Truelaw Outlaw Junction "Telcos overcharging?" & "Pro-Fairfax" (stickin'-it-further-up-Murdoch!) Edition

Here's a couple of emails I flung off to two Australian Journos yesserday. I forwarded the 1st one around the world to a variety of media and government email addresses, from the Cuban UN Mission, through the Guardian UK, the New York Times USA, etc.

It may be of note that even before my email “Telcos overcharging?” showed it had been sent (I wrote it on my Samsung smart phone), the phone suddenly “turned-itself-off” by the unseen hand.

It restarted OK, but left me suspicious for a few minutes that the longish email had been “extracted” and lost. This happens regularly, and I assume the juveniles at the phone shop or telco are being the usual low-giggle-brained idiots their employers or private school masters ask them to be. (Hohoho! I can wait! Many lives, in fact. One day........)

Phew! It wasn't, but the vermin who work in either the shop I bought the Samsung from, Allphones Gympie, the Optus psychos, someone in or near enough to Samsung, or a verminite hacker, quite possibly a local to this sub-human region of SE Queensland, no doubt had a small-minded laugh?

Nevertheless, since sending this email to the smh.com.au, the phone's been unusually well behaved? This however, wont stop me condemning Allphones, Optus and Samsung from here forward, and when I build up my funds again, I'll be swapping back to my telecoms enemy of some as said, 30 years, Telstra.

It's also of note that I was instrumental in packing the right wing Telstra CEO Sol Trehilo (?) back to the Americas (Mexico) a few years ago, after ongoing bad policy calls by his elite and our political scumbags in Howard's fascist federal government, to privatize Telstra (albeit that that's been a global corporate trend for more than a few years) amongst other travesties of customer-corporate relations.

Now, as I write this intro on OpenOffice , for posting on my blogsite, the internet connection is jamming, and the blog page will not open! Too many idiots with occult and electronic small-knowledge! Tha's Astrayliar for him!

Because I have limited battery life, and for lack of enthusiasm, I wont re-post and comment on another news item spotted on Yahoo7 front page just now, going to revelations - not to me – that Astralyliar is down the list of “educated populations”, according to some suurvaay!

(This Survey comes but a few weeks after I posted a damning blog on this very fact, issue about how “the rurals” across Astrayliar have been completely ignored by all governments and by the dark masters of the dark arts, the western religions, in the education arena.
The same blog e-ssay seems likely to have inspired the Catholic cult ABC1 TV corporation to broadcast their pretty-good live show “QandA” going to the same issue(s) the next night, with guests of my previously two best contenders for ALP and LNP federal party leadership Rudd and Turnbull?
I was lured by one little Honey ABC reporter to play with my new signup at Twitter on the same night, posting a few chunky comments as I watched.
For some reason, by-the-way, in the Tweeting melee I may have done my inimitable and conjoined the two polies names into “Ruddbull”, but can't prove or be sure it was one-a-mine. Nevertheless, over the last five or so years, these two have been favorites of mine, for their Honorable acknowledgement of the LAND TAX issue, and so a federal parliament with both of them leading the two major parties, might well be a welcome phenomenon for some 21.5 millions Aussies, left and right? But, who knows???


But rest assured world, Astrayliar's average intellect, is well into the sub-zero category, and since they've been hypnotised by Harry Potter and covenssss, they promise to sink well below the water-table as the newest generation grows wings-and-broomsticks and flies the coops of their entranced and extremely base, ethics-free, anti-intelligent parents.

But HEY! The scum on top of the pool - the Catholics, or the Freemasons or the Theosophical Society, or the pedophiles in our military - are always there to offer them a 30-pieces-of-silver NE-EW car! OR shed! Or work opportunities! Or reprogramming to sound and think they're intwelligwen t!

Nothing stays the same. And even this puppet on about 2 billions strings, against all odds and curses and hexes and juvenile spells, is making some progress toward either my own release from the evils of false puppet masters – aka all “Christian” cults – or a very bad hair day for humanity come 121221, a mere 20 days away.

Australia, is perhaps the worst case example of how NOT to configure a population of convicts and their descendents, mixed of course with the selfish free-settlers and their propaganda machines of racism, economic falsity, political ignorance, and whatever else the global elite could dream-up about keeping this BEAUTIFUL country for themselves, post-apocalypse.

They'll have to get through me and my super-ghost first!


Buttt.... here's what I flung the Journos......,

From: Omaxa bin Eartha

Subject: Telcos overcharging?
Sent: Fri, Nov 30, 2012 7:12:33 AM

Orr?! Thats news!

I've been with Telstra for about..., 30-plus years...., & the TIO has a thick file of my complaints against Telstras - & its pre-privatized version - scamming my bills.

But hey! Thats crapitalism for you!

The article mentions cereal food coys & just one of their tricks.

If you haven't yet, read Bercholt Brecht's "Threepenny Novel".

Such tactics are not new.

