring the kids get an affordable and intellectually, ethically and economically rightminded education, and thus, for parents and kids, fair and reasonable employment, including fair and humane work conditions.

Along side Rinehart on the Fairfax shareholder list sits another right wing influential rich-dick, the advertising mogul, John Singleton.

So Australian voters face a multifronted puzzle of discerning the ever-so-subtley-put bias of at least these 3 self-interested sufferers of "richness-sickness" (see my previous blog posts on Wealth-psychopathy), 2 of whom ride on the very top of the world of the wealth-wave AND the power-pyramid, Rinehart and Murdoch.

Other media, independent, less partial and it may be correct to say, from the more humane and intellectual, .'. (therefore) balanced side of journalism, have lots of hurdles when it comes to making themselves seen and heard by anything near the majority of punters.

1, they can't possibly reach as many as the big 2 stables, for funds alone, and for being comparative nubiles in the game/market/battle for minds and loyal readership. None of them have wealth enough to own television stations, nor even large-listener radio.

But reach is a different ball park now with internet access (I'd guess) near equal to TV spread in the Aussie abode.

So with even less-interested punters likely to have a computer connected in the home, it is the easy "click of the button" to surf online media, for answers and, AND, politico-economic facts relevant to which offshore or mining dynasty/cabal runs OUR governments thus lives thus futures.

However, not to be critical of the intellectual media options available only online, they have problems inherent in being clever-dicks.

1, is that being both able, for less or no owner and/or editor censorship of talking true, and more dedicated to know and speak/write often unspoken details and facts, they have also more freedom to comment at length and in depth on one lie, scandal, hyped-up mainstream media issue, party policy or decision, etc.

That is crucial to good media, and online sites also have less constraints of print space, so a report can go further into issues.

But, yer av'rage Australians have poor literary skills, with a lot just unable to A, maintain focus on long articles, and B, unnerstand and absorb, then compute and decifer what comes across to them as "jargon".

Also, major psychological malingerers like the politically deadly, but as often resigned realistic "she'll be right, mate!" attitude, entwine in yer Ockers' minds with the most evil cultural, that-is religiously imposed excuse for apathy, of being hypnotized to leave it all to "Jesus"!

For those below the wealth-inheritance "WE're OK! No matter who wins or what war happens" (….because of daddy's inheritance!) class, but who acknowledge what "by the People" means and as Duty, entails, hurdles in and outside their own minds are immense.

This is terrifying to those with low levels of reading and writing skills, when the political journos, always tertiary educated and "boffins" in their own game to boot, for legitimate as much as "trend" reasons, use BIG fucking words, as many, specific "jargon" to the field they're writing on.

But HEY! Most of us know that “political jargon” is the George Orwellian “realspeak” (or whatever) designed and deployed specifically to leave the masses those few steps behind understanding that what they say is not just “jargon” but outright BULLSHIT!

I'd guess and say that most middle and lower class voters see the elites' cultural, dynastic and economic crimes preventing good government - everywhere - which is why our convict ancestors adopted "she'll be right!"

So often, its too late before enough of the Common Folk wake up, get up and face near certain death on the streets calling, protesting, fighting tyranny for any equity.

Look now at Egypt, any imposed-border state most anywhere, in Africa, the Mid-East - Astrayliar!

So, in the 7 months to the election, Aussie voters will have a fight finding REALPolitik news, reportage and commentary, facts and opinion in media.

Clearly, what the politician-contenders promise is known as “cynical evil”.

And while media, mainstream, mass-media blithely, perniciously tags-along, broadcasting more of the same "BLAH!", all egotripping, that-is career-orientated, frontman/woman "news anchor" fame and huge super payouts after it all, with promotions gushing from every magnate's bottomless pocket, Jo Public, but most, their kids, are up shit creek without even a canoe.


Perhaps, therefore, Madame Julia and the whole parliament are in fact first obliged to postpone the September 14 election, then to place 2%-MAXIMUM limits on media ownership, before even forming policies, let alone arguing their cases via the media?

Tiny Abbort would be sunk from the start!

