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S'mornin', I was scannin' the Go Ogle news pages, an' stumbled on an article from a London-based "The Global Legal Post" site, with an item on something half relevant to my whits about Whistleblowers.

Hang-on...., I'll see if I can refind it?

There 'tiz!

by Reuben Guttman

Along with the labyrinth in my head, talking to itself about "LAW!" the article tickled my synapses to evoke the following.  

I was so impressed by the legal eagles floating round in here, for there are many when I'm in my "Chief of Law" mode, and what they had me write to my smartphone,  I posted it to about 24 - no - 25 political and law firm addresses, from Melbourne to London.  One being the publisher of the tickling article, "The GLOBAL LEGAL POST" linked above.  (I expect my QC is familiar!)

I did want to send a copy to such as President Barack Obama, of the Untied States of America  (TYPO!?#$%^!), and most other oligarchs-global, as well as to Australia's Rockin' MP, The Honorable Peter Garrett.  But my address book - CONTACTS - on smartphonus-gmailus, is "mysterious", so I din'.  But one of his partners in parliament, an Albanese chap, I had the address of, so flung it his way, hoping, as this piece goes mostly to our education systems masters, he'd pass it on the the Big Mr G.


Law Is God - So Let It Be Taught!

Law is our fundament.

Physics is the science of natural laws active in the universe.

Everything lives or dies on laws.

So do cultures, societies, peoples, individuals and governments.

And .'. the apparatus we use, like taxes.

The failings witnessed worldwide now of nations and enterprizes going bankrupt, are all due to an endemic failure, deliberate or otherwise, to acknowledge the primacy of law.

Mainly, taxation, or "revenue" law.

Not a recent failure, "leading" nations, leading economies, reach their heights in the main by ignoring the Chiefs of Laws.

The higher they climb, on illegal means, the further and as is expected, the harder they fall.

Whether better lawyers, prosecutors et cetera call them out, or they go beyond maintainable limits, at some point they collapse.

This is the sole reason the whole world now lurches toward the "fiscal cliff-cum-abyss".

Landing the blame, as a prosecution would do, has to be done asap.

However, like asking the realty industry to regulate itself, our problem is the same regards bringing errant tax-evading multinationals and governments to face the music in any court of law.

The most culpable ignorers of True Taxation Laws are the governments of the most wealthy "1st world" nations.

And, to every lawyers dismay and detriment, the courts which deal with such cases of international crime are based in those same wealthiest 1st world countries.

Namely, the International Criminal Court (I.C.C.) in Holland.

Adding to nothing but the perpetuation of major government and private enterprize tax-evasion, thus the widening social-division and disparity, is the dark fact that the Science of Law, or more realistically, the manipulation of the legal sciences, has been claimed as the exclusive province of the elite schools, our for-privileged-eyes-only tertiary education universities.

So too, by no coincidence, has the Sciences of finance and taxation been partitioned-off to the same higher-education elite institutions.

This may be not such a bad thing, were the apprentice law and accounting career-seekers not prepared within the possessive bounds of our "secret agenda" private, church schools.

It is no secret nor surprize .'., to find that the cults behind the schools of secrets are at the top of the pyramids of wealth, AND, pay no taxes!

Therefore, to eliminate in future - if we have one - repeating these glaring failures, cultural, economic and social/personal, it does seem wise to teach as a primary modality, up there with "the 3 Rs", "Reading, wRiting and aRithmatic, in all government schools, and there exists no Good Reason to not begin quite early in primary school, educing the Sciences of Law and of Economic Taxation.

It strikes this wonderer, that much of the shananigans of large-scale high-level corruption survives and prospers precisely due to this unreal and false separation of learning to understand our primary sciences of law and taxation, where these "false god religions" claim exclusivity within the confines of their "secret agenda" schools to what has been regarded almost as "occult sciences" or perhaps the "alchemy" of Law and Pure Mathematics.

Once more, it is no surprize that all "1st world" most-wealthy nations' government departments of revenue and taxation, hire their employees exclusively from the "secret agenda" "false god" elite religious schools.

In Australia, as elsewhere no doubt (with the exception of world-leaders in education success levels like Finland), there is ongoing debate, division and disquiet about students' declining levels of learning, mainly in the deliberately disregarded government schools.

