2013 AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL ELECTION Year 13 First Solar Revolution Of The Great Changes

130202 JUST DEFIANCE Outlaw Junction Year 13 First Solar Revolution Of The Great Changes Edition

Ooooow! Mysssstical!

Maaay-B! Maaaybe NOT?

Whatever, for lots of mystical and Earth-year, Earth months, and solar Revolutionary reasons, on top of what I am to unnerstand as the correct lunar, monthly calender year, numma 13 means quite other than the demonized number of the devil.

As seems apparent (but ALAS? What is the real state of life, here on Earth and elsewhere?), the last years/decades/centuries and even millennia, have seen the planet's population draw together like never before. Not withstanding any pre-the last 100,000 year epoch, like the fabled “Atlantis”, or perhaps the European Et Al Neolithics whom the expansionist ancient tribes out of the Hindus Valley and ancient ancient Adam-and-Eve times pretty-much exterminated? But it does seem those Ancients didn't reach the globally connected stature we have?

And haven't we turned it all into a mystical play?

Ever-on goes the battle between “faith” and “reason”.

Can the two combine to ascend above the duality, above the constant, never-ending war of “me” versus “us”?

Is anyone alive today who will live long enough and discard the illusion enough to find the answer?

Do questions bring answers, or merely another series of questions?

Do elections bring True Government, thus Genuine Satiation across the throng, across the planet's populace?

Thus far, perhaps since Adam ate the apple, it seems a big “NNNNOOOOOO!” to the latter qvestion.

So, what for we trouble our minds-hearts-and-Souls and voting pencils, with this “political election” thing???

Clearly, there's some chicanery goin' orn!?

Maybe, in this year 13 of the fabled 2nd millennium since the alleged birth of the alleged ONLY SON OF the alleged GOD, Reason will rise to the top of the oligarchicalopoly, and knock the tyrannical believers off back down whence they crawled out of....? Or summit?

Watching the charade as I have little option to do, to amuse my weary mind, and for being affected by parochial bullshit of the political kind, watching the year's preparations for the announced 14th September federal election, thus far, it does seem like we might well be in for “inneresting times!” as Kung Fu once said?

All things considered,

from France triggering,

sorry, from Britain's MI6 and bruddas-in-evil the USA's CIA, doing the subversive-bidding for a resource hungry British Petroleum, aka “Bullshit Propaganda”, aka “Biggest Polluters”, that-is “BP”, and Texaco, and Shell, and Chevron, etcetetcetetcet, aka all-things-IMF, in north Africa, by triggering the Arab Spring a few years ago,

by some, attributed to WikiLeaks Whistleblown exposures,

through Frances latest invasion, which sad for me, may well have been set-up by agence-provocateurs the west has created and labelled “Al Quieeeeda”, and the numerous other alleged, Islamic Freedom Fighter Organisations across the 3rd world, themselves but offshoots of same-same MI6 mid-eastern branch-offices, to give the over-consumptive Eurapeans the excuse they need to use their over-stocked military resources, and to “give the chums (the troops) something to do”,

.all things considered, including

China's buying out the US property market at rock-bottom prices,

threats to cut-off finance to the bankrupt USA,

selling the dumb-fuck western whitearses the crap they've been fabricating, to undermine every little egotrip we've been seduced into having about our pathetic Spiritually-retarded whitearse selves,

pretend hostilities with Japan,

Israel jumping up and down about Iran,

Eurape swimming like the-coyote-in-the-cartoon against the tide of social, cultural and false-economic BACKWASH, for their previous 500 years of unsustainable colonialist plunder,

.all things considered, this 13th Year of the Trippin' Cane Toad seems very much like it's gonna be a shaker?


But-t-t-t! This morning's announcement that federal Labor has lost two senior cabinet ministers, and need I go on about the other ishoooozzz undermining everything-ILO-um-IMF-um-Vatican's-um-Zion's screwed perceptions of Good Culture and the contradictions inherent in Zionist-Catholicist Jesus-type leadership of the planet, and “Peopleocracy”?

