If Politicians Are Serious

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Sorry for any inconsistencies in this. It covers lots of arenazzzz, making the mentationzzz vulnerable to disputes and distortionzzz.

As well..., I'm quite sick of this political rubbish, which is why I've suggested the directions I have, toward the end of this e-ssay.

Reading a bunch of stuff on “World Socialist Web Site”, and “The Voice of Russia” over the last few days, going to Australia's recent political passed, and increasingly pathetic political circus, in the lead-up to the 2013 Sept 14 election, it does seem that good intentions do lead us to Hell.

Issues not connected in any Australian media, that I accessed during 2010, when Kevin Rudd was PM, then was ousted by Julia Gillard, bring in other factors that influenced the ALP leadership, and the election of that year.

One was the recently revisited, by ABC's “Foreign Correspondent” and has since raced up the collective-media portals, of the Israel-Australian “prisoner X”.

We all heard about the Palestinian “Hamas” politician being assassinated in Dubai in January or February 2010, and soon enough it came out that he was killed by Israeli Mossad secret agents, using a number of false passports, some being Australian.

The then PM Rudd, showed displeasure, and protested to Israel.

Naturally, Israel had to counter show pissed-off-ness, so acted in other ways.

How much the possibility, that one of Israel's killer agents was our own “Ben Zygier” of Melbourne, as has been suggested, was known to Australian diplomats and Intelligence services, but was covered up from the Australian public, thus influenced our domestic behind-the-scenes political affairs, namely the 2010 federal election, isn't clear to me this hazy morning.

But the web woven by Jews, by Zionist Jews, since 1948 globally, and since then, their grip on world politics, suggests to myself that it was also a motive for the mainstream, Murdoch media, the “gut anything ALPalso Zionist Lib/Nat dropposition, and the then deputy PM Julia Gillard to bring down Kevin Rudd, PM.

However, sadly to me, Rudd is also a Zionist.

This seems to be the world's most fatal mistake.

The only reason it may not be, is that the planet has in fact been invaded by extraterrestrials, and Zion is doing it's hard and fast best to ready the Human species, what's left of them, for the fight of the world, by setting up innovation-inspiring combatants in civil affairs, primarily in politics.

We look at Russia's last 100 years of history. Lenin was a Jew. Trotsky too. And so it goes through their political evolution from Czars. Of course, Karl Marx, of Germanic origins I think, as well.

Lenin and Trotsky were both assassinated by one or all of the northern world's elites financing, to stop the spread of Communism, thus, primarily, to re-assert the elites' hold on the empires of land they lorded it over.

I guess that because Communism was in the 1920s, after Lenin was taken down, still very popular across the USSR, the elites saw they would face a long battle to win back their illgotten gains, of dynastic inheritances, of whole “nations”, so they kept the face of Communism, the shopfront, painted-up, but destroyed it's internal, fundamental corrections, to the tyrannical, out-dated, monarchic domination of peoples, of land redistribution.

Also, I've long felt that the USSR was kept going by the elites, perhaps by dent of the Zionist Jews influence, to be slowly eroded, to become but a shell of what it showed the promise of becoming immediately after the 1917 “Oktober Revolution”, led by Lenin, to become a totalitarian tyrant state, dysfunctional and known, but really just to be “seen”, by the “free” west to be the last thing anyone would want, with poverty endemic, corruption and failure of “Communism” as a viable and good system.

Clearly, if that was the intention, once Lenin and Trotsky were gotten rid of, it worked, placing Stalin firmly in the suspect puppet of the elite basket!

Aided muchly in the USA of course, by the anti-Communist denigration propaganda campaign of Jo McCarthy in the 1950-'60s.

(I caught something on tele the other night, of a player in that era in the USA, saying that McCarthy went insane later in life. NYAH-NYAH-NA-NYAH-NYAH!!!)

But, more recently I considered the possibility that the Communist bogyman of the USSR was as well redesigned to be the enemy the west's people needed, to inspire global weapons development etc, akin to the scenario I propose above, of aliens invading an ill-prepared planet.

