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This little piece became something kind of poetic, once my annoyance eased, at my Samsung smartphone, but 14 months old, just 2 months out of warranty, stopped taking a voltage recharge from the 240V adapter, with the USB lead having failed before the 12 months warranty ended.

Yes, a cheaper version, a GT-S5660V "Gio", at $149.00 Australian.  

But there is clearly a lack of quality designed into the failed components - typical of todays' all-entrancing "micro-technology". 

Micro technology has lots of benefits, one being less resources are used.

But the biggest FAIL is that the products, for being so small, cannot possibly be as durable!

Also, at the same time, we all know micro-technology has been taken up by manufacturers in-the-main because they use less materials in making stuff, which means they cost less to produce.

As usual, like all who look into the eyes of an advertising and marketing consultant, this is turned into a trend, a fashion, a “must-have!”

That the “must-have” also must-not-have any quality, durability, functionality is totally outside of the potential for the marketeers, is totally beside the point of making a killing of a profit over satisfying the customers!

This – cheaper to produce factor - should translate into much less pricey products.

But over-pricing is the norm in the free market where large manufacturers have blackmail control over governments intervening and regulating markets pricing.

Then of course, there are the evil "middle-men" who buy wholesale, in bulk, at the lowest wholesale prices, then mark-up the products by often several hundred percent.

Quality doesn't matter to them! They just want enough to afford their next sea-cruise! And a Porsche! And a line of coke on their corner office desktop after hours with a hot secretary ready to...., bring them a cup of tea!

But...? what can we expect from the churchie boyzzz???

Not so long ago, but years before almost all today's retail shop assistants were born, "retail mark-ups" were fair, in that they were priced so-as to cover all the retailers outgoings - rent of premises, utilities, advertising, freight, wages, warranty come-backs, etc etc., and of course, a considerate profit margin.  

But, and not unrelated to my MAIN MISSION – these were the days before land prices, thus shop premises rental prices, took offff with NASA mission control to the moon and beyond.

So then..., before then..., yer av'rage retailer could run an honest business, as often be honest with their customers about how much of a mark-up they were applying to each product, and their overheads were far more natural, and did not have to be exaggerated and lied-about just to stay in business.

A retail business was NOT, all about whatever they could get out of the customer!

Then, perhaps a naive time in crapitalism, but there was a rule which respectable retailers held to.  

Not merely for any honorable customs, but for simple sound economics and even just "maths", and that was that "the customer is always right!"

In fact, way back, perhaps even in the prehistoric 19th century, the English went so far as to make laws to that effect!

Now, granted, today everyone is basically desperate, ready for an argument, with a smile or without, or is ready to lie their mouth off to get the advantage over those they regard as "the enemy".  

And, beyond the shop assistant's view, most people regard the shops, the businesses and the assistants as... the enemy.

So, it's dangerous to carry on a business today with that quaint old notion that the customer is always right.

Let's face it - IT'S WAR OUT THERE!

Ask any copper?

However, while so often, and in such an environment, who can blame them, so often shop assistants show only superficial regard for their customers, unless the shopper comes back and back and back, AND buys heaps, and strikes up some rapport, and too often it shows that they're only nice to us so-as to secure the sale, too often, once a product fails, and 1, costs the shopper to return it, and an annoyed buyer comes back with a grizzle, this can turn hostile, with every statement as to what failed countered to imply it was the customer's fault, et cetera.

Trying to get across the plain and simple FACT, that the product, and the whole product range, is, really, in terms of what manufacturers are very well capable of making at affordable prices, crap, only has the retailer, or their churchie-schooled assistant, super-quick jump on their high horse, resorting to being "offended", and thereafter refusing to serve the “rude fellow” – yeah! Like they never swear! And demand that the person leaves the shop, or they'll call security!

(Sounds like someone's personal experience?!)

  • WHAAH?!$%^? Because the customer is primarily, and with a clear mind, themselves quite rightfully offended for the shite quality of the only choice of product they can find without paying through the nose for stuff from 20,000 miles away, with as little after-sales back-up as all manufacturers can get away with?
Perhaps because high-technology electronic products are essentially of the new age, so retailers find it better for youthful shoppers to have youthful assistants helping them, I put it that product factors such as quality, durability, like, not just for 2 or 3 years, but for 5, 6, 8, 10 years, just isn't in their purview. Certainly they cannot possibly have themselves owned sophisticated hi-tech products for more than a few years, since being youths, so cannot really be familiar with the concept of long-lasting equipment.

