The Pope's A Pedophile And A False Jesus Fabricator, and Rudd's An Egomaniac

As a lifelong victim of church abuse, so having followed for decades, these scandals and to now, the Pope's resignation, I have no doubt that this is but one of an endless trail of excuses given by the Vatican to distract the world from the church's real, utterly decrepit condition.

Even exposures of "gay" clubs within the Vatican fail; to the wise observer, to distract from the heinous reality that it, Catholicism, and these now known to be totally fraudulent western "Christian" faiths, are so bad for society, for equality, for human rights and, worst of all, for Democracy, as to be completely inexcusable, and totally unjustifiable.

Their crimes against humanity go back centuries, and purely for their dark power over the people, they've been able to stifle being dealt justice. Pretty-much precisely why the "law" has become the exclusive study and profession of church "private school" and university students.

Indeed, as the revelations of child abuse of all manner, have brought to light the evil running such institutions, it should also help the masses see, that the church only really offer "forgiveness" 1, for a price, ie., your Soul, and 2, because the priesthood, top to bottom, are themselves out-of-control "sinners", and enforce the most disgusting and UNforgivable sins of their understudy's possible - that of the destruction of the simple and most precious innocence of the child, to be adult.

This is not alone in sexual abuse of youngsters, but as well, within the Spiritually and Intellectually corrupting indoctrination in the exclusive "secret agenda" private schools, and their corrupted curriculum. "Economics" perhaps most of all.

This is precisely why the world, led by the western world, Catholic and Protestant, has so lost the plot, and now cannot live in temperance and self-control - the churches advocate over-consumption, ie., unloosed egomania.

What else, but "the devil".

Apologies for using such "religious" language? I am a confirmed Atheist.

Finally, whatever the ex-Pope, and the media office of the church tells us, there is yet, an even deeper "sin" they live in peril of having exposed.

For the size of their propaganda mechanisms, as much ingrained across all western, Zionist parliaments, media stables and education curricula, only the Wholly, and Holy Righteous, will take-up-arms against it.

Indeed, the 1st to see the depth of this evil, and take-up-arms against it, was the Prophet Mohamed, in the 6th century AD, a few decades after the last Councils of Nicea, when the Vatican was established.

What the Roman, western elite began then, purely to entrench the deceit in fact for their own centralization of economic and cult power, is what has since set the world on fire. 

As long as they are allowed to exist, fire, ie., war, is all the world will see.

130222 JUST DEFIANCE Outlaw Junction For Rudd's Ego, or For The Nation Edition

I've supported Rudd since '07, and urged him to not (re-)stand now for the PM's chair, for indisputable REALPolitik reasons.

I was led to believe his refusals.

I advised he take leave of the ALP, for the good of the nation, and stand as an Independent, joining the cross bench.

Purely for it being a powerful way to shock all "sides" out of the two-party stagnation effecting everything and everyone, federal, state and local.

If Rudd, popular by a large margin over all contenders, ALP and Opposition, stood on some Principles, and stopped being pushed around by both sides, and did this, assuming his electorate re-elected him, he would be more effective for ALL Australians, for once, including Aborigines, than merely saving the dated, corrupted and failing ALP.

While popular figures hold, and are held, by either "side", Sound, Strong, and Truly Progressive Advances in our clearly retarded political arena, remain impossible. If only because every opposite force will be mustered to stymie any progress they might try to effect.

So, were Rudd actually there for the good of all, for the future, for a better chance at a Dignified Nation for the next generations, he would make a far more powerful move, than he can effect by merely letting the fawning, stroke his ego back into yes, the chair he was elected to occupy.

But these are increasingly fast-changing times, and more powerful occurrences are necessary to shake all of us, and "them", out of our cowardly retreat.

The stagnant, two party structure which only really pleases the upper-political-class, will never modernize the larger national situation, as-in ridding us of the horrendously corrupted and corruptible 3-tier structure, or, properly improve the criminal rejection of Aborigines' Humanity (in reality, far above most all of peoples of the modern worlds) Rights, and Sovereignty, in-and-on their own Lands. These are just two important examples.

So, is Rudd, full of joy understandably, ready to gratify his ego, and let the frantic ALP give him back his elected seat as PM, or will he show some True Aussie spunk, and take-it-to-the-barricades (a-hem?) to the Stockade! and fight for the larger, more important issues the current parties ignore, now that it is shown, by this opinion poll, he is a "walk-in" once more, to lead not just the ALP, but the nation, into the future?

Of a certainty, if he chooses to take the hard road, the ego-less road, by forcing Labor, and the ILO, the British and American "left", et al, to shake it, themselves awake, out of the 19th century of Rhodes-ian Zionism, joining the cross-benchers and, perhaps, even setting himself and both sides to concede giving him still, the prime minister's chair, he would be both the most effective politician this land has known since 1788, and would be remembered as THE Giant of Australia, and perhaps of the modern world, for eons to come.

Certainly, such a Warrior's move, would inspire millions to Stand and Fight-Fight-Fight for the Most Honest Government, here, there, and everywhere!
But...! Clearly, he would have to live an ascetic's life, to keep the ego at bay.

Impossible, it seems, for a Catholic!

Perhaps, his handle on Mandarin, thus it's doorway into Eastern Philosophy, if pursued with Sincerity, awaits to Teach him much? Grasshopper!

No True, lasting Advances are made, by taking the easy path, Nachaketas!

If Kevin Rudd chooses the lazy, easy, self-indulgent road of letting himself be re-embraced by a desperate and cowardly ALP, no matter that his constituents are idiots-for-Labor, he betrays everything he purported to represent since they hoisted him up in 2006-2007, to be the blonde-haired-blue-eyed wunderkind.

Thus, he exposes himself as being nothing but an egomaniac.

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Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

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