KINGS' OUTLAWS "Australian airport customs bust" & "Why our bureaucrats get pay rises"!

For no life, I keep throwing this type of invective out to the media, if they're receiving....,

Australian airport customs bust?
FROM: Omaxa bin Eartha
TO: Sydney Morning Herald
Thursday, 20 December 2012 11:20 AM

Customs depts exist to control corruption.

Like govt!

Without customs there's no corruption. At the borders, at least.

Today's furphy "refugee" argument hides that customs and military and numerous govt and private parties have been running "illegal" migration schemes since at least Jan 25, 1808. (Research "the 1808 Rum Rebellion"?)

Drugs? Ask Shapelle Corby about how far up the pyramid of power, here and in Indonesia, the connections go.

It's the same with "people smuggling" - a global joke!

Child porn, pedophile networks, an endless list, 100s of years old, and most, run by the establishment.

Does it have to be said?

So these reports of customs, airport, drug "rings" being caught by the fed police only tells us that the feds are in it as deep as the Hell's Angels, the Vatican, Britain's MI6, the CIA, ASIO, ASIS, Chinese authorities, any corporation, down through church schools and your local pharmacies - then there's real estate - and any "club" with a member or worker on the employee lists.

Media no less!

So, come-on, dudes?

Australia is THE quintessential land of astray liars!
Since 1788....

So, tell the AFP to "get real, confess, do their job properly - and spill the beans!"


Max Earth

And another one.....!

Bureaucrat pay rises are "silence bribes"
FROM: Omaxa bin Eartha
TO: Sydney Morning Herald

Wednesday, 19 December 2012 5:41 AM

Since 1808, Australia's top bureaucrats have been overpaid, purely to silence any chance of their exposing the horrendous corruption in the legal foundations of the states and nation.

This began as a wall against sound "economic", or land distribution laws.

But of the last several decades its been used, particularly in such as senior police AND military personnel, to silence any investigation and exposure of a huge conspiracy - to fabricate a messiannic leader.

This can be traced back to the mid-19th century and Britain's elite, Cecil Rhodes but one, who's immense diamonds wealth still today finances the cover-up and the machinery geared toward furthering the plan.

Our police, from the lowest ranks to these commissioners, as with our military, win promotion, training, support and increased income to keep what is the least democratic, entirely "centrist" plan out of all investigations, media and public interest.

Today, the elite make fortunes just on the interest of their unearned income, so it's norhing for them to buy-off anyone who comes close.

Catholics AND Freemasons joined forces back in the days of Rhodes et al, "prompted" by Jewish Rabbis to bring this idea to fruition, and it is also central to the Zionist creation of the current 64 year old state of Israel.

This is also why Palestine's "Hamas" opposes Israel, correctly calling it an "illegal state".

Perhaps most to the detriment of humanity, but also to democracy, these same 19th century lunatics financed the secret societies that became today's spy agencies of Britain's MI5 & 6, the USA's CIA, and our own ASIO etc etc. Of course Israel's Mossad also.

While this and these agencies are allowed by an immoral, selfish and cowardly mass of people to go unchecked, we race to the collapse of nations and the world's ecosystem. Democracy, the antithesis of Christianity as well.

Evidence abounds on this, but lack of intelligence and ethics across the people and the police forces, and unwise parochialism buys-off true political, economic and religious justice.

The end result - a Zionist-inspired Armageddon.

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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aka Omaxa bin Eartha
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