That isn't their fault at all. But, no doubt, they see it as me being rude?

Because retail technology assistants are not long experienced in life's up and downs, they have no knowledge of those old traits in products that were made to last – 40 years, for Buddha's sake!

Also, and fair enough, the market and manufacturing is so huge now, so far out of their control, and no matter how much nor how many of them tried to make something, in the form of PROTEST, against the shit quality of the junk they sell, and that they too, were concerned that it's all shit, actually designed to last as short a period as the makers can get away with, there's a clear resignation across the retail industry amongst shop assistants, that there's nothing anyone can do.

Sad, so sad, but true!

I guess?

For some time I've thought about a retailer, who specializes in product made to last.

We, being on the bottom of Asia, get all their shit!


To pine and opine, I recall a ratchet screwdriver I still have, that still works a treat, I assert because it was made in the USA, that I found on a household nature-strip rubbish dump, when I was 8 or 10 years old!!!!!

50 fucking years ago!!!!

Having found it on a council day throw out of old stuff, outside a house I could point you to (on Google maps) as Andy McLean and I walked home from Mont Albert State School, means the screw-driver was then, in – ummm..., 1963 or '65, about 10 to 20 years old!!!

As well...., it has a beautiful round WOODEN handle, in pretty-much top condition, certainly showing no sign of falling off!!!

Since one of the major IMF-type political parties killed Australian, British and US manufacturing so that China could be brought into the 20th century, it began in about the 1960s, but was accelerated here from the late 1970s or so, product has gone pretty much down the gurgler in terms of durability and quality.

I think? I must say that uptil those decades, I meself wuz much younger, and admit to not fully appreciating some aspects of product. Perhaps mainly, what I didn't have a handle on, was price for quality.

Like, I don't remember anyway, if, say, one had to spend a lot lot more for something that would last, forever, like the Sher-Skil electric drill Dad bought me ummm – 20 years ago, which is an exact replica, by the same company, of one Dad had in the garage, again, when I was a 10 year old.

Quality! But how the price ranges compared to the wide price range today, is hard to say.

However, I'd wager that in my $149 smartphone, the same connection and leads are sold with their $500, and perhaps even $700 or $800 phones? And, how are we to know, near enough the same circuit boards, and other internal components are used, in all models.

Getting the FACTS on this type of discrepancy and therefore this type of RIP-OFF, from yer av'rage shop assistant, is unlikely, 1, because they are told it's “A BAD” for sales to be that honest, and also, most of them wouldn't know.

For all my antipathy with everyone I transact with, I know they can't be held responsible for the shit quality prods they have to work-to-live sell?

However, when just one of them acquiesces from facing this worldwide issue, everyone suffers. Or something?

And it does not excuse any of them from lying about prods, exaggerating about them, nor tell the customer the failings. Methinks?

It's just a crime that people have so few options but to work for callous profiteers in franchises of bulk-buying retail stores which go out of their way to not sell affordable, durable products.

Once again, it does in fact come down to how much the real estate industry thieves from the retailer, thus from the employee shop assistant, and from the customers, in the criminally-inflated prices of the land on which the stores are located.

After all..., it's all “LOCATION-LOCATION-LOCATION!!!”
Ain't it Ruddie? Joycie? Turnbullie? (NO? Tha's not right!) MISTA Ken Henry!

THAT – once more, comes down to Simple and Pure Physics.

Economic Science!

And. The Pure, uncorrupted Laws of the Universe.

By try discussing them with shop assistants, shop owners, who should be PROTESTING TOGETHER EVERYWHERE THEY RETAIL, or yer local land-tramp real estate agent?


But they'se a bit of an aside, aye?

So..., having a loud mind, I take the time, inspired by my annoyance at the miniscule quality designed into these capturing but lower quality “toys” to most of their consumers - useful and seriously effective instruments to others – to voice what has to be a widespread discontent with multinational product makers making stuff that might be the latest in their ability to produce teeny-weeny stuff for 3 year old Korean fingers to play with, but that last the shortest time they can possibly get away with.

There is no legitimate reason why a bloke can't buy locally, in this case a smartphone, that will not break if he looks at it angry, will not have leads and wires and stuff that cannot possibly last more than 2 years at the most, of use!

