2013 Australian Federal Election - Dropping The Legal Cat Into The Political Pigeons Roost

130205 JUST DEFIANCE Outlaw Junction Dropping The Legal Cat Into The Political Pigeons Roost Edition


I read late last night, an article at the 1st link above, and so scribed the piece in purple, underneath this 1st red section. But it's all been edited now Tuesday arvo...

According to the 2nd linked article above, Rudd says he's still supporting Gillard..

Cool. That's how we'd expect him to be. Going through the leadership rubbish again would be hard for the ALP and for voters to then stay or become loyal.

Rudd's doing the right thing, for Gillard, for her concerns for the party, and for the party.

But that does not align with how the voters see it.

If her popularity is as low as it is, with no sign of recovery, then options have to be considered.

Rudd is the obvious option, whether he, she or the cabinet wants it, him.

But the decision has to be made pronto, about where Rudd should be.

Letting speculation and the right wing, in the dropposition, media and the mining lobby drag it on, is deadly. 

Obviously not because of any merit in what the right wings will trumpet to the voters – there is none - but merely because they “have ways” of further fooling the masses, or enough of a percentage of them, to not vote for the current government.

Any damage done by going through another leadership ballot, can only be repaired by the ALP/Greens/Independents government Uniting on the biggest issues, and pushing for all it's worth at bringing them to the very front of the election debate/s.

As I write in earlier blogposts, from my view, those big issues demand Righteous and Fearless assaults on both the media ownership laws, and the rights or not, of mining magnates et al, to buy their way into media, and thus into twisting the REALPolitik debates to their selfish favor, and away from any most important politico-economic FACTS.

FACTS, which underlie the mining magnates' and multinational corporations', a la Rio Tinto, BHP-Billiton, etc., control of not, perhaps, so much the ownership of the land, but of the unjust theft of the mining, minerals and resources profits, away from the True owners of the Land, both the Aborigine, of course, but also, the Native white and other Australians.

Another ishooo, has surely to be the mental health of some, if not all of the days' super-wealthy?

Because, just from video footage, and from comments made by some of them, it is blatantly clear that they do have mental health issues, which,

1, they have to address. (However...., I posit that to be an impossibility, for their being so deeply entrenched in their own piles of wealth), and

2, which must, in any sane world, bring into question their instability of mind, and that they have as much influence on the broader national, economic, and political, affairs involving the nations' peoples' welfare.

It is a blatant crime that these two matters are ignored by the politicians, the media and by the public alike.  Which may in fact, simply show that they too , that-is, the majority of people in the middle-to-upper class 1st world, suffer from the same "richness-sickness"?  Another word for it is "materialism".  A biblical word for it was "mammon".

Then, of course, as put in previous e-ssays going to this same issue, there are the “professionals” in mental health, who should be placing this class-mental-health-issue debate and fact, at the front of all their mental health concerns, especially regards the well-being of the lower classes who're deemed in need of being placed in psyche-wards, and in psychological or psychiatric treatment and care, etc.  Simply because, I say, that the vast majority of mental health issues inflicting the lower classes, are caused by the same more deeply-effected upper-classes.

But as I write, the main sticking point stopping the “professionals” from addressing this “wealth-psychopathy” reality, is that they too come from the very same upper-echelon classes and private-schooling layers, and, fraternities. So they were essentially born into suffering the same disorders.


1, they cannot get to the core of this mental disease, for it is what has them follow the lines they do and the approaches and beliefs and dogma they have imbibed through their upper class tertiary training, and 

2, there's unquestionably masses of pressure on these mental health professionals to “not go there!!!” from their social peers.

Nevertheless, the evidence being quite "out there" that this “wealth-psychopathy” or “richness-sickness” is rife across all elite classes, here, there and globally, and of course, infects perhaps the most of our upperclasshole “political classes” too, does not mean it cannot, nor should not be addressed.

Indeed, I re-emphasise, it should be todays' political, or REALPolitikal priority.

But, back, to the 2013 federal election ishoooozzz....

Rudd went down, as I say down the page, purely because of mining and land ownership issues, involving no less than a bloody cold-hearted Chinese metals industry, with or without the Chinese government pushing it, seeing as some parts of Chinese industry is now “privatized”.

