Amoeba to Empire to Self-Extermination

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A History of Life On Earth
Amoeba to Empire to Self-Extermination
"The finite lives of self-important carbon molecules".

The history of humans on earth, is but of a more complex organism than the most basic amoeba, of simple single cells, and without Intelligence, just the innate urge to survive, devouring, when their own is at risk, those next to them, so expanding their own bulk, etcetera and on until small groups become larger and larger, until, over ooooh, say, 6 billion years, they evolve into being highly complex mechanisms, loosely in some parts, named “empires”.

And, by dent of their bulk, therefore ability to just squash anything in their way, or too close to their perimeters, eventually spreading across the whole available habitat. For our own example, the 3rd orb from the Sun.

Yet, with the artificial, increasingly more sophisticated tools of abused language, thus upper-class propaganda, again but tools appropriated to offer the further chance of survival, the empires are no different to the 1st simple organism, still spreading randomly, according to what, next to them, is weaker, therefore vulnerable to being eaten.

At all stages in the evolution of organisms, it matters not whether that which is eaten by the organism contains nutrient. If it interferes with the larger “empire's”obese spread, it is destroyed.

The “purpose” is survival, as it is with the proverbial “Black Widow” spider, which mates with her species' male, then kills, if not devours, him. White woemen, very much, very often, exactly the same, taking the house with them.

Few “historical” records tell, or consciously define us as more highly, more honorably “educated”, intelligent, better at weighing the information necessary to have on board enough to make the next best move, to either eliminate a contender for the same resources, or of our being any more advanced than those 1st cells which developed from amino acids coming together by forces of gravity, and whatever other forces, influences, developed out of the primal four elements of existence, earth, water, fire and air, finding themselves 1stly, as neighbors in the same petri-dish of existence, then with the same combats ensuing between neighbors, of ruthless consumption, including cannibalism, merely, unthinkingly, to survive, until other factors, like heat, and chemistry between like-structures, such as carbon or silicon molecules, together form the 1st micro-organisms, furthering their slightly more united fight for this mindless “survival” thing, becoming evermore complex groups.

Were a venturing geek with too much time on their hands to bother, they could create an animated video in a timeline, of all development of “life on earth”, from it's beginning up to today.

I reckon that from the gathered data, a graph could be drawn of the past, but also, from the same, we could make an accurate assessment of the future, in graphical or similar format. Perhaps even marking a precise time when we will shut down our own and the planet's macro-organism.

How exciting!

The video, or even perhaps the documentary, could string together all the known data from archeological and written, recorded history, physics and astrophysical accumulation from scientific investigations. Perhaps even from the mythical “big bang”?

Amino acid, molecule, cell, micro-organism, organism, complex organism, animated, until the end game of - us!

Godless, as evolution is, it's clear that life, and the end product, at least here on earth, the species Homo Sapiens, but everywhere in this and all universes, is but a chain of random, inordinate collisions, meetings, events, outcomes, that have produced in us, an highly sophisticated (meaning “false”) life form, ever-seeking to justify it's own existence and it's “history” of ruthless, mindless, chemical developments.

From this, particularly at the crucial period we have mindlessly, crudely fought our way into, down-to, where we have actually already, on the global scale, tumbled over the reported “fiscal cliff” and down down down into the abyss of self-annihilation and possibly extinction, the species, represented by those fated to hold the most influence over us, some oligarchs, some diplomats, some if-not all, no more than evolved, maybe advanced amino-acid based primal organisms, and most all, eventually drawn into being but puppets of mindless, completely-reactionary organised crime syndicate godfathers, some religious wisemen, woemen, but all, still, mere products of linear time's depositing of sophisticated unintelligence, may for life-on-earth's 1st time, GET THEIR SHIT TOGETHER and bring some Wisdom into the equation known generically as the species Human Being.

Because, while they, those on top of the pile of complex 6-billion year old amino acids, remain less than honest, and so regard themselves as powerless, we are fated to exterminate ourselves!

1 plus 1 equals 2.

Even the Tiny Abborts of the political classhole world can add that up!

Gender, along with the many differences within the one "superior" life-form that evolve in time, add totally false and potentially fatal complexity to the equation of survival of the fittest species.

"Class" is another, the same as claiming "wealth" for one's own. Then there's the ignorance of "religion", when corrupted to serve the elite's wealth accumulation agendas, as all Jewish and Christian cults have become, over the last 6 millennia or so.

But clearly the greatest impediment to perpetual survival, is the illusion that grows with size, of actually believing it, they, we, are superior to the most basic primal organisms.

Narcissistic mania.

And, of the last thousand years or so, those warring peoples, or their elites, who've thrown out long-respected rules of engagement when fighting their foes, and have resorted to unrestrained technological improvements in their armories, have led the world down the fast-track to our collective, global annihilation.