For retailers and makers to claim that a “military-grade” piece of technology has to cost twice the price of a “civilian” cheap yet still far over-priced piece of shit, which does little or no more practical electronic or connectivity-type stuff, and as often has the same componentry, out of the same factory in the same fucking product-dumping China, really is inexcusable, and, in fact, deserves, if-not demands, the inquiring shopper to trash the store, with mates!


But HEY! That's CRAPitalism fer yer!!!

Nevertheless..., here's what I wrote this mournin', between bunk, breaky and a flit on me bike.....


The Dark Hi-Tech Boot of Zion

Back when, back when Man was Man, back when Woman was Woman, Child Child, the world Pristine, uncorrupted, Harmonious, Wise Ways were not followed, but lived, ruler inside all beings.

Knowledge of how to be in Harmony with the Universe, was in us. Was us.

In the other creatures of Earth, no less.

All, knew Law.

So much a part of our Being that the True Fella and their Nations, needed no scripture to remind them of where they used to be.

All necessary Laws were easy to learn, taught by the Wise ones, in a time when adults were adults, not overgrown juveniles with scattered thinking processes.

So from the Elders to the Babes, satiation was part of the very Being.

So none were raised with dysfunctional beliefs and errant reactive momenta fraying their thoughts, desires, perceptions.

A time when there was no “mental illness”. Because Honest Law was inherent in Beast and in Man.

Secrecy was alive and well, but only for warring situations as, on occasion, an argument between Nations arose, as oft' for Traditional reasons, to keep all the Nations' genes properly shared, avoiding inbred mutations.

Or, for expanding populations, after times of plenty, needs for more territory.

Between Nations, Rules were forever known as Proper, Vital to Respect, in all things, in relating, in eating, gathering foods and other materials, in sharing the lands, and in the need for defined territories.

When war became necessary, rules still held sway, and were abided by, by all sides.

A new weapon invented, was shared across the land, and, if it was seen, by the Wise, the Adults, to have bad effects for the laws, all agreed it should not be produced.

If a tool for better procurement of the necessities was invented, it too was shared, traded, and it's manufacture taught.

Rules said the Land was the Mother, and nothing, no invention should be bad for it.

So Harmony was retained all over.

Happiness and the Crucial Balance was so Natural as to rarely need words to express.

Back then, back before the lost tribes found arrogance, to think they could wander free over the world, Silence WAS Golden.

Not just “out there”, in a landscape, not in resting beside a lake or in a meadow.

Silence was Golden in the mind.

And, was the Mind's Natural Condition.

The True Mind.


Eons passed.

Populations expanded.

Government? Became “an issue”.

Many heads meant less to go around.

Divisions increased.

Claims increased.

Disquiet grew.

Law, forgotten, fell into the background.

Inventions improved Man's ability to procure evermore foods.

To build ever larger structures.




Laws and Rules were placed second to survival, of the most warlike.

Customs became distorted.

Words became many.

Time was evermore occupied with thought.

How to procure this?”

How to procure that?”

Golden Silence drifted further into the background, further away from the larger Nations.

Eventually, only in the most remote Nations, was it still Natural amongst the People, and amongst the Beasts, and across the territories.

Law, Lore, Rules of Conduct were still, in the most remote places, Naturally lived.

So Natural as to only be spoken of in annual meetings, and in Teaching the adolescent the Laws of Initiation, into being an Adult.

When, back when, back in the Dawn, Knowledge was simply there.

When a Man threw a stick, at once he saw it's dynamics. It's aerodynamics.

Thus he found a different stick, and whittled it, to fly!

Practice, and better sticks, more whittling, he made it fly, and return to him!

Happy, he showed it around. Everyone saw it's potential.

A great improvement to hunting.

And, for war.

But, he knew, eventually, his peoples' adversarial neighbors would find out about his flying stick, and refine their own.

So he, being Wise, shared his knowledge.

Everyone benefited, and unfair advantages, which threatened otherwise to shatter the Harmony, were avoided.

The Rules of War were still able to be the same. Once a certain advantage was gained, everyone simply stopped fighting.

The defeated humbly offered tokens of Respect and Praise.

The Victors put forward their demands, and the negotiations took place. Peacefully, around the circle, with other Nations present.

The defeated, knew their places, and listened. And paid their dues.

The Victors also knew their places, and asked no more than was Respectable, according to the Original Founding Traditions, of Being True Human Beings.

Therefore all demands fitted within the Greater Law.

Not too much, not too little, “Just right, Boss”!

