PHONE HACKING. A COMPLAINT TO: Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman TIO

Blocked even from calling the TIO on 1800 062 058

This is what I wrote, on activities on my smartphone yesserday, and then tried to send via MMS on my Telstra mobile, but that was blocked also..

Name: Max N Cook
Address: No Fixed Permanent Address (17 years)
Region: Gympie 4570, Qld.
DoB: 17-04-1955

TO: Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman TIO
Canberra. 2600.

Issue: Phone Hacking

My mobile, a Samsung Gio GT-S5660V, bought at "Allphones" Centro, Gympie, Qld, in December 2011, was totally "hacked" by Allphones, Optus or such, yesterday for a few hours.

In fact, while this is not the usual terminology, the phone was “possessed” by whomever is acting aggressively toward myself. The basis, as always, is political.

In trying to connect to Google, or other webpages, the phone clicked immediately back to previous link, and when trying to type on a webpage, such as Google search, or on my Twitter account, there was overwhelming interference, and I do not succeed in typing nor connecting to the links.

This happened most since I blogged (www.maxearth.blogspot.com.au) accurate criticisms of telcos, on reading an SMH.com.au item on same issue a few days ago.

Since that episode yesterday, the phone has been operative, however, having typed an MMS to send to the TIO, on my other mobile, another Samsung but an earlier model (SGH-A411), the message was not able to be sent, with the phone, or the Telstra carrier showing that and “unknown error” occurred.

This is the same, expanded message (MMS), edited once transferring it from the SGH-A411 to my laptop, to email via wireless broadband.

There are other issues relating, I allege, directly to the Allphones staff at their Centro Gympie shop.

Clearly, someone is hacking my phones.

Unquestionably related to these problems, is that I'm an indefensible puppet of some large cults. They are determined to hold me in their psychic control, whence it is pointless my entering passwords and the like. I know this makes my phones etc vulnerable. But I can do nothing but endure, and hope the right-minded, and courageous authorities can assist.

On this matter, I have recently made a call to the Australian Federal Police, and await their response.

These “cults” are of the same ilk and foundation as those of late, charged with child sex abuse, etc. I also have no doubt that the intrusion into my telephony, etc., by the shop assistants et al, is under the instructions of said, herein unnamed cults.

Of course, that is outside your jurisdiction. I nevertheless, make the points to yourselves at the TIO, because I determine that my Duty, is to make this kind of “noise” whenever such issues arise, be-it to the TIO, or to, as I did today, the Queensland Housing and Homelessness department, who have of late sought to assist me find a suitable dwelling, as I've now been homeless due precisely to this cult misbehavior, for over 17 years.

While your records will show that I've been at “loggerheads” with Telstra for a number of years now, since these intrusions and hacking into my newest Samsung “smartphone”, connected to the Optus mobile network, I intend, as soon as affordable, to return to Telstra, as the Optus service(s) are very poor, in several ways.

It is to be noted, that yesterday, after the above intrusions and hacking occurred, the “Skype” software was deleted completely from the Gio smartphone, and once I downloaded it again, and opened it to use, the account was down an estimated $10 or so.

I ask that you go to my blog pages at, www.maxearth.blogspot.com.au and read the letter I posted, concerning these “telco” issues. Doing so will give you an insight into why any resentful telco personnel, etc., might have been angered to the point of breaking the telephony laws, by hacking my phone.

Sorry to be a pain, for as you would see on your files, this is not my 1st complaint about telcos to the TIO.

I would appreciate your response on these issues. I do, however, not expect any positive actions to be taken, due primarily to the outrageous situation the said cults have placed me in.

Again, Duty is why I “go-on” about this underlying, and actually immensely important cultural affair. I want my name cleared, and compensation paid. Rahrahrah...!

Thanks for your time.

Max N Cook
0419793636 ( Samsung SGH-A411)
0403155147 (Samsung Gio GT-S5660V)