Possibly the cruelest “irony” (talking iron ore exports) is that China rose so quickly in development and general growth, for having sound, scientific land laws, and thus revenue-collection (taxation) laws, a la “Land Rent for Government Revenue”, introduced by the IMF-created Mao Tze Dong Communist regime and before, from an early 20th century Chinese Revolutionary I think, (my memory may not be correct here) one Sun Yat Sen (?).

Exactly the same basic “Most Honest Tax” (unquote, John Winston Howard, Australian extreme right wing Liberal party prime minister from 1996-to-2007) Principles that Rudd and the ALP tried to introduce in early 2010, on the recommendations of Treasury head, Ken Henry's 2009 tax review.

China has relatively recently opened the land market to private ownership, thus to buying and selling land privately, but long after they achieved the growth they have, helped up by land tax for government revenue.

I speculate and suggest that the main reason China has opened up the real estate “Pandora's Box” is one, because it's clearly pretty-much an unstoppable trend elsewhere, fostered by the world's most powerful and wealthy nations', or perhaps more by those nations' wealthiest landowners, predominantly Freemasons ("G'Day Cuz!!") because China is now more than ever, a divided-class society, with the most influential being the largest numbers of inherited-wealth multimillionaires, but also because, with their opening political, trade and travel doors to the world, so they've allowed their own “second generation wealth- inheritance princelings” to demand this unwholesome speculation on land.

To my mind, a backward step. But hey, “Amoeba-to-Empire-to-Self-Extermination” is not exclusive to the white, western lost tribes of Israel!

Enough! Now to late thoughts from last night...,

Its doomsville for the party having any leader holding anything near these figures Gillard v Rudd have.

Policy remains the issue, even over my line that 2013 9-14 will be a vote on media performance.

Rudd was romping in the 2007-2009 years for the punters knew he was going the big land tax issue, & other heavy decisions and reforms.

Not forgetting of course, the tired Howard govt factor.

Perhaps its merely that he's so bloody Catholic, and that white Australia & Bleck, is too, that keeps Rudd in favor?

I hate that, unnerstandably, one would hope.

So if Gillard can't stand up and be direct, strong and open on policies - the BIG policies Rudd led with to the '07 victory and beyond, (and lets not forget all the ALP, Greens, Indies and their voters who backed him, not because of it being him, but because they all put in to scribe the electorate's favorite policy "wish-list"), then in a perfect world, Gillard would say "Right! My role, holding the team afloat through the mining and Murdoch anti-Rudd-led-Reforms media storm of 2010, & of keeping the steam up, to now, has worked, but the party AND the minority coalition ALP-Greens-Indies government must not, cannot and should not go on with such divided leadership loyalties."

The current line-up with Greens and Indies is not a failure like Abbort, Ho Jockey and Prissy Pineoclean say. (notice how Pyne is appearing more rat-like, more forceful, more aggressive?)

But it, the current government line-up, cannot endure or grow stronger with the, with any, leadership division as it is.

Gillard's as good as any woman for the job.

But we are a nation that needs men ready to fight hard. And its not going to get any easier.

Rudd though, ain't any leathered-hyde Ocker.

Gillard shouldn't have to deal with what clearly is our beliefs on male v female in the shitpit of fed or lesser parliament. Nor should she have to be ever-conscious of that across the electorate.

She can give better than all of the opposition, purely for her much-advanced Intellect, and can take whatever they, in their “short-pants” mentalities, throw.

But, my expressed, unashamed misogyny aside, I just don't believe Australia is best having a female PM.

It may suit nations not so "hard yakka".

But our psychology says a national workforce with men doing heavy and hard muscle work, so much of it the backbone of industry and income, "deserve" someone closer to their perspective and/or equal, to be calling the shots.

This is exactly the rift between Workers and "toffs".

Labouring in filthy noisy dangerous jobs is not the place for women.

So those blokes need a "boss" who's been there, & who understands what it actually takes, etc.

It might be just gender-psychology. But either gender is distant to the other in identifying in such situations.

And there's nothing more irritating for men, than a woman being "superior", because the men are doing tough rough dirty hard jobs so she can ride the easy gravy train, and, as is so often known by men, that away from them, the females mock them.

Gillard doesn't seem to me to be that low kind of egotripping woman at all. Again, her intelligence lifts her well above that level of “women's revenge” type of thinking.

But the egomania which comes to the fore in the clearly dysfunctional egocentric white Australian women, when a woman takes such as the prime minister's seat, augers a totally inappropriate and even demonic attitude from the most of them, towards men.