Until the “greys” land, to me, that's all speculation.

(I could also add that aliens, like preferred beliefs about anything, are but “perceptions” in the mind. “Thought forms” as the demon-chasing character Sam Winchester in “Supernatural” TV series once suggested.

As all this world is but an illusion, a twisting of light into whichever forms our mental apparatii have been attuned to see, hear, think, perceive exists, and as we, of the more recent cultures, have had our highest mental faculties and thus our otherwise natural connection to the 1st, all-supreme Light severed by 1,000s of years of “lost tribes” “golden-calf-tribesmissing the point religious dogma and outright deceit, thus innumerable generations, regenerations of ever-weakening mentalities, we have been made vulnerable to innumerable lesser, corrupt and thus corrupting mental and psychic influences.

These, primarily human, other humans, with hitherto before unknown to us, powers of the occult, have been able to, as oft' just by walking along a street beside or behind us, project their ideations into our thinking faculties, thus turning what we might, at some specific time or event, normally regard as just another person, or entity, into a frightening or angelic spirit, or, an alien.

Religions of the Jewish and Christian kind, have been doing this to the flock for..., well...., forever. But since John-the-Baptist popularized it, through the “baptismal”.

Always as well, the religious cults have been turning minds in their monasteries and convents, and latterly in their evil “private schools”. “Private” there, actually meaning “secret agendas”.

But too slowly, the masses have come to see that those “secret agendas” are not constructed and brought into the society for the Masses benefit.

Today, they, and their school students, (not at all, all graduates, as in qualifying for high-paid, professional careers, which in themselves are more often than not pernicious to the overall good of any nation, or the whole species), are put through those institutions' curricula, to fit them to qualify and afford ownership of land, over other cults. But mostly, over the Indigenous Original owners and the Native-born, who, the Aborigines mostly recognize as having similar rights to land.

If we were to check through land ownership records, I suggest we'd find that most of it is “owned” by ex-church students.

Public school students and graduates are well down the list.

Of course, lots of public school students and graduates do find qualification and secure employment enough to afford their own 1/4-acre, or even larger piece of land.

But by far the most of the land, here in Australia, and across the west, is in the hands of the church, through the proxy-title-holders, their ex-students.

This is in-the-main how the church ensures the allegiance of their students.

It, in the end, is in fact, nothing more than the classic “30-pieces-of-silver” bribe.

The cults use this to secure the bribed's silence about the fundamental corruptions the churches are deeply involved in, and now, having gained dominance, are fighting constantly to maintain.

Speculative profit from the “private” land market. There's that word again!?

And the bottom-line corruption, of the Law, is of the Scientific, Spiritual and Democratic Rights for all of us to have equitable access to enough land to be able to build our own “survival-kits”, of grow-our-own food, and of the Earth, to build our own shelters (one for the scoots!)

I don't see the spirits of the 4th dimension, sadly, and accept that spirits of the elements exist aplenty in there. But I've also gleaned that the 4th dimension is manipulable, by the human mind.

That the human mind is but a subset of the universal mind, as are all things and minds, means that we are all connected in one way or the other.

Much of everything is brought into being by the imagination, out of the primary light, that is always “glowing”, and twisted to suit how our mind works, thinks, dreams and is conditioned.

And, to suit how others either more powerful than us, or who just have some connection to one element or another, enough to change the scene, for orders from their masters or for their just being naughty playful spirits, influence what we see, hear, feel, enough to have us believe we're seeing aliens or the like.

So they, like other 4
th dimensional beings and things, exist because 1, our minds are not fully awake, so are vulnerable to outside influences, and so do not see the occult universe as it really is. That is, we see the form, and not all which lies behind the formation of what we perceive, which is the out-of-linear-time make-up.

A fully awake Seer, I put it, sees all “3” times of past present and future in every thing and being.

So in these, sees all the original influences that have caused the form a less-advanced witch perceives as a ghost, an alien, or other more weird and unsettling object, animate or not, thinks they see.

