Youth Suicide and Mental Illnesses Caused By Unqualified Western Witchcraft called "Catholic"

130225 JUST DEFIANCE Outlaw Junction Youth Suicide and Mental Illnesses Caused By Unqualified Western Witchcraft called "Catholic" Edition.

Watched an ABC program on kids killing 'emselves today, and sent this to ABC.

58 years with a mother, quite "off" (insane), living a life of a catholic witch, I see items such as the short on children suffering mental illness and suiciding, as a pitiful fear, ignorance or denial that witchcraft is now loose, and runs amock with kids minds.

"Harry Potter" or not, it has reached a peak like never before, so kids and adults are vulnerable.

As long as the biggest witch cult, the Catholics, and their competitors, Freemasons and Protestants, et al et al, (and now, for their quite evil ignore-ance of it being, the veritable "Pandoora's Box" opened, so, any small group of fools with too much excitement, and not enough honest useful occupation decide to start their own secretive cult, or magic club), are not brought to book and account for the mess they and their foolish abuse of the powers has unleashed on all of us, kids and adults will be increasingly victim to the growing trend of the carefree unseen occult.

I put it that the main reason the so-called "adults" deny this, and refuse to face it and bring it out into the open, honest, serious and democratic public debate arena, is because they too are captured, both by their new found power, and by the larger cults especially the demonic catholic and freemasons, etc, both of whom originate in the Hebrew societies.

Clearly, our societies today are right off the path of civil, wise and intelligent culture, and this has it's roots in the aforesaid cults.

The Vatican is now, dealing frantically to dilute this, the cause of the surface scandals.

They will fail, especially while cultural media "icons" like the ABC and Murdoch etc., remain sitting on their self-interested backsides and both say nothing true about the causes of most mental illnesses today, and continue to broadcast such shallow reports, taking the nation nowhere, solving no "mental health" issues, in old YOU, and young.

False beliefs, in religion AND in economics, cause the mind, eventually, to "short-circuit", and become ill with any of the many exclusively western civilization mental illnesses.

Get on the grass, Aunty!

Your part of the problem while you don't talk true.

Ask any Aborigine!

But try to not let your "gaze" be cast into their eyes!

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

As these dire problems wash through all society nowadays, and with the progenitors of it's outright evil being the fucking priesthoods of the dominant western cults, the white western zombies have no safe, honest and wise people to turn run or refer to.

This makes for a deadly situation, and globally, seeing as the produced zombies of those same evil priests - the rich white churchie boyzz and gerrrlzz - free to roam through any mind for their super-confident unearned wealth inheritances, are 1st to misuse magic to ensure their spoilings remain ALL THEIRS.

I suggest the white western people who still have some of their own mental faculties, shout REALLY LOUDLY to banish all western religious cults, from the world, and to replace them with the Aborigines' - of all the lands - Wise Fellas to perform their cleansing rituals, and thereafter to be our guides and "Gadjikis" - Wise Men and Women, advising the True Ways to Respect Magik.

Sorry arrogant whitefaces!  I don't think the idiots you regard as "priests" are at all sane anymore, so do not really have a clue.

Like in my last post, on the Catholic church......,


But let's recognize all cults run on witchcraft, and any who run from speaking honestly and openly about it should also be closed.

All cults are foreign to the Aborigine, and in the true analysis, are here for other pernicious purposes.  

The main purpose is to grab the oodles of Aborigine Land from them/us, because they, the Aborigines, were in fact the most Spiritual until whitey and their sycophant "Indian" ANANDA MARGA type secret groups followed them here.

The Ananda Marga were I think, given charge of waking the occult eye in the white Christian youth of the upper classes, so they too could retain dominance of the Aborigine, and of the white and other lower classes.  

Thus, of the land.

So the Ananda Marga (AM) is about as false and even evil as the western mobs.  

I muse on the probability that the AM was in fact began in 1955 on the directions of the British secretive Theosophical Society, for that and another false-Jesus-related purpose.

They are parasites, and have no legitimate place here.  Like a lot of others in white.

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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