121229 JUST DEFIANCE Outlaw Junction Fracking Hell Edition

O dear dear? Poor residents of Sinny's suburb Camden are worried about the invasion of fracking drilling wells in their suburban streets!

O dear dear mememe!

Wha's-'is-name Buckingham, the NSW Greens MP, made it onto Aunty ABC news saying these drills endanger the endangered species, sub urban “Whitearse”, over-consumptive nuclear family Sinny-siders.

But um? HELLO?

Simon darlinx? Having put your pretty coloured party into the federal arena, I feel obliged to call you to do your homework on what exactly IS the most threatening thing to those residents of Sodom-er-Sinny.

NOT, though not entirely kosha, NOT this new phenomenon of those fracking drill sites, but ALAS! the very culture of nuclear family homes!!!

This entirely speculative, property-developer profit-driven nuclear family housing social design, in which it's residents fear drilling rigs and explosive gases down the street, (must I say it?), as one Economist Paul Krugman, awarded a Nobel Prize in Economics for his accurate and fearless conclusion, on this very issue, ….this entirely speculative, property-developer profit-driven nuclear family housing social design, is the most serious failure in housing the planet has seen!

One does not have to inquire far into the FACTS of the ecology-versus-humanity situation to find conclusively that our excessively egomaniacal nuclear housing is the very cultural thing racing the race into oblivion!

Well...., should I dig deeper?

Yeah! Aye!?

Because, digging further into the manure, we uncover that the nuclear family housing model, and the nuclear family itself, have their errant roots deep in ancient whoever's “lost tribe” issuooooo, of being psychologically so dysfunctional that they could no longer live as an actual Community, and for all their war-torn psychological damage, which actually – to a wise witch – is really psychic damage, caused them, man, woeman and child, to go crazy when living in large families.

The time-honored Extended Family.

This dysfunction and propensity to go nuts after more than a few hours together, is always and massively increased when their descendents of today, who are now genetically dysfunctional (inbred), at least in psychological terms, live in confined habitats, ie., in nuclear fracking houses!

So...,? GO The GREENS! No question, from me, at least.

But Matey! Comrade! And please pass this rabbit on to Senator C. Milne?

We win by being Fearless!
That involves, primarily Talking True!

That demands we do our homework and know, thus can - added up with previous few words – Speak FACTS about what really-really TRULY does threaten our self-exterminating white-guy species most!

Nuclear fracking families!

Fiscal Cliff waiting or not, if we, any we, are serious about not exterminating ourselves, the nuclear family cultural model and housing must themselves be - EXTERMINATED!

Probably help the Earth-before-idiocy party faithful, and Physicists, by going at the same time at waking the faithful sheeps of Christwhatamessmass up out of their Israeli-Roman slumber of trances, and dumping the whory religious cults overly-cushioned clerics off the fiscal cliffffs before them, however?

Laaarrrge calls, yes!

But..., do you want to enjoy your retirement?

Then Talk True to the Masses of urbane urban dumbies who waste the planet for their prissy little nuclear family waste dumps!

But O! Don't waste your time in Queensland! They're all really clever dicks up 'ere! Look at the politicians and miners!

However...! this doesn't lessen the need to PROTEST against this fracking gas shite!

But simple Eco-maths arrives at the Wisdom of seeing that if we dumped the errant nuclear family housing-urban-cities' models, we wouldn't need fracking drilling wells to squeeze more and more energy from the earth to feed the nuclear waste beast in the 1st place!

Has it reached your inner ear yet?

Fearless! Lads and Lasses!




All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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