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Sometime on the last fortnight or more, I wrote and sent off around the globe, to a number of email contacts, an e-ssay addressing the child sex abuse news burying the Catholic church. (A copy is posted to this blog. Sorry, you'll have to search for it.)

In it I daringly expressed the probability that the current Catholic Pope Benedictus 16, was a pedophile, in his earlier days in Germany.

I took the known details about the various inquiries across the globe, proving that child sexual abuse – pedophilia – has been rampant globally in the church, for at least decades, and that it is at least a little “mysterious” that the inquiry of the same abuses attempted in the current pope's homeland of Germany, was shut down.

No-one, to my limited reach on media and general knowledge about things outside my tarpaulins, has written or spoken to the public media about this anomaly, that the German inquiry was stopped, and that chance the pope was a pedophile.

So, I took that step.

Since then, even though a little news has been broadcast from around the date I wrote and sent that opinion-piece, going to the finalization of the Australian federal government opening a royal commission into the same evils, by the same church, there has not been anything near as “trumpeted” on the issue?

Vhy...iss..., ziss..., zo?

O! Off course! Zee kirk iss inen beden mitzen zee IMFzen!

Of course, also..., that the evidence accumulates to strongly suggest that the pope was in fact a pedophile, incriminating if only by 1, the closer or stoppage of the German inquiry, and 2, by the sudden silence across the planet, since “someone” with a wide cast, dared to put it out there, probably what billions of people already knew, that Ratzinger has, and who knows, still does, or did until very recently, sexually abused kids, and that even anti-Catholic media has gone quiet on this terrible possibility, seems to this little conspiracy factualist, that there's an whole lot of shakin' goin' on, not only of defenceless Catholic kiddies, but across most all larger western religious cults.


It'll be innerestinkk to see what is broadcast from here forward, at least up until the time pope dies?

As another very good, most recommendable, article on World Socialist Web Site (WSWS.org) goes to

6 February 2013

about the loss of that crucial “separation of church and state” in governance of the world, and from the silence and “obfuscation” I've had to endure for decades, about the corrupt dogma, intentions, and secrecy of the Catholic and Freemason cults, et al et al et al, ie., of all western religious organizations, their ideologies, dogma, schools, universities, professionals, NGO's, and utterly undue, unnecessary and totally corrupt influence over the affairs of the state, everywhere, it's clear that the filthy dog-rotten (sorry Dogs!) stinking evil bastard corrupt Catholic church, and it's equally filthy dog-rotten (sorry Dogs!) stinking evil bastard corrupt counterparts in religious bullshit, are not staying separate from anything to do with the affairs of the planet's states, and that they, for having taken the, perhaps, “Machiavellian” path, possibly otherwise known as the “left-hand path” of diving into corruption with both hands and their zippers – front-and-back – open, have done nothing at all good for anything but their sexual appetite, and acceleration of the “end-of-days” they've been harping on about for who knows how long?!

Therefore...., it's not surprising that the left, right (of course) and in between media has gone a bit quiet on that previously loud issue of priest-like pedophilia.

This, is, the Age of Reason”.

Democracy cannot work, while those institutions of Spiritual corruption and mortal, temporal perversion exist, and have anything near the influence, especially in the houses of learning for children, that they currently, until recently, so enjoyed.

There is no “god”. And I bet that were it at all possible to get an honest admission from the clerics in our western cults, they would agree.

The saddest thing about this, and that it is now my confirmed belief, is that I still regard the Islamists as True Fella Peoples, and wish never to insult their sincerity on the same question, and preferred beliefs.

Praise Allah!” I shout. And will while the Righteous of that “Faith”, recognize, with their Spiritual Intellect, and fight their “Jihad” against, the evils of the perverse and irredeemably corrupt western and Jewish cults.

I feel that it is not wrong, or bad, to hold to such beliefs, if one lives by their edicts as well.

Christianity is an evil the world has more than had enough of.

If it has led us to the global community we now struggle with, fine.

But it must remember Humility, and admit it's ills, and, go hard at straightening out it's own flaws and self-deceptions.

Were the west to be able to do that, most tensions worldwide would dissolve, or better, be dispelled.

The Pope being honest for once, might do a lot for that, and for their causes.

But were he to even mention doing so, one of his own, I reckon, would assassinate him.

Perhaps not a bad thing, all things considered?

And on another matter of admissions....,

Julian Assange is slowly being demonized, and in time with that, there is an increase in governments and related political players, blocking the hopes of having “Whistleblower Protection Legislation” enshrined in national laws.

Some, obviously less corrupt, are doing their best to get legislation through. But the biggest, the USA, but one, are going in the other direction.

Australia is too, I think, with the federal government running with the USA, in the other direction.

It's clear, that any who prevent “Whistleblower Protection Legislation” from being enshrined in national laws, are corrupt.

This has to be because something underneath the whole political/economic structure is rotten.

As has been a mantra of mine recently, this points, simply to corrupt laws, that enable people to get away with the things Whistleblowers dare to speak out about.

But, with all the “progress” the world has seen and enjoyed, and suffered in huge wars for, it becomes clear that “the progress” so-called, has 1, been possible, because of corruption in the legal structures, wherever it is allowed to blossom, and 2, is the cause of corruption, wherever it has been allowed to blossom.

So, as I wrote in one of the earlier-posted blog-e-ssays, humanity has to completely rethink what we're doing on earth, both, if we're to survive, and if we're genuine about correcting laws, cultures, societies and our personal psychologies?

Again, this demands we stop 98% of what we do and take for granted, and give everyone the time and space to drop the false ideals and beliefs about what we do from minute to minute, day to day, life to life.

Realistically...? HEY! IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!

Not unless China has a massive change of mind and let's Australia correct our land laws!

Whistleblower protection laws would in a perfect world, be embraced by one and all.

That they're not, simply exposes whichever government, whomever across the world, culture, society, club or person, as traitorous criiminals.

As each of us goes about interacting with others, ask yourselves, if they could live without corrupt laws?


Talkin' True?!?!?”


They lock yer up – put yer in th' MAD house f' THAT!”

Good on yer subbie!

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