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130220 JUST DEFIANCE Outlaw Junction Ratzinger to Rudd to Mad Men in the USA to Other Stuff Too  Edition

Here's a bunch of stuff I've been reading over the last few dayze, and, when possible, ie., not on most Australian media's websites, my comments.....,

130218 MY COMMENT – to The Age -

1, that Jeff Kennett, an advertizing exec bought in to premier Victoria after his offshore plunderers had swindled the Cain/Kerner ALP out by false-nay-fraudulent KPMG-Peat Marwick fiddled figures for the then ALP state government, bought Bailleau into Vic politics probably promising the "BIG" premiers chair, 2, that they were upclub gin-king buddies, 3, that nothings better for either of them playing premier & 4, that Bailleau now faces disquiet & likely leadership failure, 5, proves the basic notion of party politics AND hero leader type games between the richness-sickness winners is one huge FAIL, whether here there or down the gullytrap!
That any take these truth pills personally shows how sick wealth and power makes us.

summits bad wrong while plebs keep voting one then nother side in each cycle?

Leader politrix is a FAIL, ahead of failed CRAPitalism up the track.

Can I foresee these knobs swinging from lamposts some time soon?

I can "dream"!


This next'n went to the World Socialist Web Site on the uproar of an Australian spy allegedly hanging himself in a hanging-proof Israeli super-cell, for about ten different reasons, depending on how up-to-date you are in reading the latest revelations from our and global media incorporationalists..., inc.

If nothing else, this seems, with all other reports flooding our super-inquisitive-spying-synapses added together, that the Zionist spying community, HA! Of Mossad, MI6, CIA, the Frrrensheezzz, zee Germans, our own ASIS and ASIO, and the plethora of other secret, secret spy's spy agencies we haven't had a leak on yet, are about as fucked as a bunch of upperclasshole egomaniacs with Jewish witches up their britches could possibly get!

From the piles of “theories” flowing from every western media orifice suggesting one thing or another that the poor necked Ben Zygier was telling ASIS, or was it ASIO, or was it the Kuwaiti spy club, or was it the Saudi's, or was he double-telling Mossad, what he was telling the others, to keep them up to date on who was telling everyone nothing factual – OR WAS IT??? - about another super-duper-secret issue, no-one was allowed to tell themselves about, let alone the government, or SHEEEEE-IT NO! The people, of Israel, or Britain, or us, or them, or him or her or any one not a fucking alien?!?!$%^&?!?!

A-Hum! From everything making it to the mainstream media, in the west and in Al Jazeera-land, we can be sure we can sleep safely at night, in the wholly comforting knowledge that we're protected by them, from them for the simple fact that they're all the most deranged, insane, overpaid, self-pumped, deluded BULLSHIT artistes the world has ever seen. WITH LICENSES TO KILL!!!

As I've been heard to say before.....


I guess the saddest thing for we wee little nobody-at-all Aussies, is that somewhere in it all, the fucking psycho Israelis deemed Kevin Rudd's legitimate PROTEST against the psycho-Zionos using Australian passports like they were snack-bars at airports, a bit tooo legitimate..., tooo honorable for the insane lying warmongers of the Knesset, Westminster the US Congress, Canberra and every western weapons maker in the little town called Earth!

Shit aye!

That all the media and leaks and comments achieve absolutely ZERO, is solving any of the troubles the Human Beings of the planet face from here to eternity, is beside the point.

But the western world's spynet psychos HAVE achieved one thing, and that is distracting the world once more, from going to THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUES CONFRONTING US, of PRIMARY Global Scientific Reforms of the Economic, Ecological and Demographic Kind.

Well Done idiots!

Another gold star and some Peace Prize or another for your overpaid and over-promoted bosses in aforesaid parliaments and bureaucracies!!!


But.., here's what I flung some website or another the other day....:

But for the record, you spies, media sneaks, coppers and priests are naught but fucking abominations!

It should be open season on spies!

Question: What's a “Zionist spy”?

Answer: Target practice!


130218 MY COMMENT on Australia & Israel's "prisoner X" affair.

Australia & Israel's "prisoner X" affair, along with related articles on WSWS site exposes much about Australian federal politics and media beat-ups on the ALP leadership fiasco.

But, far older and frighteningly "deeper" issues also?

Not all Jews are fascinated fanatics, for false political AND religious structures, as the factual evidence shows Zionist Israel to be.