So, rather than just seeing a form with powers to project rays of light or laser or such at them, the Seer sees instantly the origins, as often multiple, of the entity, of it's emotions, thus it's motivations, and at-once, can “penetrate” the form through time, to the sources, and call them out, evaporate or expunge them from the threat, from the form or object seen by others as a radio-active rock, or an evil spirit.

So, beliefs that we are under threat from “aliens” are true, but at the same time are false. For they are but the way our minds and senses have been led to accept their existence. If we let our mind to be convinced they are true, and are dangerous, but also, fail to practice Rightminded clean-ups of the mental apparatii, at least thrice daily, we cannot be the Full Being the Supernal Cosmos has defined us otherwise, to be.

And, as the dominant paradigm of western thought has tricked the world into believing their perceived situation, through deceit and corruption, of exactly what I've just described, and as the most of the species now, spellbound, hungers and lusts for the junk of the world, the majority accepts the perverse and demonic thought forms of both good and evil, so there is little any political force of Warriors can do to save us.)


Today, the USA right wing, of fundamentalist Christians, represented in politics in the Republican party, are the world's largest supporters and financiers of Zionist Israel.

In the 1st half of the 20th century, the western elites set-up events to start Hilter and the Nazis persecuting the Euro-Jews, quite possibly so the poor sods of the “ghettos” would be given asylum by sympathetic, or just humane foreign nations.

And hasn't the global war machine leaped to stellar heights since?

US President Roosevelt, or Eisenhower, warned us of the rise and rise of the US (corporate) military-industrial complex?

Not so much “what” but “who?” was he warning the world against?

As the US military plays ball with the Zionist Israelis, and willingly goes into non-Zionist nations and regions, primarily Islamic,

1, for the resources,

2, to stomp anti-Israeli regimes who correctly and honorably reject the western, Jewish and Christian corrupt religious AND economic beliefs and dogmas,

3, to secure the illegal heroin trade and “spice-trade” routes, for their western elites, who may well be completely addicted to the nice white powder, up their nose, in the needle and for it's HUGE financial reward, and

4, whatever else they and their corporate benefactors and beneficiaries can grab from those regions, in resources, and contracts to install the western perceptions of “progress” with skyscraper buildings and auto-centred infrastructure.

Then lastly, there's the west's plethora of non government organizations, NGOs, ever-set-up to go-in and covertly monitor situations, subvert nationalistic or cultural ideals in the guise of “we're here to help (ourselves)”.

Happy 150th birthday Red Cross!!!

Eisenhower's warning came in the same years that one, Israel was founded, and two, when the “Roswell” alien crash-landing incident allegedly occurred.

Could these two events be linked? A skeptic might say “possibly”, because I'm still skeptical of aliens, not that they exist. There's no doubt that. In this illusion, all manor if illusions are possible. So why not extraterrestrials?

I think, from my desert hideout, excommunicated from one theorist and all, the popular belief is that aliens are amongst us, in the 4th dimension, which is why I can't see them, nor any of the other spirits of the occult realms.

A theory might also be that Roman elites and seers of the 1st four centuries after Jeshua ben Joseph were aware of the future, that aliens were already – then – amongst us, or at least were observing us, and that for the species to develop the know-how and technology to defend our planet from invasion, the masses, or a significant proportion of them, had to be able to be “trained” read “dumbed-down” read “hypnotized to be blind sheep, but puppets” to be slaves to the factories and mills of technological progress, for long enough that the world could grow out of the darker ages, and into what we now regard as “modernity”, with hi-tech weapons to fight the nasty little green fuckers from Orion?

The “slaves” being the peoples of the west, who have been working class zombies since the 4th century, near-enough. The Christians!

Democracy to today has really just been the best way the elites could manage affairs, by letting the enslaved working masses think they had a voice, and could influence national affairs.

Democracy exploded in favor once the print medium reached a certain “critical-mass”, and was read, for an equal rise in literacy, by the slave classes.