They all, also knew, that one day the Balance might be the opposite, so each knew Humility and Success, and so afterwards, looked equally upon the others.

The Laws were maintained. The Balance was maintained.


Meanwhile, somewhere else, the Balance was lost.

Some had much. Some, had little.

Pride bred it's opposite, cowardice, ignorance, and war became the way.

Secrecy came to the fore of how people functioned, lived, thought and related.

No longer True Men and True Women.

The advantage was everything, with no rules, no top limits, short of leaving the adversaries with nothing.

No Respect.

Not even land.

Balance was destroyed.

Harmony, just a word, an hypothetical, dreamed about, but no longer known, no longer understood.

Respect, a lie. A deceit. Spoken to hide the secret contempt below the expressions.

Diplomacy thrived.

Dysfunction was the order.

Lies had to be increased, built upon earlier lies, expanding into mythical proportions exponentially.

Though, because of the dysfunction, none could see the dysfunction. None could identify it, admit to it, rise above it, clean it out.

The masses of dysfunctional minds effected the exponential growth of dysfunctional thought and behavior, sending the Spirit of all, deeper into the crazyminds' mire, into the bottomless labyrinth, further and further from being known.

Fooled by their own deceits, pride, arrogance and cowardice, crazymind, wrongheaded thought ruled.

So lost, they searched, everywhere but behind the veil, inside their own minds, for the elixir.

In vein. And in vein. And in vein.

Centuries passed. Into millennia. Eons on eons, wandering, and at constant war to stay in one place, yet all the while, lost, deluded, insane.

But always proud!









In times of plenty, on finding a shangri la, stagnation overcame them.

Disquiet bred anger, bred war, amongst themselves.

Bred splits, divisions, further disquiet.

More pride. More ignorance.

And the search by the elites, all by now deeply insane, went on.

In food. In drink. In drugs. In fashion. In music. In appearances.

In vein. In vein. In vein. In vein.


Invention was ran to.

The secreted advantage was all!

Wisdom but a myth. Temperance a sin.

False appearances were all.

Knowledge of Satiation hypothetical. Utopic. Never attainable!

Secrecy came to the fore in every association.

Trust, just another word. False. Abused. Scorned.

Children were raised on lies.

False cultures abounded, with each generation, multiplying the dysfunction.

Psychological, psychic, mutations increased.

And yet, ever greater, they regarded and propagandized themselves as being.

Before long, the false men, and false woemen, secretly frantic and desperately scared, secretly frantic and desperately insane, already having resorted to dark force, fell deeper into abuse of it, and over regenerations, came up with nuclear weapons.

All, to protect their lies, and their proud sickness of personal wealth obtained by invention and administration of untrue laws.

Defying Law, technology had become god.

And, they saw that giving offerings to their god, funding their god, was best by selling it to the people, in the guise of pleasure.

More lies.

O! The dysfunction!

O! The demise!

O! The crass, valueless, cheap rubbish that now passes as “good”!











O yaye? All praise technology?


It's about time Samsung, and their counterparts, made product designed to last.

Logic must return to retail.

If Samsung and their ilk want to claim their products as good, then why do they not offer longer warranties?

Greedy middle-player retailers marking-up everything to completely unethical pricing, do everything possible in their field to discredit themselves, their products, the manufacturers, and insult the customers into being little more than either stunned zombies, accepting the destiny of crass, collapsing culture and societies, or into cynical and vengeful criminals, respecting nothing and no-one.

Parents become despised.

Disrespect, and worst, secreted disrespect, becomes the order, such that those many who have worthy talents as Teachers are mocked and belittled at every chance.


Honor, Integrity, Dignity, Intellect, Wisdom, Honesty, Truth, made jokes of, all in the pejorative.

And most mocked, ignored, avoided, is Law.

A completely insane world is the only possible result.

ALAS! Rome! Paris! Tel Aviv! London! Washington! Sydney! Canberra! Tokyo! Beijing! New Delhi! Seoul! Singapore! Hollywood!

Et cetera! Et cetera! Et cetera!


"Tell me another lie,..., copper!"

You know, the one about ".....you, just doing your job", of working to protect them!?

VOTE GREEN, or, Independents 
on September 14th 2013! For A Future!

Vote down cheap, offshore, planned-obsolescence, mass-destruction, major party politrics!

VOTE GREEN, or, Independents 
on September 14th 2013! For A Future!

Vote to give your lives Value!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

aka Max Earth


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