But to my point, is anyone able to ask and have answered, the question of whether Adolf Hitler and the German National-Socialists were created "by Zionist Jews and their western elites" so-as to have to rest of the world sympathetically offer asylum to Europe's Jews, once their persecution began, thus cleverly spreading Zionism to all corners, thus over decades, Zionist Jews climbing up to positions of influence, power and control of the planet?

Not hard to believe!

If so, no "democratic" nation is, all western political structures are false, entirely corrupt and even "evil", while the suggested powerhouses use this to steal Indigenous and Native Peoples land and Sovereign Rights of ownership and self-government.

This exposes all "democratic" elections as pernicious, and begs for nothing less than a full-scale GLOBAL Revolution against Zion.

Clearly, a HUGE operation, as best I can deduce, for 98% of westernized voters are totally lost to the beads-&-trinkets western technology and....., apologies....., but "temptation".

waking voters from this material comfort sleep - "trance" - sadly, will I think, require an horrible and long kind of disruption.

A full economic decline most often incites desperate warmongering.

A religious re-awakening does also.

Perhaps we have run our course as a species, and as a beautiful living planet?

How depressing is that?!

This next one is in the hard-to-believe basket, coming as it did the other day from a Russian website. Sort of a “joke of the Day” article, as if it's April Fools Day.

But, preferring to be able to believe Russia's media much more now than the mainstream west's, considering how crazymind the western elites and administrations have been over the last … oooow … 6,000 years? This article reprinted here from the Voice of Russia website, if true, shows us who and what the world is dealing with, in the halls and corridors and men's urinals of power.

Nov 27, 2012 08:56 Moscow Time

In the 1950s the Earth would have witnessed the moon blown up, had the US government completed its secret project intended to intimidate the Soviet Union and display its technological power during the notorious space race.

According to the secret project, called “A Study of Lunar Research Flights”, as well as “Project A119”, a missile with a nuclear bomb on board would have been launched from an unknown location.

Then, the nuclear bomb would have caused an explosion upon its collision with the only natural satellite of the Earth.

By 1959 the United States had deployed intercontinental ballistic missiles and the project looked quite feasible.

But it was given up in the end due to fears about the bomb detonating prematurely and space contamination.

The project was kept secret for nearly 45 years and the US government has never formally confirmed its involvement in the study.

All scientists involved in the project could have been accused of a security breach, had they revealed any detail of the classified project.

The project was officially cancelled in January 1959 and the Unites States concentrated its efforts on ‘the first man on the moon’ project.

Voice of Russia, RT


These two links go to a evermore boring phenomenon – the Catholic church.

I've written a number of letters to editors over it, but my most direct is posted here back before the pope got the balls to resign. Find them if you're innerested...?

byYekaterina Kudashkina
Feb 15, 2013 18:59 Moscow Time

by Yekaterina Kudashkina
Feb 15, 2013 13:19 Moscow Time

He's done and dusted, as far as I'm concerned. The church is a hollow shell, in need of collapsing down to nothing. That it's too big to fail, just makes it a threat to all humanity.

Today, a site told that he's safe from prosecution while he hides within the Vatican's walls.

Here's the link and my thinks...,

Considering the German kirk shutdown an inquiry there into Catholic priest pedophilia,

as Ratzinger knew of its extent globally,

that the cult has been a law of its own for centuries,

that, if they haven't been "disappeared" in his homeland, German victims might well have nasty stories about Cardinal and previously, Bishop Ratzinger which may come out if he retired to Germany,

it's therefore likely unsafe for him to "retire" beyond the safe haven Vatican walls?

Truth may also be, that just quietly, no other nation wants anything to do with him. Not even Germany?

Just Defiance
Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

On the Great “Arab Spring” of the last few years, here's an in-yer-face report on how Libya is fairing since the CIA bribed a few poor radicals to assassinate President Gaddafi.

by Andrei Smirnov
Feb 15, 2013 15:52 Moscow Time

Clearly, the west, as in France going in to Mali shows, is insane, the Arab world is being sent into chaos so the west's upperclassholes can makes excuses to plunder more resources for their insane insatiability.

Hard to find HOPE outside of a global revolution of the LAND REFORM KIND?


Google has been thinking it “owns” me for my 11 years of blogging to their blogger page. Classic Zuckerberger syndrome of “The Lords of Sick” as I described in a recent mocking of the British House of Lords.