The last 20 years, thereabouts, has seen the world dragged up-to-speed on the crucials, such as “Jesus WHO?” or more, “Jesus WHAT?!?!” and hidden ishooos about the good and evil we ourselves can conger, with our own little beliefs-systems, above and beyond the “king's touch” etc., and with a variety of tough guys wresting the reins of power from the previous inbred fucking-psycho elites, a nice variety of illusions have been dispelled.

The massive volumes of BULLSHIT we still call “politics” but one.

How'vaaar..., quick as a wave of a wand, to be replaced by about 6-billion even less mature, and really stupidly deadly illusions!!!?

While the spin-cycles of elite advertizing and marketing keep rotating any exposed pedophile high-priest of whitefaced religious and political-that-is-ECONOMIC propaganda, to another diocese, or park-bench, the masses grow more and more tired of all sides of the rubbish, called “culture”, “religion”, “education”, and “we can do anything-immaturity of the new-church-ejaculations, the latest generations of the “wealth-psychopathy” inheritance classes.

The year 2000 saw some of the most outrageous US political bullshit, with GW Bush bought out of his cocaine-stoner-circle loungeroom into the USA President's chair (I mean... “WHADAFUCK???”), and the various activities and inventions of the Euro-US oligopoly and their outright evil advertising, marketing. lawyer-speak and share market spin which followed, the 9/11 shock, orchestrated and enacted by the anti-capitalist forces WITHIN the US military, in a multifaceted attempt to send a big message to the occupiers of the World Trade Center's top floors, the most evil Wall Street stock market players, that they're being watched, and, on the other hand, an excuse for the enemy of the enemy's enemy, or summit, to trip into Iraq, and all states east of Tel Aviv, permanently destabilizing the already destabilized Middle-East, to set the scene for perpetual plunder-and-be-damned, to grab whatever resources they could, and to grab every penny of western funding sent there post invasion to allegedly repair the region.

(O? We can't let it be seen that white western Jewish, Masonic and Christian corporations and governments are taking all the cream? OK! We'll invent more Non-Government-Organizations, (NGOs) and send them in!!!”)

Iraq's never been so bad! The CIA/MI6 promoted “Arab Spring” occupies media's cameras while Syria is hammered from within, and western and Israeli corps fly and motor truckloads of anything they like in - out - across - within WHAT FUCKING BORDERS?!?!$#%^???


And...., “WMDs” that Saddam Hussein DID NOT HAVE, Saddam's NEVER-JUSTIFIABLE execution, Haliburton and other totally evil western multinational “development” corporations supplanting into the Middle-East, but O! Shitmesilly..., Dubai and Abu Dabi are BOOMING with tall buildings even Superman has to take a run up at, and even yer local Queensland farmers unholi-day to-and-fro the Gulf like catchin' a local bus.

..need I go on?????

So, by 2013, this unholy federal election year, most punters are a bit sick of what ooooooozes out of most all politician's orifices, here, there and from all other star-systems, and black holes.

I know I am!

And..., what's more, whoeth doth remembreth the offeth-the-cuffeth remark from the coup de tah-very-much 1st femme fatale prime minister of Astrayliar, one Julia Gillardeth, in the 1st days after the coup de Ruddeth, at a news conference,

anyone wanna be prime minister?”,

caught by the room's microphones before the official bullshit began?

I do!

So, some 30 or so months later, with her-in-lodge doing her best to keep the bullshit purified from the Vatican party side of the Zionist-cabal houses, doth anyone-eth of us-eth, really believeth that SHE-eth also, is not quite, quite, quite fed-up-eth with the garbage stage-managed, mediated, censored and generally utterly untrue spin every braindead political “I wannabe king-AND-queen of the nightly news, FOREVER!?!?!?!” is so intent on putting out there?

I doth!

Yet...., no matter what facts survive behind the mining and media moguls' curtains, that escape their whory gripsss, increasingly sick-sick-sick suckholes in our media caravans and news-propaganda SFX studios continue to PUT-IT-OUT!?#$%^!?!?!

And, little mista supa-king of everyfuckinthing (meme), sits quietly waiting for the rest of the punters-drunksters-flockers-and-atheists-alike, to WAKE UP TO THE BULLSHIT which is Brit-Eurapean delusionary monarchic hopefulisms, and march down the idiot puppets of the northern tyranny, and install PEOPLEOCRACY!

