JUST DEFIANCE Three Big Issues Edition

JUST DEFIANCE Kevin Rudd, Pope Benedictus, & Chris Dorner Edition

130211 At what cost, if Rudd goes O/S for a Lib/Nat govt?

(Last edited 2 days ago. I could not be bothered going over it again, because it's longish, and, I could not be bothered, but also because Ruddies got hisself on the news again (yesserday), not so much “posturing”, but speaking a few challenge-the-party-line type words. Also, I'm in contemplation-mode, because the Pope has quit, possibly brought on by a few incisive, cutting HARD Truth items I posted in the days immediately before he threw in his pearly rosary beads.)

Yesserday's Go Ogle news page (130210) led with one about the federal Opposition's deputy leader, Julie Bishop, putting it out there that she'd, assuming the Lib/Nat coalition won the election, consider recruiting Kevin Rudd in some overseas role, presumably at this stage, as some diplomat attached to the foreign affairs department?

So, I scribed this, with this morning's editings, to my smarfone.

Sunday night.

Has to be a bid by dropposition deputy & coalition campaign bunker to win Labor's Rudd-vote supporters, by offering him a job if they, the Lib/Nat party coalition, win in Sept!

Of all possibilities, that stands to the fore.

(Aside from just getting him out of the country and thus out of their way!)

Insane? Well, if my opinions about the elite being the most mentally ill, of the "richness-sickness" kind, are correct, then the sickeningly-rich federal opposition's "offer" to Rudd, is explained!

Not, therefore, knowing what she's/they're doing, we have further evidence of their dis-qualification to be our govt.

Of course, well "engineered", the dropps would mutter "in the spirit of the new age, of 'bipartisan-ism'!"

HA! How often have British diplomats said that, at the beachfront of new territories they invade, and, before the treaty's ink's dry, have pillaged, raped, plundered, conquered and destroyed the Indigenies?

Bipartisan politics is how we-the-world would get out of an otherwise apocalyptic future, if Reason, Ethics & True Law got a look in.

But the most crazymind and brutal reps in Australia's, of history's most recent evil empires, taking all whitefaces - British, Eurapean and US administrations and forces as one, are non-but the current Lib/Nats!

Rudd seems rusted-on to Labor's Catholicism.

And some of us know well what happens to any particularly popular figures if they desert.

And slash your world of warm hugs and endless kissy-kissy laugh-a-minute times bye-bye, if "one of us" sells-out to "them", the most evil enemy!!!!

Before any new government was seated, the sink-Rudd smear-campaign would be firing-up the media's big motors to keel-haul him until he was exposed as more evil than a Catholic priest!

Nah! Deputy-opposition leader "Folly Bishop" should find a job as a "Princess Diana" look-alike. She isn't completely stupid, but letting herself be the front-puppet of an otherwise mongrel inbred offshore political propaganda machine, does her no good.

The folly of irony shows when a dupe dupes another dupe. Or tries to.

Sorry Kev.

My option?

Glad you asked!

Rudd should go Independent, to strengthen the cross-benches.

Clearly, especially with this "offer" (which, like all of the kind from whiteguy foreign offices, MUST never be trusted, without expecting a very high cost down the track), Rudd is stuck between global tyrants' rocks-in-their-heads, and the ILO/Illuminati's brutally hard place.

He may yet gather his old flock and grow it enough to make a successful leadership challenge?

That depends on his feelings on it, including his comprehension of it's benefit to both the party and....., to......, if he's Sincere in his Humanitarianism, to our most impoverished - Aborigine and our under-and-struggling classes.

But it also depends on whether Gillard can improve her popularity in the national electorate.

(On popularity, a Salute to ABC's Monday 8-15pm “Media Watch” and the players they referred to, for exposing at least “online” media polls, as severely corruptible! Well Done Media Watch! I doubt that's enough for the polity to stop being swayed by those dubious polls, and by any polls done about politics. To most watchers, I think it would confirm for them what the more skeptical of them have felt forever – that any media-based opinion polls, Newspoll, and the private-corporation-funded and arranged and asked others, are completely biased, manipulable, and should never be trusted and be banned altogether.)