So I expect they'll jump for jellie-beans if the world courts rule against libelous blogsters like meself for being so brutally honest – and disgustingly rude, on this blogsite.


by Lisa O'Carroll
Thursday 14 February 2013 11.58 EST

WikiLeaks the Progressors of Humanity's Best interests has us all hanging in wait for that promised DAMN-DAMN-SHIT-THAT'S DAMNING Wiki-Release in early 2013.

Damn it!

But, perhaps it's wise while the Boss is strapped to the Ecuadorian embassy balcony in Knightsbridge?

Something heavy has to happen to shift the bricks from the heads of the USA spies and warmongers to inspire them to drop threats and secrecy about toppling Julian Assange, and Justice, and Democracy.

I'm obviously not totally nuts nor even lost in my own dreamingzzzz, because lots of blokes smarter than my dream has me think of meself, agree.

Here's an article by one of the world's best..., Journalists

By John Pilger
February 14, 2013 at 11:13:16
Cross-posted from New Statesman

And..., another link to a good interview of Australia's 2-I-C in WikiLeaks, one wunnerfully-named “Sam Castro”. I wunda? “Has she asked The Great Fidel's permission?”

John Robles
Feb 15, 2013 23:40 Moscow Time

(I dunno if that link goes to the whole innerview, though?)

I'm tired. Not enough healthy tucker, thanks to the scum wherever I go to buy it, stalking me around the shops and the shelves, keeping me RUNAWAYRUNAWAY, from the world.

Today or yesser, the WSWS pages had comments from an honestly critical reporter - link - Australian prime minister announces bogus jobs plan, to whit I wrote these words...,


Yes, Gillards, Howes, the "left" but all Australia's political parties, business and Unions are putting up fraudulent policies and agendas.

Ex-PM Kevin Rudd is crazy to let media and Labor's invisible men have him recontend for the PMs chair, no matter that "opinion polls" have him at 61% over Gillard's 40-something-%.

If he's serious about all Australian's best interests, he would "take leave" from the party, and, run as an Independent, joining the "cross-benches".

were he to submit to delusional, unrealistic and frantic "must-save-the-party" calls, he betrays his own potential as an Intellectual, and the Common Good of Australians, many of whom are well tired of the whole charade of Australia's "offshore" masters and manipulators.

He came in on visions of Reforms, simple, clear and true.

Staying within a bitch-fight party in a bitch-fight parliamentary, stupidly "3-tier", system, betrays his and a majority of voter's hopes of the most honest Reforms.

And Reforms are automatically subverted from within the main parties, more by entrenched bureaucrats and, their hidden foriegn elites.

Rudd has the wit, the drive and the Duty to join the crossbenchers to shake the establishment into waking out of their 19th century trances.

Enough of Cecil Rhodes' and Helene Blavatsky's and Bulwer-Lytton's white, western, superiorist inventions!

Rudd, and a large and healthy cohort of Intellectuals, in politics, in academia, and throughout the polity, know well the game has gone round-the-board, and is over.

Being blackmailed by big industry and looking after decayed and exposed Zionist hyperbola, is not the Custom of True Human Beings.

So Rudd must forget being PM, which I believe he has, for learning leadership, anywhere is a deadly myth, and must call-up the better minds of politics and the citizenry to restructure this business, starting with a new "Top Council".

Short of me naming my Dream Independent Intellects Top Council, Rudd, and other Independent Intellects of that realm and higher, in the Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs – HOHOHO,jus'-jossin'-Bruddazz, should be able to assemble the Rightminded Dudes into even just an Hypothetical Top Council, from all sides of the shearing shed.

But, one things gotta happen, and that's for him/them, to drag in a bunch of Bleck Fellas, from as many of the 500-plus Aborigine Nations still extant, as they can git!

One BI-IG Preliminary Council logically, needs must be formed from them, and from the rest of the world of white Astrayliars, to decide on the final size and make-up, etc., of a Top Council, replacing the whole shammozzle of parliament, federal AND state, and spread enough to be local to locals to be able to travel and sit in Middle Council Corroborates, with senior groups to keep the mobs quiet, and on tropic, er..., topic, etc.

Don't need a big fella voice.

Law is Law.

Get that on top of the list(s), make it clear, keep it simple, stupid, and nobody gotto jump on no high horse to shout their egotrip at us.

Abbort can go eat some nice vegetarian humble pie with his Lords of Sick cronies, somewhere down the mainstreet.

He went to Oxford, yeah, like others from 'tother side, I know. But the Rhodes' mob really got his head!

So, let him be appeased, by giving him a new bike.

We all see each bulletin, he likes ridin' it!

That'll do!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

aka Max Earth


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