I posit that were governments to "Man-Up!" and correct this exclusivist monopoly on these two primary subjects to life, of the healthy, Intelligent mind, of the body and of the society, it's culture thus it's People - the Sciences of Law and Taxation, exclusivist churches and corporations as well as the political class governments, would not be so easily able to befuddle the masses with "legaleeze" and "fiscalspeak", and a Wised-Up Demos, The People, would be Legally-Intellectually "Armed and Able" to challenge corruption at the starting-gate, rather than waiting, as all Popular Revolutions do, until the Workers are starved and homeless.

Such propitious corrections simply done to government school education, would I'm sure, even-out the "playing field" of the tyrannically tilted exclusivist "free market", and soon enough also bring back the Balance of the Honest, and far Happier, Classless Society.

This, according to the world's finest Constitutions, is Humanity's Right, and, Duty.

For we are all, created Equal.

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

130209 JUST DEFIANCE Outlaw Junction Sat'dee News Comment Shorts Numma 2

The Underneath News About Australia's Latest Sports-Rorts Scandals Edition

Funny, as some react SHOCKED to the Australian sport corruption and drugs news, some might be missing more serious points?

1 may be that high level "players" in our political class are involved?

The global heroin trade, down to your local distributor - sorry - dealer, is controlled by the world's wealthiest - hence why they're the wealthiest, and...., why the most sought after recreational and medicative drugs are prohibited. Illegal. BANNED! EEEEVIL!!!!

These controllers, being super-elite, for centuries-thus-for-generations, have "top" educations, at the "top" "quality" schools, colleges and uni's.

Jus' like their "tag-along" media!

Also, needing the best liars, to do business from Afghanistan via the Bank of England to cop-shops, brothels and backstreets of L.A., Dili and King's Cross, ET CETERA..., their "diplomats" are raised at elite schools.

But that's just in heroin.

All illegal high value drugs or market control of such, percolate to the uppermost wealth, social echelons.

Like politics.

Indeed, politics and markets in prohibited drugs are one and the same.

One can't say for certain, but one is left to wonder about the oozy-confident, jovial "elite", pro-British establishment, ex-right wing Liberal Party premier of Victoria, ex-Scotch College (the elite Freemason recruiting farm), also latterly CEO of one of Victoria's top AFL Aussie rules clubs, Hawthorn, MISta Jeffrey Kennett, was fronting the establishment's media mediation house "THEIR ABC", in an interview about this all-consuming sports scandal this morning?

Theory numma 2, goes....,

All elites here there, in Hollywood and Pinewood, aka Washington DC and Westmenstralster UK, are hemorrhaging at their coffers running out of - "jellybeans".

And...., sport, being the massive rort it's been since the 1st Athens' Olympics, draining too many drachmas from the world's treasuries and banks, is in serious debt, like it's sponsors, the drug-trade banks, governments, military-industrial complex corporations......., et ceterahrahrah.

So, with the added minus of the fans, mostly lower classes, being jobless and in deep austerity secure mode, low on 30-pieces-of-silver bribes and/or gang crime-rewards, ie., jobless, no longer flock like Christians to a crucifixion, to the stadia.

So, being prime proud fucks the drugger elite are, to save face, and with the reality of how fucking broke the 1st world is - very very very very very et ceterahrahrah by 10-to-the-"N-th" power....... BUSSSTED.......! there's nothing like a sports, drugs and corruption scandal to A, distract the media, the punters, the sports creditors, from the sports-bankrupt reality, B, distract the same from the world's treasuries, real estate sharks and banks also disappearing over the fiscal cliff into a bottomless abyss, C, put fans off the fixed-game of their choice so when all stadia shut down, the fans wont riot, D, keep the exclusively church school players out of the spotlight, enough to E, delay the first GLOBAL Popular REVOLUTION, until the private-school knobs-of-Jesus can ride their bulletproof Humvees to their secreted nuclear-proof bunkers, and F, befuddle the sports-loving masses enough to fail to realize they should have RUN!!!! to find protection from the intercontinental nuclear missiles currently orbiting over their silly-fucking heads!

But....., y' can be fuckin' SURE, punters and sports-fans.....

THERE'S SOMETHINNN'....., they're NOT tellin' us!?!?!?!?!/%&&*//--+++-------- with usury!

Outlaw Heretic Dissident Intellectual Sports-Fan Numma Wun

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Fighting for a Just World!

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