If she and the club can, Rudd has - I can't see him crossing the floor - ever - few paths open for himself.

And a worst-case scenario is if Labor lost, everyone would stomp him - his re-claiming the chair beforehand or not.

But, I reckon Ruddie doesn't like the heroin trade nor who and what it funds, and that alone would keep his conscience ever an enemy of the Libs.

Everyone agrees, his talents for Aust politics are yet to peak, and he has to find his most benefactorial slot.

Sept 14 will tell us and the western world at least, how strong and thus relevant "party-politics" remains now.

But that's too late for Ruddie to decide, obviously.

Besides, “party politics” is not a parochial, local, national domestic affair. Global organizations have it firmly within their grasp, and no-one small nation has a chance of breaking free in these terms.

Of course, for Rudd, there's always "the Rambo option"?

Of forgetting the shit-game AND the family AND his millions totally, at least for ?-7-? years, while he disappears/retreats to a Buddhist Himalayan hideout to go full-selfless, build Temples and Meditate on his navel. Or on his seventh chakra.

NOT out of the question!

Not to go too far into it, but he and all of us know the world cannot be cured of it's socio-pathic political dis-ease, by any one in politics.

At the end of the day, no matter what he does, things will still be "on the Alex!", that-is "on a downer". (Hohohohehehe!)

For Rudd to realise everything wealth, western and Christian is egomania, is what he, (and very-much of course, every other fucker on earth), has to fully accept and unnerstand, for him to make his next political, career and life decisions.

Nothing "egocentric", which is all right wing politics is, thus all western politics is, will bring forth the true and lasting remedies Earth needs.

Rudd, while the cozy-fanny Catholic he is, also has that "contemplative Intellect", enough to at least not run away from such piss-me-off truths.

With that higher side of him in mind, it is kinda clear that either way - aside from Rambo-ing up a mountain - his gifts and talents will never be allowed to reach their natural peak, if he stays in a party mechanism.

Unless the ILO forgives him?

If he's stopped from Walking, Ascending the High Path, he betrays himself, and his constituents.

Time, I say, Ruddie, to choose your own ground.

Whatever that means......?

But, media cannot be trusted to opine on whether “party politics” is passed it's use-by date.

That's for the Demos to decide.

For media being what its become, and for NO ELECTION BEING SAFE FROM UPCLUB MANIPULATION, even after Sept 14, we'll not know if "our time" for Independent's "has arrived"?

So what does a rocky-placed Ruddie DO?

"Game of quidditch, anyone?"


DUH!? It never ends, like Obama's "the journey...."

Rudd being where he is, IS in a place to effect the whole nation's political arena.

The shock-waves through Labor and beyond, if he went Indie, could shake enough minds in and out of the party to start more effective politics and corrections.

It could accelerate a shift to more Indies across all tiers.

But...., Indies are as dangerous as they can be good, if, as happens, enough are bought into the game with deliberately divisive or just silly policies.

Sure as eggs, were Rudd to leave the ALP and stand as an Indie, the Masons would bribe masses of extreme right wingers (expect “Christian parties” to baptize us all!) to dilute any REALPolitik effectiveness a Rudd-type might or would bring, by throwing the subbie-kind (“sub-human”) up as candidates.

A sound point for him, not leaving Labor.

I guess the thing is then, to have Labor lift their fanatics from rubbing their hands together like Oliver Twist's "Fagan", laughing to themselves that "he's OURS FOREVER! HAHAHAHA!"

On the other hand...., if as we draw closer to the September 14 election, numbers of obviously right wing, opposition-backed “Independent's” nominate as candidates in federal seats, and if it's seen that the polity does have a liking for Independents, left or right, simply expressing their being tired and wary of party mechanisms, then it may well be vital for Independent lefties to nominate also?


(Following that scenario to it's hypothetical conclusion, however, tends to have me see it end with one huge, over-nominated mass of nobodies – paid-for by outside powers - which would only ruin the whole process and dilute the affair to even more of a joke than it already is?)