I wrote the above content on my smartphone gmail compose page, then copied it to the laptop via the 'net broadband now. But for the last few hours, after getting out of the bunk, I wrote what follows on the laptop, with further points in mind.....

so to continue......

Then, in all media houses, high-spread and newer online vessels, there's the inherent problem of – inheritance!?

Every one of the established stables and newer online news media are run and owned by church school graduates. All of them have some substantial wealth passed down to them from their parents, who, either themselves of an higher, middle-to-upper class, earned their wealth by working for the ethics-free domain of corporations, or via ethics-free speculation, as often just on the buying and selling of the family home, moving up market to a wealthier suburb, and off they go, on the ever-upward spiral of unearned wealth land-speculation creation. Every bank managers' “my precious!jewel-in-the-crown!

This eventually, in most cases, enables them to send the kids to private schools, who imbue them with, in most cases, totally corrupt self-centred economic ideals, and, most of all, allegiance to the cult, forever under the hex and sway of the usually blind-stupid church elders, et al.

These also inherited-wealth “elders” (HA!), firmly locked into the “traditions” of wealth-creation, most often in land speculation, also being locked-solid into that way of seeing the world, quite, quite UN-Christ-like, as it goes, do everything persuasive and pernicious to ensure all the kids they guided into adultery-hood remain of the same cult ideal and means of retaining a secure income into the future for their schools and fannies.

So the tradition of making wealth from unethical unearned income speculative ventures keeps on coming down the generations.

And..., kids-to-adults, with a bent for media, use every bit of the private school learnings and secure jobs at the biggest possible media house.

Promises always present of promotion to senior reporter, head political editor, editor, or higher.

Who's gonna snub that???

The same ladder-climb applies to all media stables, large and small. So the blokes who start up new, now, online media, are all of the same education and mindset.

Many, indeed, perhaps most of them have great minds, very Intelligent beings.

But to win a market share, they have to appeal to the market. And the market for media commentary, reportage and journalism in Australia is very very small and limited. Both in size and in intellectual rigor.

Those who can and do take interest and read the smaller online-type media shops, are from the same same inherited-wealth classes.

So the savvy online media operator knows they have to stay interesting to the softcock upclubster aspirational class cultists, thus write and comment on issues which do not rub the ponse-class unearned inheritance mobsters' noses in their own filth.

In the larger media houses, with lots of smaller side shows like magazines, etc., exist whole cliques of private school egomaniacs, at least as eager to ensure their own inheritances are never challenged let alone reduced by some evil thing called just and credible reportage, or by a Just Economy.

So, any Reporter/Journo in any media outlet with some want to do the Honorable thing and report and investigate corruption, and the biggest most heinous corruption is of the land laws, of land inheritance, distribution and speculation – O! Hello Miss Real Estate Agent, - aHUM! Ms Rinehart! - thus, of government revenue collected or not, from land rent, the wannabe Honorable Journalist must, indeed cannot do anything to avoid the filthy subversion and even chilling violence by the churchie richness-sickness staff in the same building.

Let alone the mindless money-centred chasps working for anything the mining bosses offer, as long as they beat the life out of any reporter asking the wrong questions!

So, again, the 2013 September 14 federal election really should be about politics.

But the truth is it ain't gonna be that way, mayte.

Because nowadays, all elections are about media.

So, for any Justice in any land, these days, the Peopleocracy have very 1st, very much, to sort out the 4th estate of media, and make clear constitutional distinctions about who has the right to use it to their unjust wealthy advantages, against the True Well-Being of the Masses, young and old, left-and-right, rich and poor, by merely buying into media, without any popular elections at all!

For while the present disparities in media influence of oligarch-ownership are allowed to go-on anywhere, Democracy everywhere, already, as-it-happens, down the gurgler, has not got a snowflake's chance in Hell!

And, on another big media player in Astrayliar, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the hallowed ABC, while some of their programs lead the world (lead the world of Australian media) in some aspects of documentaries, etc., they are as much under the hex and hammer of the global Murdoch/Illuminati cartels, when it comes to REALReporting.

