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121217 Truelaw Outlaw Junction Television News Edition

Finally, after years of wishing for it, I flung the following email off to SBS Television's feedback line.  As it's possible I incited SBS to source the Arabic (in English) "Al Jazeera" news service a few years ago, whence they did and now do, mayhap they'll do this, too?
This has been made more of a desire for ABC1's breakfast program falling so badly into the trivia and farce baskets, as to be not worth watching.
But, as I am on my own in this illusion, I have to assume no-one else on earth watches the same shows I tune into.
Nevertheless, I have to whinge about ABC's news in general, because they all are so trivial, so clipped in censoring, and have but the smallest possible number of items each bulletin, as to be not worth watching let alone spending our public funding on broadcasting.
It's well passed time the Australian People, started PROTESTING for government to fund smaller news services, for television, such-as, for one, the far better, newish Green-Left  TV news bulletins.  
Green-Left do it on a shoe-string budget I guess, so only put a YouTube edition out once a week.  But this federal government, while lacking any genuine Progressive Balls, has a Duty to fund such REALPolitik units, methinks.
Of course, the argument is in-part correct, that they should therefore, fund right-wing TV.  
I s'pose we need an anti-intellectual side of TV to keep the bullshit alive in the zombies, aye, Allan Jones?  The only means of assessing funding, might have to be how many times they are found to be lying, or being racist, or lose court cases for defamation or such.  Clearly, the likes of Green-Left would last longer than the Jones' type.

 Whatever...., here's my email to SBS1 World News....:

From: Omaxa bin Eartha [mailto:maxadiff@yahoo.com.au]
Sent: Monday, 17 December 2012 8:57 AM
To: comments
Subject: SBS1 english language news

I've watched SBS TV since it began, and its news at 6:30 often.
Thanks for the great service(s)!
But isn't time for a news bulletin in "Austringlish" (hyuk!) in the mornings and perhaps at midday as well?
SBS leads in more in-depth news, over ABC(1), and sourcing Al Jazeera adds greatly to world news coverage.
So why not expand the English language SBS World News, by making it avaliable [(TYPO!)] available - OK! - in half-hour, morning bulletins?
Indeed (though I'm restricted to only receiving ABC1 & SBS1), I reckon an SBS1 Morning World News & Current Affairs 3 hour "breakfast" program is in order.
And, I reckon many Aussies, of all heritages, would like that too.

Omaxa bin Eartha
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