So...? Again, the gap opens between "persons" - NOT even "personalities", aaaannnD..., "POLICIES"!?!?!?!

Egomaniacs - ie., 98% of white Astrayliarns, (OK! 95%!) cannot separate the 2.

And few in egocentral, the fanatics, can pick Policies.

That being, the Policies discerned by Pure Economic, Ecological and Demographic Science.

Actually, we all can, but ego is what chains us to popular fashions, mindless emotions, pleasure-centred and selfish thinking and peer pressures, and makes it impossible to make the Best, Pure choices, of what IS correct.

Therefore...., it's for the People to get down and get serious about "all things considered".


Is party politics gonna do the world any worthwhile good from now on?

Can Rudd and a troupe of Committed, Intelligent Buddhists - Independents - combine on the Scientific Policies, enough to win more support than the expected Masonry (the brickheads) counter-Intelligence?

More folly! For the Nat's right winger Barnyard Joyce got in, in ?-2004-? for his rural Queensland electorate support for his cute cover-named "Zonal-taxation"!

Economic Science!

I knew, briefly, a Champion Advocate and Tireless Warrior for and of the same Economic Science, in Melbourne, who stood strong and worked 'til his last breath for Economic Science to be The Policy in politics.

"Maurie Williams" – R.I.P. - who was also a staunch Liberal!

So, while the ALP was begun with the exact same Economic Science Policy (ESP) as it's foundation, in the 1890s, REALPolitik knowledge says ESP belongs not to one party or ideology or another.

It is Knowledge, Scientific Economic Knowledge, not mere opinion nor preference.

So any who mock it or argue against it's Validity, cannot be trusted in politics.

Therefore..., that has to be the Standard any hypothesized Troupe of Independents must acknowledge, were Rudd to take that step to sit on the cross-bench.

Another thing...., is how wasted he would feel and be, if Labor loses?

Gillard is unpopular for de-throning Rudd.

But that occurred only because of traitorous subversives in mining, the media and the idiot offshore right wing, determined to kill Rudd for his and the Party's Most Honorable attempt at making the taxation laws Proper.

So the voters have to shake off the petty influences of our media.

If Labor stays in govt, its likely Rudd will remain on the semi-fringes, due to offshore commands.

The idiot and slimy right wing of the Abbott-mouth type, are as likely, though will be less uppity, to try and keep the ALP leadership division falsity alive, purely to germinate the seeds of inconfidence in Labor and it's voter-base.

If Labor stays in, which I believe will happen, on Gillard rebuilding her stats, and, were Rudd to have held or improved his seat in Queensland as an Indie, they'd likely be on better terms than "forces" let them be now.


Leaving those hypotheticals for a mo', it has to be kept to what's crucial, realistic and possible.

Is parliament working to the best of it's abilities as the structure is?

Which party or egoistical trend is in power, is not the issue.

Answer: "No".

Short of civil war, an asteroid, foreign or alien invasion, whats gonna improve it?

Given something's not right, what then is one or all MP's role?

Stay "mum", stay with the stagnant and decaying status quo?

Surely not?

So..., anyone wastes time trying to activate reform without quality quantitative support.

But, it does appear that it is every MP's role in this stir-crazy-era, to “stir-the-possum”.

And that would be seen to be most effective if numbers (?) of them were to drop out of their parties and join the Indies and Greens, on the cross-bench? I think?

However, nothing would be achieved if they all stayed separate and did not scribe a “Treaty” perhaps, of Common Policy Ideals.

I put it that's best on the three Scientific Policy structures I mention.


Looking globally, do any larger backers of either dominant party hold to the Economic, Ecological and - "global" in this "global century" Demographic Science?

That, has to be the primary question these election-mode days.

A few days ago I emailed "The Voice of Russia" news media and radio website, "inviting" them to open a media office here, to get some balance into our news portals.

Obviously my thinks were that they're retaining some Purer Qualities of the Communist Ways, before they were infiltrated by the western and vengeful Russian elite.

But there's no doubt that that empire knew the dangers of capitalist ignorance, and that a Scientific approach to govt is essential.

