121226 Outlaw Junction ALL CHANGE Edition

After more than a few name changes over the decades, this week I reckon I've fallen on the one that I like most, and that suits me most.

It also happens to suit the name of the fictitious Outlaw Motorcycle Club I'd run with, if I had, 1, a fuckin' motorbike, 2, any Comrades I'd wanna know to ride with, and 3, the spunk to do it all.

But HEY! It sounds good to me, and the authorities can go fuck 'emselves, if they've got any complaints when, next time I have to tell 'em my name.

But if I can stick with it, from this day forward, I am


And..., as said, it does have that “ring” to it, I think, as the name of a Truelaw Outlaw Motorcycle Club.


This of course, comes after going with “someone's” imagination recently, and being lured into dreamin' up the honorific “KINGS' OUTLAWS Motorcycle Club”.

Having arrived not long ago at a not-so-definite conclusion that I'm supposed to be a monarch, of a dangerously grand delusion and dimension, the idea just would not sit well in my head.

Being a long time “Democratic Republican”, having done years of political research, etc, into the best, and the oldest foundations of what has evolved to be “government”, I'm absolutely certain that the monarch-figureheads of the epoch, the last 5,000 year epoch, are the result of a longtime “lost tribes” frantic, completely unscientific attempt, ending in the most corrupt, and least Wise, elites of the ancient lost, Hebrew and northern tribes, forgetting all “Edenic” shall we say, Principles of how to maintain the Clan, Tribe, nations etc., and simply built big castles with impenetrable walls to enjoy their spoils all for themselves.

Throwing of course, the scraps from their tables to keep the cannon fodder quiet, if not anything near content.

So, while the e-ssay I scribed a few weeks ago about the Kings' Outlaws MC, had the superlatives of superlatives in it, the concept frankly, gave me the shits.

There's many reason for that, not worthy of detailing, as also, I'd prefer to forget the whole idea.

Besides, the scum on top of the pool longtime ago made sure I wouldn't ever rise to the occasion, as-it-were, and as looks most likely, will one day in the not so distant, stay asleep, or unconscious, in the back of the ute, and my soul will hopefully sedately float away, and hopefully float away from this now poxy fucking planet, never to have to deal with fucking filthy lowlife Humans again?

But...., nooo! I expect I'll be born once more on Earth, and, as the eastern teachings have it, I'll have to have another go at being free from cocksucking fucking selfish, idiot Catholic, Zionist woemen. And their vaginal droppingzzzz.

So, until that blessed day, when I don't wake up, I'se gonna try to get myself called, “Just” and on formal occasions, “Just Defiance”.

I reckon I can hear my Noble Step-Father Allan Meredith, chuckling down at me, from his cloud, with his typical smirk and resigned shrug-of-the-shoulders as he wanders on.

At least He'd see Just Defiance as far more Honorable and Righteous than the meanings within my birth names, and of the “Kings' Outlaws” title.

But, all Fatherly laughs aside, [“PRAISE YOU, DAD!”], in these days of rampant out-a-controlness, worldwide, all caused by the various elite parties, dynasties, factions and cults, et al et al, and all of whom seem to have lost all notions of Wise leadership, if that's not an oxymoron, especially for a Bloke caught up in the utter utter BULLSHIT I finally uncovered beneath around and on top of the pile of shit called “my life”, I, but all of us, do not have any choice, methinks, but to do everything you/they/we can to DEFY the psychotic bastards taking us down the religious and state sewers.

When US President Barack Obama became a candidate in 2006/7, I went all for his election, and still, I believe he has a sincerity and depth of intellect and heart the USA needs.

But we all know the filthy super rich pricks are running things, and running everything down the shithole, and the poor Righteous Pres, is tied to their mad will.

So, now, I've given up hope for humanity, and for the planet.

It seems most whitearses know the world's fucked, and instead of doing the Honorable thing, they just surrender all Honor, all Dignity, all attempts at Rectitude, and join the scum, wasting the world around them without a care.

Frankly, I wish I could be that way too! If I was, I'm sure the fanatic psychopaths who're ensuring I'll die miserable in the gutter would let me join in and have a fucking good time occasionally. And maybe even a fuck!

But, as they're insane, and because they're insane, they can't see that they're insane, so they never give me a break.

Therefore, while I do think everything I've learned over my 57...., is but a waste now, I cling, for whatever reason, if reason has any worth to it, to simply not resigning my mind, heart and whatever of my soul the fucking catholic bitches have left me, to absolute futility, and in that, be-it to my last breath, DEFY all of the dog cunts.

I cannot see any option, if one is to have any self-worth, any Dignity, any Honor in this illusion we call “Life on Earth”.



by nature, and by name!

And here's a little drawing I made last night, just for the DEFIANCE record!

With perhaps, after I die, “MC” in the bottom right hand corner.

Indeedy, having enough battery, I stuck this'n together.  Looks a bit soft, I guess, but the inference of challenging the standard copper's badge shows nice DEFIANT  taste, methinks!

And....., hohoho, a few badges on the chest and shoulders, with

Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor
Bleck - Green - Red
Aborigine - Green - Biker

on 'em!

Finally, as would be fitting for someone called “Just Defiance”

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of


Bleck - Green - Red
Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor

Education &