Their news bulletins are pathetically brief, shallow, censored and avoid indepth views and analyses, albeit that news bulletins aren't for indepth analysis, and only rarely do their homegrown current affairs programs go into any behind the scenes exposures or inquiries.  

It's clear to me they're censored by offshore tyrants incorporated, and tell the usually Catholic grannies' clubsters type loyalists nothing that will unsettle their dinner.  Occasionally, when it challenges their view of life in comfortable fannies land, they muster the greys to march down a mainstreet, but rarely do they inspire genuinely Progressive PROTESTS.

They too, are into buying the silence of prospective journalists, and seasoned ones, being as they are, the alleged "left-wing" of the Zionist Brit-Euro "We're OK!" political class, who controls most everything here in Astrayliar's land of offshore resource plunderingzzz.

So, while they too have refined "realspeak" to a "T", Australians are not going to get any more than the same right-wing Murdoch-type "BLAH!" from the advertised "our" ABC, this next 7 months.

They do try, more than the Sky or Nine, or Ten etc., news crews, but all boiled down, it's exactly the same, with a different smile to it.

But, as it, the election, is said to be, by media, about politics and leadership, etc...., one has to wonder by how much the ALP will lose the election?

Gillard seems from here, there and everywhere, to be fighting a sinking ship (?!#$%^!?) ….talking leader ships!

Her “captain's pick” of Nova Peris in the NT for the federal Senate was so bad a move, as to almost be red as the PM trying to get herself, and the minority government sacked?

From under here, Senator Trish Crossin was there, and should've had more say than she didn't have.

How effective Senator Crossin has been in the NT, really depends on larger issues, like, uranium mining forces from offshore conglomerates running the world like Ms Rinehart does Western Astrayliar.

But there should have been more done to stop the evil Intervention, no doubt.

That Ms Crossin couldn't, if or not it was the top of list issue for Bleck Fella up there, which it might not be, may indicate she was, by following the milky party line, ineffective.

So, maybe she was better replaced.

But replacing a seasoned Senator with sports-Olympian Peris, is a really foolish insult to all Bleck Fellas, whether or not she is also Bleck.

Marion Schr#$%^ymgour (?) seems, once more, the likely best choice, but obviously she was at odds with the draconian offshore ILO agendas held to like a scared rabbit in the spotlight, by Gillard and the ALP.

TOOO True Fella Straight-Talkin' Bleck Fella, I'd guess!?

But..., I'm not Bleck enough, nor up there to know the ins-and-outs of the differing views had by the Aborigine, in the NT or elsewhere.  

Lots of issues bring lots of different beliefs amongst them, about things like mining, and of course, about WHO OWNS THE LAND.  

Some, accept things will never be the same, and concede that whitey has to be allowed to live here too, and so, for some Aborigine, seeing as the whites are more and are more powerful, with guns and prisons and all that rubbish, the Bleck Fella as to be Humble and accept the changes.  

But others, not so easily reduced, act and think in more Warrior-like ways, be-it via legal avenues, or economic, or by verbal and physical PROTEST.

I'm with the last group, in terms of standing simply on the undeniable Truth of the Old Ways and Well-Founded, Ancient Traditions, and that it is Duty to not let them be buried by the new, white, totally insane ways and laws.

Whether any Aborigine or white politician can succeed in making the idiot white fellas see how Crucial and Valuable Aborigine Law, Lore was, is and everafter shall remain, is a hard one.  

And whether the old and the new can fit comfortably together from here to Armageddon, so perhaps, perhaps, staving-off Armageddon, is something calling for all Bleck Fellas, with their Wisdom, to Rise up and march down the fools with money.  

But again, for that to make ground, means it has to be global now.


So, back to the coming election...., as each day drags us nearer Sept 14, Gillard's favor may be droppin' like a rock.

The issues made by media of the 8 ALP MPs leaving parliament, is a non-issue, because similar numbers, if not more, are also leaving from the opposition.

Another factor, never overtly mentioned though, is my conspiracy theory suspicions about the last ten or so years of the rise and rise of females across the Australian political spectrum.

