In The Interests Of Honesty, Integrity, Humanity.....

Google used to have a it's motto

"Don't be evil" or such.

Yet, like the rest of the wealth-plagued world, the fundamentals of actually being a Human Being, are put aside once a certain level of wealth, or of a promise or the opportunity for more more more wealth presents itself.

Now, at google, facebook, and all the top internet and media sites and portals, genuine Integrity disappears like the wind, now that their key players have been lured into the top echelons of global power.

But they're not alone. All levels and classes fall for the same ethics-free path, when monetary increases are offered.

What does an ethicist, cursed with power enough to unseat even the Pope of Rome, do?

I decided to sign up to google's "google+".

I only did so because to post comments to pretty much any media webpage now, you have to have a Farcebook, ot Twatter, or..., go ogle-plus account. I use, to my general displeasure, yahoo mail, but lots of media web pages do not have the yahoo link. And for a few years I've tried to unhook my online stuff from yahoo, but their ghosts in their fanatics play with my links and make it impossible.

What do I really care?

Not a fig!

Only some 12 years to go before I jump off a cliff, and hopefully dissipate off the planet to some past higher plane planet or sphere of consciousness, leaving the poor fools who think they're human, and think playing with witchcraft is all fun.

But.., in my stoic drive to not deal with scum, whether riding around the bottom of the barrel or floating on top of the pool, I just went over to Opera, the opensource web browser.

No doubt idiots incorporeal are twisting their mini-minds to simply fuck that link over too - "'cause they can!"


And..., my heart went BOOM-didi-BOOM-didi-BOOM.....et cetera....

I'm stuck, and the fools so fascinated, thinking they oowwwnnn me, will regret their stupidity, eventually.

This is a test blog from my opera browser pages.

It works much sweeter than the Firefox/Blogger browser and window, thus far.

I guess it all part of CRAPitalism that go ogle doesn't rate Opera the same as the other - still free - but more commercial browser sites and stuff.

Were I bothered, I'd write a future-fiction story about how the spirits of todays egomaniac CRAPitalists were bearing-up once CRAPitalism finally collapses.

I have before, but not focusing on CRAPitalists, more on the general whiteguy westernized idiots who survived the big fall, expected in the next few decades. But, for their weak mentalities and readiness to addict themselves to false gods of plastic toys and money, etc, there's really not any difference.

To that end, sort of, coincidentally yesserday NO! this mournin'', I read on the far far farking more realistic "Voice of Russia" web pages the following, and was enticed in jest m'Laird! to respond with:


Hohoho! How long will it take for Westminster to realize they are THE mental health problem?

'Westminster, the peak body for the world's elite "wealth-psychopathy" club, otherwise known as the "richness-sickness-sickos", and, “The Lords of Sick”, may be coming at last to it's senses, literally, with the funding of it's own mental health clinic, 'specially for British MPs', says a report from REALPolitik Portal "The Voice of Russia" today.

A longtime advocate for the clinic, Gunai Aborigine Outlaw JUST DEFIANCE, says they should expect client MPs, particularly from the House of Lords, to overwhelm it, as they ponder it's services and thus, the dawning amongst themselves that "Yes!" they are all absolute fucking NUTTERS!

"All their nose-in-the-air ponsing-about, only adds to their dis-eases' cause.

'The level of arrogance needed to maintain the bluff, is pure-and-simple "denial",' adds Mr Defiance of Australia.

That always concentrates ignorance, stubborn increase in behavioral missteps, demands evermore farcical arguments to defend their increasingly indefensible lifestyle, ideology and political rhetoric, hyperbola - "spin", and can be upheld only amongst similarly distorted thinkers.

An over-consumption of that in one's mental diet, shall we say, over decades, and indeed, over several generations, alas! Over centuries! in the elite dynasties, has the same effect as inbreeding.

While, as said, within their own gin clubs, they can get away with it, and cannot break with peer pressure to go ever-deeper into their illusory farce, loads and endless loads of old cobblers is all they end up being capable of thinking and speaking.

For all the wealth, mummy and daddy ship them off to "Harrow" or "Eton", Oxford or Cambridge et cetera, only to have them force-feed languages, large lexicons and long libations.

None of it educing the Intellect, merely tones with which to scratch their way up the academic, peerage and upclub social ladders.

That next-to-none of them have ever done an honest, hard days work, lazing instead on self-perpetuating banks-full of inherited wealth, always essentially on someone else's effort or expense, sets their silly minds on a course of guaranteed delusions of grandeur, blind to their own truth, and feeding-on and fostering ever-deepening insanity.

But of course, the insanity is the master at hiding itself to the higher, impartial mind, IN the mind, of the victim.

So the poor sods don't have a chance of seeing that they're swimming in none-but a bottomless pool of anti-intellectual sludge.

But until they hit the wall of truth about their folly, "O my! What a jolly wonderful illusion it is, what!"

The clinic's biggest concern is the shock and, as the dysfunction is essentially genetic, the multi-generational wrong-headedness has the impulse in most of them to be stepping out 40th floor windows.

However, a bottle of your finest, a line or needle of laudanum and a handy housemaid distracts them long enough, to forget.

As time passes, these are sure to become popular in all parliaments.

I assume this, and my demanding the pope's resignation last week, which it seems he had no choice but to obey, is why I'm receiving heavy doses of “baby-powder” from west coast USA, and Eurape this arvo?

Wealth has that added danger, of allowing us to avoid the hard yards of digging under our egomania, to root it out and well..., who am I to say “SLAY IT!!!” Surely it ain't ALL bad?

But whiteguy, especially the fundamentalists in the modern world, have no choice.

CRAPitalism has to die.

It may or may not be up to you to let it lie down in a more peaceful way. But it has to lie down, and the sooner the better, even for CRAPitalists.

And while the unbelievably stupid witches don't hold back, something really powerful will SMITE CRAPitalism, such that no one will escape a lot of pain.

It's really just karma, and has been coming at yer for millennia.

Don't shoot the messenger, idiots.

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

aka Max Earth


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