I've seen nothing to now, from them.

But, as the ILO runs most of Australian politrix on the so-called left, tied somehow to post-Soviet thinking, and knowing from personal experience they are well aware of Economic Science in politics, yet are welded, by higher forces or stubborn preference to Western "personality-cult" Christianity, possibly for purely geopolitical, ie., colonialist "resources" ends, plus that Rudd rose and fell trying to have ESP and Jesus made law here, it seems that it's time the ILO sounded it's thoughts on the basic policy issues, for the "left" in Australia to clear up who to vote for?

Sooooo..., to that end, I relocated, and wrote the ILO, headquartered in god-damned Switzerland, an email!

As they're yet to get out of bed Monday morning their time, I haven't had a response.

Also, my internet is being blocked, by who knows?

Them? In Switzerlandenenenen? Or by the female I bought the phone and dongle from?

Possibly, the fed's of each side, considering the disgusting slights, I've made about them in this and another e-ssay I wrote last night?

Who knows?

And..., while that's in mind.....!

I do apologize to the likes of Liberal MP Julie Bishop, for the mocking I've given her above.

Don't take it personally, Madame.

It's all part of the “game” I have to play, to discredit myself from the role that idiots believe I am born for. But also.., REALPolitik demands cutting analysis of all players, especially those on the wrong side of politrix.

But it goes also to the necessary irreverence for the whole game of politics, here there and everywhere on earth.

While you, and your fellow participants in Canberra, down to local councils, remain in refusal to address this whole world situation, and adhere foolishly to the “northern” ideology of waiting and indeed forcing a world leader to save us all, all you do is bring on disaster.

That none of you are wise, independent, clearheaded nor strong-willed enough to properly interpret what your very own religious scripture warns the world of, you do nothing but bring out the Warrior, allegedly quoted by the Man Jesus Himself, when he warned “.....he who comes after me, will bring not peace, but a sword!” And..., that may not mean just one Warrior!

If none of you, in high places, can discern that he was talking about the next “puppet” like he knew too late he himself was, and that that Man in the future, that puppet would not be led quite so submissively to the cross like Yeshua ben Joseph was, but would instead stand and fight to his last breath, and “smite” all those – man, woman and child - who remained cowardly and selfish, ignoring the clear evidence and refusing to grasp the Power of Righteousness themselves, then you are yourselves, an abomination, damned, and deserve eternal damnation.

So, anything I write insulting others, in these pages, or manage to email out, should be treated not with reactionary curses, but, with a laugh, regard them as a sharp needle, “pricking your conscience”, sending you a message you obviously have not, to now, heard.

They are in fact, words heard and regarded as pointers for you to heed and use as motivation to look a bit further into yourselves, to find and expunge the tyrant that does exist inside us all. Commonly known as “ego”.

Reacting with shallow witchcraft as is common in the Harry Potter whiteguy world today, achieves nothing but a bigger, meaner, far far far more brutal counter-action, by the subtle Supreme Powers of the Universe, stomping down on the selfish. “Karma” in Sanskrit.

And..., if you need it spelled out, selfishness is what our days' politics is all about, while we cowardly ignore True Law Economic, Ecological and Demographic Science.

So..., to ameliorate, or mollify Mrs Bishop some..., I guess I could say that she may well be a more worthy leader of the Liberal/National party coalition than the clearly inept Tony Abbott.

But, taking that chair, really, really, only insults yourself, Madame.

A King, or Queen, or President, is a fool, if their subordinates and followers, or their subjects, or Citizens, are fools.

Everything, and everyone, is connected.


I wonder what the ILO is thinking?

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All of the above, I wrote on the 11th of February. I didn't post it because one, it was too “instructive” toward Kevin Rudd. 2, it needed more comprehension of larger political affairs and forces, ie., the ILO.

With that, and my own miserable situation in mind, I wrote an email to the ILO head office in Geneva Switzerlandenenen.

They haven't replied to now.

But..., perhaps as a sign, the next day the Pope of Rome announced his resignation?!