At one stage here we had more women in top posts in state and federal politics than males. All, leaving the one remaining in state politics, the Tassie Premier, who I know nothing about in performance etc., to judge, did nothing at all brilliant or reforms-wise, and were clearly posited to satisfy the rising female voter who, with liberation, reckons they'se got rights and wisdom to know how to lead MEN and the planet.

But clearly all parties watch voter trends and polls to form their candidate-party-profiles, and woemen were walking around, and still do, as if they own the fucking unreal estate industry, which they almost do, thanks to softcock pseudo-left wing Catholic judges awarding them the house, car, motorbike, guns, kids, fridge, and big screen TV in divorce settlements.

But, as evidenced, women are NOT necessarily all that much smarter than the males.

In fact, it is an irrefutable fact as far as this misogynist is convinced, they are by far the bigger egoists, and egoism is not by any stretch Wise.

So women have some work to do to dislodge the influence of their 8,000 nerve endings down there, compared to mens' humble 4,000 or so, as guides to how they think, talk and act.

Humility is definitely NOT these days, the favored trend amongst them.

And the Wise know that Humility is the path to Wisdom.

So.., methinks that Julia Gillard, female-superiority delusions out of the equation, was encouraged by her fellow matriarchal superiorists to believe she could do a better job than the blue-eyed blonde Catholicker Ruddie.

But Ruddie was, as the excellent SBS doco “Dirty Business” told the world last month, ousted by not anyone other than the offshore, including Chinese, mining and resources lobby, for trying and showing huge promise of introducing the most honest tax, land tax.

But I still believe that Julia Gillard, whom I must emphasize, I still respect as a woman, and both as a lawyer and as a politician, was being led up the garden path by a fanatical “matriarchal lobby” of Catholic and Zionist feminists, who reckoned it was their time to save the world from the evil MEN.

All irony holds it's own when we consider that the world's richest iron ore mining magnate, is a woman!

So.., Gillard getting herself through the labyrinthine minefield, or is that mining field, to stay both as ALP leader all the way to the election, and then as PM afterwards, is a mission for ….. SUPER-PEOPLEOCRACY!!!

But, clearly, the av'rage Aussie male battler is NOT HAPPY JULES!, with Jules.

But, I might say that it wasn't her fault, this matriarchal shit.

The female lobby is wide and legion, like an epidemic, and as said, egoism is the antithesis of Wise. So, like a sewing circle on meta-amphetamines, they can talk themselves into a grand delusion like any wega-board circle.

And so they did.

Julia, who is a very balanced person, for a woman... (hehehe!) probably had her own reservations about any such matriarchal rise.

But other factors, related to her having to do something to save the ALP from the mining lobby using the media to sink Rudd and the ALP with him, following his Noble try at introducing a national land tax, were what drove her Righteous thoughts and actions just prior to the 2010 election.

She should not have to suffer for that, now 3 years passed.

Aussie blokes have to know that she, and the ALP minority government are still far and away the better option, while we still cannot raise the PROTEST to REVOLUTION level across the land and Peopleocracy, to the point of ridding the nation of this whole BULLSHIT parliamentary thing, to introduce Just Laws, Just Land Laws, and be freer than ever before to go about our lives with Honor, Wisdom and Intelligence.

But, that is a GLOBAL REVOLUTION the planet needs now.

This, was, in fact, what the Eureka Stockade was about, as well as all tries at Revolution in Australia, since the white bastards invaded 225 years ago.

Nevertheless..., the time spent uptil the coming election should have us going hard at addressing the disparities across our media, above the bullshit the politicians think they have to throw the media's chooks who turn it to their editors' and media moguls' advantage.

And, I say, that the year “13” could be a very Good, Auspicious Year for a Revolution!

Again, I reckon there should be strict media ownership rules, of, 2% maximum share ownership, per person and per corporation or cabal.

That is where the Revolution should kick-off!

Sort out this blatant misrepresentation in what informs the people, and political elections will quicker-than-ever, have people decide the most Honest Economic governorship ever known.

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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