While it, “Democracy”, is a noble and quite Divine concept, completed by being confirmed by Scientific Deductions with no small amount of Spiritual facts, or Truths, that we all have a Right and a Duty to be Soveriegn Souls, in charge of our own affairs, and slave to no-one, it has been totally infiltrated by tyrannical subversives, all of whom are Zionist church school graduates, with serious agendas of taking back from the masses, from the “less-human” less-pure, mongrel, mutant masses, the control of the affairs of state. Those words are how the elite sees the lower class peoples.

They refuse to accept that the deformities of the lower classes are entirely the fault of generations of impoverished and stupefied masses, for inequitable living conditions, ie., refused rightful access to enough land to grow healthy foods 1stly, but other cultural factors, including time enough to maintain a Meditative lifestyle, a priority for all health orientated aspects of the being, and without, cause all manner of psychological dysfunction, so the elites shift the blame onto the poor, for being poor, and, dysfunctional! And fucking ugly!

That the elites had already long become inbred genetically and psychologically, could not be faced, nor even recognized in their upemselves aloofness.

Last weeks VoR report that Westminster has opened it's own mental health clinic for politicians, is a sign that we, they, might at last be coming to face up to their own dynastic mutations?

But media, like democracy, has been taken back into the hands of the elite, so-as to once more have total control over our thinking and reacting to psychotic maniacs with too much inherited wealth.

And the affairs of state should deal with how the people relate to the land.

All of the west's charade called “politics”, is in fact nothing more than the elite of the world, doing everything they can to STOP the majority, from having proper access to land.

This, back to Australia's political swamp, is what both contending sides, of our parliaments, are constantly fighting over.

So, in the end, neither party are doing the masses any lasting good.

Therefore, if any of them, from the two prime ministers down, and, as current, if any of the religious heads, from the soon-to-be two Popes down, actually DO have humanity's best interests at the fore of their minds, they really have no option but to leave their respective parties, and, as I suggested in one of my last blog posts, go up a Buddhist mountain for about 7 years, to clean out the perversion their cults have driven into them,.

Or..., because while they're building Temples, slimy sycophants and avaricious egomaniacs will fill the gap and steal ALL Hope, they have therefore a Duty to leave their parties and become Independents, on the cross-bench.

On the fate of Kevin Rudd...,

While I reckon he's got good intentions, just like a Catholic, he's rooted while he stays with the zealously Zionist ALP.

Crossing the floor is no better, in fact is worse.

The party mechanism is rooted. It does nothing for any one or nation's Soveriegnty, and but keeps us all on track for a bad crunch at the end of a cul-de-sac.

If he does have support and respect from the other side – of the House – maybe he has a duty to all to convince at least Turnbull, but others too, to do the same?

Of course, this should be an appeal to a majority of MPs in both majors.

Rudd is stuck, and has to fight either way.

He should not contend for the PM's chair. He's right in what he tells media.

This, because the whole leadership charade is known now to a load of shit, and contributes more to dividing the people, the parties and the planet into none-but warring enemies.

Therefore, contending sides and parties are bullshit also, and the conscientious politician has a duty to fight to the end to end their dominance and existence.

So, were Rudd to show he is serious, he would go to his own party's apparatchiks and the oppositions, and argue that case, essentially bringing down parliament, and, from then until September 14th 2013, the bitch-fight in parliament should be about how to restructure the nations governance.

That! Rudd, and Ken Henry, already know!

Obviously, outside influences will go catatonic! China: “WHAT ABOUT OUR CHEAP ORE??”


British and Eurapean Lords of Sick: “BUT BUT, OUR REAL ESTATE VENTURES???”

Ha! Yer!

And of course, the US military-corporate-industrial complex: “WHAT ABOUT OUR GOD-DAMN WARMONGERING PROFITEERING PSYCHOSES???”

Of course, none of this is gonna happen, aye?

It's all just a dream I'm having...

Like Armageddon.....

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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