A copy of that email to the ILO is posted here, somewhere close...

Ruddie, meanwhile, was seen on the media here to be showing a bit of independent spunk, by speaking about the thus-far failed Mining Resources Tax (MRRT), the Gillard government introduced last year.

Not, as I could discern, any “power-stroke” by Ruddie. But media-inspired and prompted or not, the act was saying something of him being not prepared to sit quiet.

Good on him!

I don't see the ALP going all the way to Sept 14 without something - heavy - changing – gear?

Rudd and Gillard know, not for any posturing for power, something has to happen.

But no-one knows which move would be, for all good guys, best.

More comment about the Pope's resignation is in an accompanying post.

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

Here's the email I sent to the ILO

I'm interested in ILO policies for the future of my home country, Australia.

Like it or not, I've been dragged into apparently having some influence on our generally pathetic political arena here.  In particular, on the Australian Labor Party.

For most of the 20 or so years of "taking an interest", I was totally unaware of what has been going on behind the scenes of my own life, but, also, of the politics and corruption, which is Australia.

Not until 2005 or so did I find great things have been expected of me.  That was when I searched and found my names given me at birth or shortly after, "Max Nichols Meredith"  hold boggling meaning to them.  "Greatest" "Victorious Peoples" "Great Lord" or variations thereof!

Digging further, I used the small amount of detail given me by family to find the Sutherlands of Scotland, on my mother's side, in collusion with the Meredith's of 16th century England Tudor king's Henry 6, 7, and 8, descent, my - as it turns out - Step-Father's side, were attempting to build some sort of superhuman?

To this day I am in shock, as to the extraordinary situation I find myself in.

Personally, having been "guided" by the unseen hands of many in my life, to study Philosophy and Meditation at what I regard as the west's finest institution, the London School of Economic Science, headquartered at London's Mandeville Place, and with that finest of tutelage, awoke some aspect of my intellect, enough to apparently discern that what my alleged ancestors have planned, for my own soul, is farcical, and indeed, quite quite dangerous. 

One, for myself, for the concept raises the ire of many not seduced by the dark dreaming of Christian, and, in the Sutherland's case, Freemason invention, and who have for over 20 years now sought me out to inflict physical and psychological harm upon me.

Most of these years, without me having the faintest idea as to why!

But worse, for humanity!  For it's basis, as part of 19th century Zionist hopes, and, deceptions, was to "create" a false prophet! 

Indeed, if I am the fabled, by Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" "Merovingian", then I am created to fool the world's Demos, the People, that I am Jesus of Nazareth returned from the grave!


Nope!  Cannot come at that, thank you very much!

However, for there being so many people, and so much money put into supporting this most anti-democratic delusion, namely by the extremely awry "Theosophical Society" headquartered in Exeter, England, and their Catholic, Freemason, Jewish and other "false-religion" affiliates, and for their, to me, demonic abuses of the occult forces, I am unable to approach anyone, to assist me out of the rather deep hole, an huge coven of unquestionably warped minds sadistically keep me at the bottom of.

Being raised to believe my Step-Father Allan Nichols Meredith, was my genetic father, amidst this huge society-wide secret, and as he served Honorably with the Australian Infantry Forces during the second world war, rising to the rank of Sergeant Major 2nd class, with no less a troop than the 1st Australian Parachute Troop RAE, our military's 1st "Commandos", I retain tenacity and endurance enough to DEFY all calls by a clearly dangerous, ignorant and bewitched Christian mainstream, from within the Australian Labor Party particularly, but, as news of my existence grew, from all corners of the globe.

Now, some 18 years in near constant retreat from society, homeless, living in motorcars, in forests and deserts away from sadistic fools, young and old, and from foolish hopefuls, while having gained, against much of my will, quite some occult power, I try and find some satisfaction from contributing my thoughts and meditations to the domestic and global political debates, cum-wars, presently raging.