Also, it must be asked how much the internet, particularly "Skype" is destroying telco bottomlines. My guess is they are being wrecked by it. And "jolly-ho!" if they are!

Electronic comms are fundamental to most everyones business & social world now. When the best we had was snailmail, the responsible postal service - govt-owned - kept prices low.

But now everything has gone corporate & profit-b4-service - VWALA! - utterly irresponsible telco corps - like residential landlords - assume they "owwnn us!"

This report is great, & may force the authorities to call-out the clearly ruthless telcos.

That may also show that they're running in serious debt, 'specially since Skype.

And on that, "why hasn't Australia got it's own internet phoning - Skype-type - phone service?

Govt is badly remiss to not build our own Skype-type i'net telephony service, which I guess will be the accepted thing in but a few years.

Either way, the report you report on is a blessing to the vast numbers of us who just KNOW how dark the private telcos are, & that we are prisoners to their filthy attitude to their customers.

If the report makes waves in Canberra, which I urge & expect, whichever MP or party takes up the cause will win a lot of voter support by the 2013 federal election.

Of course, pre-polling day, the bandwagon will be sagging from the weight of the opportunist MPs on board.

But how many go the full distance without watering-down their rhetoric, & revolutionize the telco industry, is yeah..., quite another thing.

This adds to the factual evidence, that Telstra should not have been privatized.

Recently Qld's premier Newman shocked me by saying what is a timelss truth to REALEconomists - that the "poles & wires" of our electricity networks should stay owned by the govt- ie, by the people, because such infrastructure & utilities are all "natural monopolies"!

Alas! Newman's been doing his Economic Science!

.'. A chaff-cutter needs being put through the disgusting telcos to sort the data from the farta..., or something.

If a REALInquiry went into the broader telecomm industry, be sure none would come out unscathed, & all would be down many many millions from recompensation payouts.

Few, including Telstra, could survive without govt finance propping them up.

And...., at least one would, could & should be resumed into 100% govt ownership.

A good article & an excellent report!

Don't let this issue go quietly... !


For FREE telecomms,

OMo Biorobo.
Outlaw Biological Robot for Human Justice!

Pro-Fairfax comment, & another good Straight article, Mr Carlton!

FROM: Omaxa bin Eartha
TO: smhcarlton@gmail.com
Saturday, 1 December 2012 4:39 PM

Being an eastern suburb Melbourne boy, with a Dad excelling in critical thinking, he raised me to read "The Age".

Though a public school or 3 gave me the goods, via 1st class teachers, the Syme daily filled the gaps on social & political, local & global issues, Ethics (remember "JRD" in Saturday Opinion?) & newsworthy affairs.

There grew with me an awareness that the tabloids, then the Herald or the Sun, (& The Truth! et al) were/are still designed to destroy our most important Human faculty, the Intellect.

The Australian today, is more sinister than we know, for while it employs all the right words, the ulterior motives get through even its tertiary-educated readerships' alleged ability to discern between partial & impartial reportage, journalism & high-sounding editorial comment, methinks.

As you write, Murdoch's or his offshore bankers anti-Democratic me-1st war against all things ALP by sheer magnitude & force of News Ltd's influence, enables journalistic & intellectual dwarves like Sky's Spears & coy, & magnate-kissing writers in "the Oz" down elected & Honest politicians, &, AND, some of the most Noble (?) policies since pre-1808, while no-one dares bring those 30-pieces-silver junk-journalists to account.

That our PM is hammered by Murdoch media, as was Rudd, to now, should, in a discerning electorate, drop consuming all Murdoch mediations.

The British "Leveson Inquiry" (I've not read the final release) & its early focus on Rupert's involvement in the phone-hacking saga, raised but a few headlines here, with nothing at all about our own 70% ownership of media farce & totalitarian control of news etc.

And, with his entirely corrupt control of Aust politics, no-one says "OIYE?!?!" when he strides in Canberra's backdoor to lean on PM Gillard!

Your incisive accurate shots at Murdoch media are welcomed Straight-Talk, are a reason why Aussies should 1, do all they can to improve their standards of education so-as to discern fact from spin, & know that Fairfax, perhaps as legacy to & from David Syme, should be their source(s) of quality journalism, &, your comments may well attract a war of invective from Murdoch's unswept stables.

Bring it on, methinks. I have been blogging against Murdoch for at least 8 years, & do claim his, Lachlan's & "wee-Jimmie's" scalps at various points. But their wealth has their hair grow back, damn-it.

Close-ranks, keep yer heads clear & muster all your allies, ready to simply expose the Murdoch counter-attack for what it always has been - oligarch insanity.

YO! The Fairfax Media!

It's your Intellectual Integrity! Worth fighting for!

And..., YO! Mr Carlton!


OMo Biorobo
Outlaw biological robot for Human Justice
aka Max N Cook
(17 years homeless, for going to war against Jeff Kennett's fascists)

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

OMo Biorobo
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