The world is all illusion!”, sayeth one Great Soul or another.

So why-eth bother getting and letting our souls in a spin, by self-demonic spin doctors, from another fucking universe?

Y'know, the one where god forgot to invent BRAINS! Ethics! Reason!

Yeah! Ancient Israeton! The pre-Intelligence name for the latest emanation of whiteguy lost tribe “we dunno where the fuck we are, so how the hell can we know where we're goin'??? currently ensconced in the royal playpens of Buckingham palace, and Westmenstralster !!!

Magic or no, Harry Potter or Gandalf or no, faith or praying-like-there's-no-tomorrow or no, this, as the Great Jonathon Farnham sang in the pre-insane 1980s, is “...the Age of Reason!”

So gets thee thy Reason out frometh the closet thine Brethren and Svesthren, leavingeth thine masturbationisms and hopefulisms of the witch in thine trousereths, and employ that which IS thine Divine Self - THE INTELLECT - and thus carry it beyond thine wide-screen delusion-makers, to thine parliaments, and vested by thine own Whit, and Wisdom, shout out loud for some TRUTH in government, in religion, but most of all IN LAW!

For, Truth be toldeth, True Laws of Thine Land be all-eth we needeth, for to be Propertied Governeth Aright!

If thou-est canst not-eth see-eth THIS as the Truth, the Whole Truth, and NOTHING BUT-eth THE TRUTH, SO HELP ME BUDDHA, ALLAH, BRAHMA, TAO, YHVH AND EVEN god, then it's over cocksuckers!!!!

And, as a finale, if the next seven months of federal down-to-glocal political spin doth not purify itself, by thine own mentations, and by media journalistalisms, one humble little puppet will break his strings, take the master by the knackers and spin y'all to kingdom you don' wanna know!

Because, like about everyone outside the delusions of the upclub inheritance classholes, even her-of-the-lodge herself, this humble little puppet IS SICK OF IT!

So, clever little children dressed up in the finest James Bond underwear, to appear “mature” (HAHAHAHAHAHA!), perhaps you should call off your puppies-invisibilus, and order the ghosts of Whitehall to stand down, so the world can resume the resurrection of the long lost Wisdom-Intelligence-Honor Balance, which the Three Wise Tribes Rebalance know and work ceaselessly against your insane-egotrips to restore?

No!? Can't bring your Hague-type egomania to be humble!

O well!

See you in Hell then.....

There's a taste of what's coming over the next 7 months of increasingly insane Australian election campaigning.

Hopefully, the overpaid Zionists in Canberra will GROW UP, and start to deliver some Politics, for a change?

No hope wasting hope on the Lib/Nat's change from MISTA NO, Tiny Abbort, to mister nice-nice-unbelievably positive cows-milk for everyone Abbott, I can tell from here.

That the current minority ALP-Greens-Independents government is threatened especially by right wing Murdoch, and now right right very right wing mining magnate Fairfax media, the voting gamblers of Astrayliar would do well to drum-up the Independents idea in their own electorates.

Were any more than the slimmest number of Astray-liars to peruse the more realistic media from elsewhere, they'd see that the chimera CRAPitalism, is IN FACT, on it's very last legs, and therefore, so too are the aging political bullshit machines we know as the major parties, who purport to represent us in the halls of power.

As this is the TRUE CASE, never spoken of by any media in OUR land of British mining corporations and endless offshore inheritance parties, it should not be an huge leap of thinking, for the most of us - OK Bleck Fella, it IS an HUGE LEAP OF THINKING for most of us, to accept that we do not need elections, nor even politicians, and especially not monarchs, or Jesus's, ETCETERA, to ensure our own and our family's and our Community's and our planet's security.

But try to convince the coppers that is so?

Let alone the gun-toting hi-tech lost tribes military, who shoot anyone in order to protect their, and our enemy!

Our, and their very own WHITE 2nd-generation egomaniacal inheritance classes!

Those church-spoiled brats killing the world because of their own denied “richness-sickness”.

O what a luvely 7 months ahead?

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

aka Max Earth


Outlaw Junction


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