Fighting constantly to bring the masses to disgorge themselves of the dark illusions underlying Christianity, such that they embrace Economic Science, and what I discern as crucial accompaniments - the Sciences of Law and of Demographics, and writing from my isolation, to the internet (www.maxearth.blogspot.com.au) with as often, as much insult and humor, as to confirm with hopefuls that I'm but one with an interest, but little choice to use my intellectual talents for the greater good - here, in politics and culture, and NOT any super-saviour,  I am nevertheless, so hexed now, that I cannot free myself.

Even while it does seem that enormous monies await me, should I be able to secure my soul from the "dark side" of the occult!

But alas!  The poisoned chalice most definitely awaits me also!


Honestly, I would prefer to be done with the clearly false world of politics here, and globally.  I refuse to believe that I am any person of great wisdom, or intellect.  Indeed, for discerning the "games" most profitable for the other players, behind my back, lifelong, I cannot see myself as anything other than a puppet!

Were, all influences to be lifted from my psyche, I suspect I might fall to being something of an incoherent mumbling idiot.

But, that may very well be easier to handle than being the pasty the lost sheep of western religion and excessive wealth has made me?

Meanwhile, in the alleged political arena in Australia, people, as much, other puppets, pop-up and are nominated as politicians.

To date, after 112 years since "federation", like the rest of the world now, we do not find Intellect and Courage enough amongst the masses, to conquer ignorance.  So democratic happiness gets ever further away.

So, being this person others have made me, I follow the path best for my soul in it's next incarnation, and try to disseminate the best cultural and political directions I can.

To whit, my opening sentence!

"I'm interested in ILO policies for the future of my home country, Australia."

If after this monologue, the ILO headquarters can explain it's agenda, long term, for Australia, and of course, in this age, for the planet,  such that I can comprehend it for Australian voter's to ponder,  taking it as a given that the ILO has our and the species best interests at heart, but mainly so that the coming September 14 2013 federal election is properly decided, I'd be happy to give time and further homelessness to your larger cause.

Also, if you could by some miracle arrange some long-term, rural eastern-Victorian accommodation for myself, and for my few humble possessions, and in that act, also arrange to lift the pressures and curses from Rome, Jerusalem, Dunrobin Castle Scotland, Salt Lake City, and other cult and dynastic centres off my soul, I would be more than grateful.

aka Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O'Brien
Gunai Aborigine OutlawAustralia.
, & EnvironmentalLAW REFORM

And this'n calls LAPD to Stand Down....
130213 JUST DEFIANCE Outlaw Junction Call To LAPD To Stand Down On Christopher Dorner Edition

Having been on the outer for 18 years now, in placid Australia, but from my earliest years assuming something of a Outlaw's attitude and approach to mainstream corruption-er-society, listening, reading and watching news about the California Los Angeles Police Officer Chris Dorner gone Outlaw against LAPD's bad attitude, I can only extend my support for Dorner.

Stay Strong Warrior!

But before it's too late, and someone from the US authorities manages to kill him, I call the LAPD to “STAND DOWN” in your hunt for him.

I'm still recovering from the news of the Catholic pontiff, Pope Benedictus 16's sudden resignation.

Shocked I am, mainly because I'm the only one I've heard about, calling for HIS resignation, which you'll find in one of my blogposts of recent months, and, adding to an apparent “weight” I apparently have in politics, domestic and global.

As well, in global religious affairs, and global in international legal and cultural affairs.

I personally take little credit.

I put any “weight” I seem to have, down to the myths created around myself by a combination of worldwide religious sects trying to fabricate a Jesus-on-the-rebound.

For all of this however, I'm brought not by unrealistically elevated opinions of myself, by myself, but rather that my 30+ years of well-guided inquiry into what's right and what's wrong with the modern world, are beginning to one, bring results, and in that, are finally being heard.

For the life I've been forced to live, by “the fools of good”, and by the darker idiots, it turns out that I really am but one classic “voice from the desert” calling humanity, via the portals we all have available to our mind, in our mind, of the occult, universal consciousness, to straighten up our road.


BUMMA! - for me!

So, for having apparently won some respect from the various light and darker forces of the world, from the western military, who as much covertly protected and guided and with subtle force taught me a few of the things I know about survival, and about how to discern, investigate, identify and expose the horrendous endemic corruption plaguing us all, I make this call to the LAPD.