Especially men doing the hard yakka.

They don't expect women to be under the truck, down the mine, or such. But it IS important that there is some real understanding from and for their level or side.

No. Rudd's never been nor is he gonna be near a “toughie”. But it is also a gender-specific psychological thing. Most blokes connect better in work-politic issues. The same as women do.


The opposition are a rude, insulting farce, no matter who leads. (Apologies to Mal Turnbull!)

Besides, the less political, more economic and basic commercial realities, as well as the underlying facts of the political and economic sciences, stand more clearly than ever shouting worldwide that the self-interest of right wing laizze faire politico-economics is over, that capitalism is as good as dead.

Once this is seen, understood and accepted by the full spectrum of the masses, from the lower to at least the middle-upper classes, the political right, & its dwindling funds-base, the bullshit-corrupt-laws-dependant mega-rich, is useless, and will survive, only in truth, on the surface, ie., only by dent of their paid-up right wing media, the malingering greed-junkies of such as the wealth-media and their terminally damaged - king hit - religious cults and feeder schools.

But the masses, ranging across said lower-middle, middle-upper classes, knowing better the falsities of everything behind the right wing wealthy party propaganda, will, should stop supporting the political right, and more wisely and voluntarily back a People-First Policy Teams.

This of course, should be happening across the crisis-ridden world, with "austerity governments" in all western nations forcing people to think hard and/or rethink preferences, and to seriously explore the wrongly-demonized options of Communist Science.

So leadership of the party must have maximum party and polity support.

Going to Sept with either leading on less than 60% in party backing, ain't good enough.

Clearly Gillard has steered the minority well, but cannot get minimum 60% party support, nor my asserted minimum of 65% popular support, to justify staying as party leader, thus as PM.

From here on, if she and her cabinet supporters think they must stay, the very least they must do is take on mining and media head-on and at full-throttle.

There are questions have to be answered on why in 2010, ALP media campaigns didn't happen, making clear the reasons for the various major policies, and that talked simple FACTS straight and true, like it was put in the SBS TV doco on mining, "Dirty Business", on the real reasons Labor and Rudd suffered the right wing media blitz, after they showed favor for the most honest "Henry Tax Review"?

Saachi and Saachi making the rules again, aye?

If the offshore right can afford the huge discrediting ad campaigns, 99% of it outright lies, then correct ad campaigns and media and parliamentary counter-blitzes should be easy, and massively cheaper.

They have 7 months to win the punters back.

Whomever is in the chair by September, shouldn't matter.


And beneath all Best Policy, is the bedrock of Good Law.

Law is God.

Without Good Law, everything becomes a shitfight.

So because disparate emphasis is put on leader gender and personality issues, we all have to learn new LEGAL political ways of thinking.

And so again I come back to everyone looking beyond leaders, to the fundamental issue of "Law"!

Get the Law right, and all political and other divisions become unnecessary and irrelevant.

The trick is finding The Committee of Seasoned, Wise, Righteous REALPolitik Warriors to help the masses unnerstand and accept it.

The austerity measures being adopted across the western world and further, also tell us to reduce our untenable consumption habits.

Indeed, how many now suffering under Eurape's, Britain's, America's and other nations' “austerity measures” realize that they have had to impose them precisely because of their nations' rampant over-consumption, brought on for their quite unethical plundering of the people's they invaded and colonized, in centuries passed?

The HARD Scientific, Economic FACTS, or, the perennial Physical LAWS of life, show that such expansionism cannot endure, and as now, always brings on local, and global disaster.

So, looking at REALOptions....,

Good Communist Government would reduce our untenable consumption, purely by correcting the ridiculously inefficient, wasteful trends, so that we can live more efficiently, by deeper, Wiser, co-operative sharing of the wealth.

Again, that all comes down to resting upon Good, True Laws.

Wealth is worthless, if you have to work and live - and grow old and die - with psychopaths in a warzone, to acquire and enjoy it.

Those oligarchs rolling in riches, amidst the era's filth of inequity, waste and war, have seriously lost the plot of Happiness and Being Human.

To the point of being dangerously mentally ill.

A True and Good Government would find it easy to point this out to the People, and win their undying allegiance.

O! And Chris Pyne is a psychopath. He needs treatment.

But, that's right wing “richness-sickness” politics for yer!

And the Legal cat, has claws!

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

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All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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