The most deadly evolution of technological deployment, occurred during the 20th century and it's “industrial wars”, world wars 1, and 2, and on to today, when the nations, in fact private corporations fighting each other, but mainly fighting the common folk, for resources, resorted to selling technology to the people.

As the industrial revolution evolved to the level of mass-production seen in the early decades of the 20th century, weaponry increased in demand and effect, and it was found that 1, their large military forces used more resources than could be supplied, and 2, the cost was exorbitant, beyond what any government, or private organisation, in the case of the last 3-to-500 hundred years, the International Monetary Fund IMF, could afford.

So, aside from these empires resorting to further foreign invasion to plunder both wealth-creating resources and fire-arms, etc., resources, they began to create offshoot products, from the technologies of war, and markets in which to flog them, appealing to the civilian populations.

So, of the last 100, 200 or so years, the civilian population has been conned to fall into a love affair with technology, almost totally unaware that technology is in fact a product of war, and of recent centuries, war has been specifically orientated around elites fighting the civilian masses, to maintain their false upper crust superiority, treating all below them as slaves, and as toys for their enjoyment.

The commercialisation of technology derived out of the machinery of war, to which the masses today are more seriously addicted than any number of heroin or “crack” addicts, and to a far more deleterious effect and extent, now serves the same end of depleting the cannon fodder, by having the cannon fodder - the civilian population - waste their money on buying the shit, purely to finance the weaponry the evil powers-that-run the world, need to kill the civilian populations off.

Ah! DERRR??!!#$%^&!!??

So technology, and it's inventors, now lead the way, via the commercialisation and marketing of weapons technology into the common folk's lifestyles, in killing Life on Earth.

What say you, to that, Geek?

As have been believed and fought over, mostly in the most manic cultures, ie., those most distant from their Spiritual root foundations, totally false differences, by the devil of self-importance born, brooded-over, imagined and enlarged til completely out of proportion, until, like Judaism, Christianity, Freemasonry, et al, and their primary support mechanisms of CRAPitalism, become now classically "too big to fail", & split peoples, cultures, and whole species, serving most to destroy themselves.

Once at this stage, without a maximal event, enough to obliterate the very foundations of the empiric organism/organisms, nothing can stop nor save them, or the rest of us.

In fact, all "good intentions" only add to the curse that the empire, added-to by other contenting empires, has become.

Hence, idiots, the highest-paid idiots, "white-guys", mindlessly lay the bitch' - amen - of the road to Hell.

See you there, dicksuckers!

"The finite lives of self-important carbon molecules".

STEP ONE, to slowing the rate of extermination, changing the game, and bringing people to wake up to themselves - nuke Hollywood!

I have nothing to support this, but I have the feeling that Zion and Israel, and their utterly insane ideology and agenda, rely largely on the returns from box-office takings when the masses go to the movies.

But of course, the markets and products mentioned above, of the commercialisation of war technology, contribute massively.

This, but a small aspect, of the "The finite lives of self-important carbon molecules", our time-line history on Earth, as possible to portray as “Amoeba to Empire to Self-Extermination”.

Of course, the machinery and elites of modern warfare must bear responsibility for the extermination of life on earth, for all of the above reasons, methinks.

But the fools amongst the masses do not escape as innocent either.

However, there is a concentration of the guilty parties in today's 1st world nations, where the culture of technology dominates. And these are whole industries, whole nations, whole cultures.

So the line "The finite lives of self-important carbon molecules" is applicable to the leading nations of technological development, primarily, the “northern” hemisphere cultures out of Britain and Eurape. Hence “Eurape”!

This is supported by records of history from these regions, and which inspired this e-ssay, after reading a lengthy treatise on the

(Prepared and Scrutinized by:
Dr.N.PADMANABHAN, Associate Professor of History at Calicut University, India.)

For the same growth, expansion, war and eventual demise, between organisms both micro and macro, fighting for resources, etc., is found in reading this type of retelling of Britain's, but also of Eurape's history.

What's more supportive of this view, and more telling for myself, is that these same 1st world most-dominant nations, and cultures, now teeter on the edge of the “fiscal cliff”, and if they collapse into what's expected to be a massive economic depression, they will take down the rest of the resource and technology-dependent world with them.

So getting back to my opening thoughts, it should be easy for a geek or video maker, to produce a pictorial video time-line history of all of life's evolution, from the earliest times on earth, but starting I guess from the creation of amino acids, right through to the end of the world, sponsored by YOU white-guy!

As all life is essentially an accident, and in fact has no purpose, other than what semi-intelligent species invent to believe, it should not be surprising to us to realise that we are at the end of the road, for this tiny little planet, and it's fungi.

That's evolution, I guess?


All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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