From non-mainstream media reports of his background, and of the reasons he's taken the path he has, and, considering the real and present CHANGES going on around the globe today, perhaps especially in the rise in all levels of finance, business and government, of the Whistleblower, against institutionalized corruption, surely, with Dorner having by his actions, won so much media and authority's and public attention, but not merely as another criminal breaking out and taking a pseudo-heroic “last stand”, but, without half-measures, standing against the crime that is endemic across the USA, it is incumbent upon the LAPD to stand down, and to let Dorner come out from hiding at his own pace?

I could say that he is not psychotic, nor did he want to take the lives of those he allegedly has thus far.

But as the forces arraigned against him are so brutal, powerful and stubborn against such as this Warrior's Ethics, and Resistance to clearly illegal and untenable police actions, such as those he complained about, which began this saga for him, for him to be able to pursue Justice, he had no option.

For this, he really should be given the benefit of the doubt by the pursuing authorities, NOT treated as a criminal to be captured dead or alive, and when and if he surrenders, be given every civil legal means of defense and protection.

As I say, and as the world is as much also saying more and more each hour, these are fast-changing times, and corruption is on the back foot.

The chaos we witness in all corners of the globe, on the streets of Egypt, Syria, Europe, Britain, the USA, and throughout Asia, etc., must be listened to, heard, and understood - especially by the Police Commanders of such as one of the world's epicentres of culture and power – Los Angeles, but here I mean especially “Hollywood”, and it's often illegitimate influence on the species now, which is within the precinct of the LAPD – with the Greatest levels of Fortitude and Ethics – Rectitude in those police forces and their Commanders.

I'd wager that there's hardly a night when the senior cops across the USA don't retire to their local bar, then to bed, without an inner moan against how rotten the world and their patch is!

That some large majority of police officers ignore that larger pandemonium and just “do their job”, and accept the bribes and general criminality of local corruption and the larger national and international crimes of BAD LAWS, has eventually to take it's toll on the senior cop, no matter where they are posted.

We've all got morals. It's innate in us. That the USA may lead the world in ignoring those fundamental things, that are key to us qualifying as Human Beings, means that when one American breaks-out from the mainstream dross, and takes the corruption on, every American must, for it's Duty, go all the way to support them.

Coppers no less. Indeed, of course, all the more that coppers should from here on “watch his back”, and work with the likes of Christopher Dorner to bring the corrections he knows have to be brought, and which they themselves so despair at the lack of.

Were the sheila copper Dorner filed the original complaint about, who he watched maltreat a citizen, to have any Humanity about or within herself, she would – Ha! sorry madame! - “MAN-UP!!”and speak out in Dorner's defense, and, with less, far far less danger to herself than the selfless Warrior Chris Dorner has brought upon himself, face all the music.

Not so that she goes down – er – is penalized, but merely to show she is not yer av'rage bent cop, who always sides with the scum.

But that she would, were the opportunity to show itself, Fight Honorably for Justice and not for that which the world is being buried by.

But..., the same applies to all coppers - excepting Australia's – there's no lifting them out of their mire (joking!! joking!!), especially those higher up the chains of command, be-it in the LAPD, the FBI or the CIA and MI6.

Whistleblowing is not a short lived fad, Dudes!

While the uproar and chaos across such regions as north Africa and the Middle East, may well be yet more of the same drives and reactions to western subversives, in western and other regions, the people are at last taking it upon themselves to DEFY the age-old perversions of Justice and the corruptions of what we are.

But with all the media and learning facilities now available, masses of us are learning the best ways can be peaceful, and not thuggish, but with huge improvements in personal intellectual skills, Law does have a chance.

True Law, that is.

Therefore, as it is war out there, not only in the “classified” warzones of far-off regions, but in and on the streets of the very same Los Angeles, and what LAPD officer does not know and agree to that, then Christopher Dorner's actions really should come under a different classification.

