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Last Night, scanning the world's media, I hit the “Voice of Russia” website, and red two articles at least. That one was about how Canadian government and their (4 named) Christian churches deployed quite nasty and deliberate plans to eliminate the Canadian Aborigine's culture, if not the people themselves.

I ranged through VoR, was impressed, and, considering the appalling biases Australian mainstream media pours into it's consumers, I wrote the VoR an email, inviting them to open an office in Australia.

You are wanted in Australia!
9:36 PM (15 hours ago)

Hi, Australia is under terrible media owner bias.

The Guardian UK recently announced they are opening an office here.

A welcome set of eyes to widen our very narrow media coverage of domestic and global news.

Stories like yours on Canada and Christianity trying to wipe out their Aborigines, show me, new to your website, that perhaps, Russia under Comrades Putin and Medvedev, as ever, are not "expansionist", but with Intelligent minds, think of the well-being of all Humans.

Clearly not how much of the colonialist west looks at the world.

Therefore, I, a "known" political-economic philosopher, writer and autodidact geopolitical scientist, myself descended from the "Immortals", (though now extinct since 1900~, thanks to British invasion) Gunai Aborigine, put it to the Voice of Russia, to also open a media office here, for Australian consumption.

Your less biased, less opinionated view would I'm sure, be warmly welcomed by many Australians, straining under the petty biases of the Murdoch and minerals-mining cartels who run some 90% of our news and print media.

I'm sure this idea would be regarded as well worth considering by your nation's leadership.

In the interests of a more balanced media and world, and, in consideration of our federal election, on September 14 this year, I do think Australians want and need Intelligent worldly observations and commentary input, from your side of the globe.

Please, if possible, pass on my regards to President Putin.


Gunai Aborigine Outlaw


On another news website, Australian or..., English (?) (but I didn't record which one, as I ended not sending the comment below) there was an article about media being pressured to fear arrest and thus censorship, for not disclosing what has been forever, the media's right to not disclose their sources of “leaks” on government and the like, corruption. As usual I wander off topic to what I regard as the core of why we need whistleblowers, leakers, and media being allowed to keep their sources anonymous.

The House of (landed) Lords is the House of Corruption.

Age-old, dynastic anachronistic inheritors of unearned wealth, the very anti-thesis of Democracy.

And O how they love centrist religions.

Make Proper the Land Laws, & the bighouse corruption, found 1st in property speculation and "development" because of bad land laws, & bad cultural practices, thus the need for most sources' anonymity is dispelled.

In theory?

How? The widest range of econo-social and income pressures disappear, & living becomes honestly affordable.

Not gonna happen though, aye?

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

Here's thoughts I scribed this morning, on reading the linked article at The Australian news website.

Brings the idea that ALL politicians be required by law to disclose all landed and property assets, and retrospectively.

This must .'., include all their immediate family members.

But also all political affiliates and parties.

The current NSW ICAC inquiry involving ALP ex-MP Eddie Obied and family, one case-in-point.

But Australia's short history is replete with misnamed "politicians" using this same completely unethical means of 1, climbing the ladders, the pyramids of wealth, and thus 2, effectively "buying" their way into parliament/government.

That it has been the "standard" since British Marines' Sergeant John MacArthur brought down the Most Honest Australian Government seen, of Governor William Bligh in January 1808, so that MacArthur could destroy the Noble land distribution and revenue laws ("beyond the pale, what?"), whence he thereafter laid hands on huge tracts of 1stly, Aborigine land, and 2ndly, and not in ignorance by the early colonial government of that 1st point of recognising the Original 1st Peoples, thereafter corrupting Good Land and Tax Laws and Good Government, to the shitfight we now have..., DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT today!

It has also, as an aside, to be said that, had MacArthur not succeeded in over-throwing the Bligh colonial government, therafter letting loose the demonic land-grabbing convicts, ex-convicts and free settlers, the evil genocidal plans and wars of following British elites against the Aborigines, would quite possibly have not occurred.

O! What a different Nation we would have today, were that to have been so!

However, 205 years later, as property markets now work as they do, that-is, entirely corrupt, polies nevertheless, cannot be excluded from buying and selling property - if such properties are for their own use, be-it as residences or for any business they might own and, be actively involved in.

But in the interest of good government, there must be a line drawn between profiteering from such proven unethical investments, by any who are employed by the public to govern, or to represent them in our political houses.

Suggesting such accountability, and .'., limits and divisions across the citizenry, which, before and after a political career, obviously includes citizens who dedicate part if their lives as politicians, has flaws.

But the tenor of the point stands, that a democracy cannot allow political representatives to "play" the property-speculation market, for profit.

Indeed, honorable efforts have in recent times succeeded in weeding out this clearly corrupt practice from many local councils, whose members have used their positions to immorally profit through illegal deals done with property dealers, speculators and developers.

Today, few indeed of our political representatives have NOT played that unethical market to their own advantage, financially and politically.

But ALAS! Behind all of them sit quietly and more comfortably than most, the land-grabbing Jewish and Christian religious cults.

And where do the biggest profiteers - the banks and real estate cartels - recruit their staff?

"In the name of WHAT?"

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

And..., back to the “Voice Of Russia” pages, and trhe other article I red, which is a worry, of an interview with one “William Blum”, said to be an ex-CIA someone or another, saying that, as the title of that piece says, “There's a drone with Assange's name on it”.

I just put the link here,

Assange will be assassinated if freed, expert says.” is the first line.


adding nothing, 1, because it is a bit disturbing, for Assange as much as for his Fellow Patriot Australians, but, preferring to trust the Voice of Russia website, and the person making that statement, I can't confirm the legitimacy of said statement.

However, it's worth saying that this type of report and journalism will not be found in Australia's mainstream media, and possibly not in the so-called alternative Australian media.

Something and someone has them under pressure to self-censor. I suggest that some of that is from their own peers, of the middle-upper class type, from Brit-Eurapean church schooling, and well-situated in comfortable inherited housing on ABORIGINE'S land. No-one here, is allowed to cross that white line and go to the fundamental issue of land ownership and tenure!

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

Another headline grabber since yesserday, has been the explosive outing of drugs and corruption in Australian sport.


It has taken the ABC by storm, occupying more time and video than is right of their news faces, which makes me suspect they're using the sports corruption item, big though it is, but hardly surprizing – everyone's known for decades that Australian, and for that matter world sporting bodies and codes are rotten with corruption – to cover some BIGGER, more political issue?

Like, how come this sport scandal beats the usual BULLSHIT media drownation of the 2013 federal election?

Something's happening behind the cameras, as we're not being told about it?

Well......, I'm not being told about it!

So whatdafuck? Nothing changes in that other place, the REAL world!

But, as the sport scandal is not a new thing to me, I did nevertheless manage to throw a comment to the Herald Sun online page, which went something like...,

A! DERR? Yeah!”


Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

O! and after writing here yesserday, that we'd seen nothing since I posited that the pope's a pedophile a week or two ago, about the Catholic church child sex abuse cases, there are two items this morning. One on further court hearings against a couple of aging pervert priests in Sunbury Victoria, and another from a long way away, I can't recall where!

So, it hasn't quite dropped off the Catholic-Illuminati-Freemason media screens yet.

A! Maybe that's why there's the sport scandal screen-saver! Maybe someone's assassinated the pope?

Oooooh dear me, if that's happened!?!?!?!?!?


Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

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