No Prospects For New Pope-in-Waiting

130224 JUST DEFIANCE No Prospects For New Pope-in-Waiting Edition

With the outing of innumerable transgressions by everyone above laity parishioner throughout the Catholic church, with the Zionist cult's reputation shshshshRRREDDED.., at last, it's not surprising that the curia does not see any outstanding candidates for the next Poope! (TYPO!)

However, as the most of the modern world's “geeks” and the ensuing hi-techno-fad industry/industries are all products, biological or digital, of the Judeo-Christian alchemic laboratories, and as the church is voicing multiple concerns about electing the next Pedophile.. er...Poope who is of the 21st century, not of the 4th century, then it stands to reason, albeit that “reason”, that-is “Intelligence”, is the very enemy of the faith in the doctrine, it's antithesis, it's still stands to reason that the church employs a faithful band of geeks to construct a “Virtual Poope”!

You know? An “Online Poope”, made by their private school geeks who now run the internet, computer and anything digital industries of invention and media falsification!

This is in fact supported by a leading Italian Vatican “expert” Andrea Tornielli, who is quoted this morning on the World Socialist Web Site WSWS, as saying....

....the Cardinals want to calmly and thoroughly discuss the current situation in the Church, understand what had been happening in the last years in the Roman Curia, and come up with a "composite image" of the future pope, to use as a reference point when they cast their votes.”


Besides, what difference could there possibly be, between the previous 265 humanoid, we hope? er..., we HAVE FAITH that the previous 264 Poopes were all Humans, disregarding for the minute my strict, but likely quite accurate definition of what it takes to be a Human Being, you know – “Honesty, Honor, Integrity, Dignity, Humility, Righteousness, Warrior-like Tenacity, Rectitude, Intelligence, the lifelong pursuit of Wisdom and One's own Sovereignty of Soul, leading one and all to the Supreme Inner Light” - et cetera et cetera – or, in brief, an “Australian Aborigine”, definitely before 1788..., aaaaannnd..., a computer generated, "sin-free" special-effects, VIRTUAL Pontiff?

What difference could there possibly be, between the previous 265 humanoid Pontiffs, and any such 21st century hi-tech-digital special-effects-virtual Poope?

The whole Catholic charade from pre-4th-century days, to now, has all been one HUUUGE hoax! A virtual fabrication!

Aaaannnd..., as being 4th dimensional ghosts is the much preferred trend today, what for a biological Poope?

Aaaaannnnnndd...and, you could download a copy and carry him in ya pocket! Or ya' car's glovebox!

Were the Curia to see the digital light, and take this obviously Divine Advice, think of the possible constructs?

The virtual “composite image” as the Vatican expert puts it, could be much much closer to what every “committed Catholic” woman dreams about banging!

They could download the composite image, add their own fluffy necklace, blush or lipstick, print it off and have their own full-color picture of their heart's desire on their bedroom wall!

OooowH! (Jus' quietly, goils, how erotic!!!)

Tall! Broad shoulders! Righteous! Warrior-like! Of course, chiseled-good-looks HANDSOME, suitable for an endless series of Hollywood block-busters, and, in this day of skin-tight pants and glittering tanktops, brave enough to fly around from parish-to-parish dressed in his tan tunic! And a rope for a belt!

Being the Representative of JESUS hisself, and of God the Great, and..., seeing as we, puny humans according to the holy of unholies, the Catholic faith, are created in god's image, then it's our duty it seems, to create the next Poope in our, ergo – god's image.

The Leonardo Di Vinci “Vitruvian Man”!

Without the junk showing, of course!


The Vatican could thereafter invent all manner of online games, like “Take the Confession!” where virtual “Fathers” sat in virtual confessionals, taking virtual confession from virtual sinners?

Well..., no change from the last 1600 years there!

But think of how much they'd SAVE? Seeing as they're supposed to be all about “saving”?

Besides, everyone knows that Catholics, particularly there pure and “virginal” women, specialize in virtual truths, like their most common profession, “I'm still a virgin!” at 35-plus years of age, with three kids under their belt!

They could open a “Dogma!” webpage, in the same format as the indisputably honorable Wikipedia , where a tome of their doctrinal shit could be posted, and anyone who saw faults and deceptions and scams in them, could sign-in, and correct them!

That'd have fantastic effects on the faithful, and on retards considering taking the easy route to owning stolen Aboriginal land, by joining the church, greasing-up to the fathers, winning their praise and a positive reference for the Catholic, Protestant or Jewish , doesn't matter, they're all in the same putrid well, bank manager and real estate agent!

The priesthood would delight in the ensuing debates, flocks of liars would flock to the cobwebbed empty local churches to have politically-correct discussions about how to twist the facts again, to suit their selfish land-grabbing ventures called “faith”!

The collection-bowls would once more, be overflowing!

The virtual, online collection bowls, that is, in the virtual online parish churches, with virtual online “Holy Fathers”, sermonizing their virtual online BULLSHIT!

No more exorbitant churchyard land prices! Much reduced utilities costs!

Why..., even the Vatican could sell it's little Rome estate, and go fully online!

Besides, how many British and Eurapean Catholics, like – committed Catholics, you know, the white superiorist type, could face a Pope, who was BLECK!?!?!?!?


Unlike the little bit more realistic Peoples of the US of A, aside from the fact that the largest continental block of Catholics now, is in the highly-non-white South America, as the very very – very “Eurocentric” white-and-shiny Catholic church – like..., the Euro's DID invent it - probably should deserve to retain skin-control and thus oooowwwnership of all things BULLSHIT RELIGION, so selecting a BLECK “AAARRRGHGHGH!#@$%???” Pope, would be most likely a fatal political move for the abomination called the “Catholic church”!

And who of the potentials is completely free of pedophile-type sin???

Then finally.... if it ever ends???.... which sincere priest today, after all the FACTS, after all the EVIDENCE, after all the SCIENCE, after all the ignoring of their own Scripture, in economics and Spirit, would want to place themselves on top of this utterly discredited, disreputable, dishonorable, disgusting edifice of a long long lost religious ideation, 1 part of, known mystically and mythically as “god”, 2-nd part of, the poor puppet Yeshua ben Joseph, aka Jesus of Nazareth, sacrificed by evil megalomaniac high-priests of Rome and Jerusalem???

Clearly, they are either totally drained of their own consciousness, thus are totally blind puppets, thus fools, or, they are the world's most dangerous egomaniac?

Or..., both!

Well..., the Wise know egomaniacs are puppets of some other demon spirit, working in the background of their minds.

Describes Zionist western “Christian civilization to a “C”, don't it, Bleck Fella?


All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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