Not only is he fighting in a war, and therefore allegedly has killed others, fighting against him, who, in his war, can be classified as “enemy soldiers”, “enemy combatants”, he is taking up arms against the enemy within, and, not for his own revenge, nor for some other “condition” he might or might not suffer, but he is quite obviously Fighting for the Rights of American Citizens.

With that being the case, those he defends himself, and the American People against, are acting illegally.

In the perfect world, the police and other authorities searching for him, would be tried as being “enemies of the state” of the United States of America.

LAPD, it's officers and it's Command, no less!

So, I write again, to the Commanders of the Los Angeles Police Department, and USA Law Enforcement Authorities involved:-



AND LET HIM BE PROTECTED BY LAW, and given every protection and means of defending his actions in a boni fidi US court of law!

Let this Proper Response by US authorities, begin the processes of cleaning up the BAD LAWS, which are the root cause of corruption and errant policing and public behavior in the USA, and everywhere. And, what Dorner has taken-up arms against.

So Mote It Be!

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

As I wrote at the start of this blog-post, I'm in shock over the Catholic Pope's resignation. For a number of reasons, there should be no doubt that I was influential in his making that decision.

His move, probably should attract some level of thanks from myself, having pursued him for the same or similar result for some years.

Thanking him, for any apparent Honor, may be giving credit not where, in my opinion, it is due.

That it was very much, a “face-saving” move, for himself and for an irreparably corrupt and perverted cult institution, also means it is as likely an attempt to be forgiven.

For the extent and size of the crimes I maintain the whole Catholic religious cult is guilty of, I do think it's right and proper to not forgive any of them.

Until the appropriate legal processes have been fulfilled and executed.

For the age and depth of their crimes against humanity, they have woven the most complex webs of deceit. So we cannot ever expect they will all stand trial, be brought to justice completely.

However, if the Jews can pursue 1940's, seventy year old European Nazi war crimes, and the perpetrators for as long as they have, for crimes covering at the most 20 years, to 1945, then what does a species do, bringing to justice the 1600+ year old Catholic cult?

Hohohohoho...., etc!

While it might be proper to speak only in positive terms of the resigning Pope Benedictus, and if we take the pursuit of Nazis as the Jews have, as the mean by which to judge all such large-scale crimes, and I do not necessarily agree that the hunt by the Jews is correct, there remains a clear case for some attempt by the rightminded amongst us, and amongst the world's judiciary, to have the errant players within the Catholic cult, give a full-and-frank, honest account of any reasons, as they saw them, as to why they committed the crimes, be-those-crimes, the rampant pedophilia, or the perversion of any Prime Religious Rules, that a True Just Court might find them charged with having committed.

All things considered, it's blatantly clear that most all of the crimes I allege the Catholic cult has committed, and still commits, are not specific to that cult.

So..., does a People simply, and as collective cowardice, forget about such an huge miscarriage of justice, and hope the future will sort itself out naturally? Or do we do every possible and legal thing to get to the core of our lost ways?

Everywhere now, people are getting the inner strength to challenge the stupidity of corruption. Do we reach a level or point and say “enough!” So letting perhaps the biggest criminals off?

Whistleblowing seems to be gathering it's own momentum. So it would seem the right path to both allow it to increase, and to give it the support it needs.

For, now, we aren't talking about one monarch's insane self-aggrandizement, or a local councilor or nation's president who finds too late they've been led into a labyrinth by advisers and administrators.

Now, we're talking about the survival of the species, and, of it's, our only habitat – the planet!

So..., bringing ex-LAPD Police Warrior Christopher Dorner's case back into this e-ssay, the changes every nation has to accept, and the efforts the same have to confront, are as real and crucial in Los Angeles, as they are in Syria, North Korea, outback Aborigine Communities in Australia, as they are in the High Courts of England, Sweden, USA, China, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

If, no-one in the senior Command of the LAPD has the balls to recognize and act on this fundamental FACT, then..., “YOU AIN'T SHIT! COPPER!”

And may chaos increase across California, perhaps with the San Andreas tectonic fault line coming alive.


And to the forces of Justice against religious corruption!

So Mote It Be!

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

aka Max Earth


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