Evil Outlaw Incorporeal Unlimited Against The Establishment

Utterly Disgusted at ASIO, the Australian Federal police AFP, and all Australian state police forces, and every other so-called "authority", if only because they all buy-in employees who've been terminally indoctrinated by our outright evil church and cult schooling institutions, giving them the most false license to lie-to and stomp on anyone who stands for and fights for True Justice.  So what follows was scribed to file today.

I hope the head of ASIO, one David Irvine, gets a copy.....

You might say I was just a little PISSED-OFF when I wrote it.

121222 Evil Outlaw Incorporeal Unlimited Against The Establishment

Impossibly, coming to terms with what the establishment have created, in this corporeal being, aka, myself, Biorobo, finding my only choice, if such exists, is to DEFY, the constant illusion of not finding any honesty, any truth in other people, if I dare consider myself as a person, I remain locked-down in this 3D “place”.

Trying in complete isolation to decipher fact from fiction, from illusion, leaves me really pissed off with humans, such that I reckon I want, more than anything, to exterminate them. Especially the most ignorant, selfish, scum, of white Australia.

Why has this rude scenario developed?

Is there any one entity responsible?

The cowards and witches turn it back on me, saying I am to blame for my condition.

Impossible, knowing now what I do about how I've been manipulated lifelong, by a warped and unquestionably evil assortment of themselves, hypnotised products of Christianity.

This brings into question the validity of esoteric assertions and assumptions like the Hindu “karma”, etc.

Having established that people like Adolf Hitler, of the 20th century Germanic Nazi regime, were also puppets, then it seems clear to myself that he is not to blame for the so-called “atrocities” he's said to have been responsible for, so he did not have to go to Hell, as the western world sees it.

Therefore, Hell may well only exist in the beliefs and thus the minds of those inculcated to believe so.

It's as likely that such things as Hell, purgatory, and the like, are but fabrications by an elite, of wherever, in order to maintain some semblance of good behaviour in the masses. Certainly it's an established means of social control by fear of future pain and suffering, used by all regimes throughout this “history” thing.

If, as I do believe, this world, either the one of only 3 dimensions my mother's demonic Catholic cult, primarily, as best I can establish, of self-interested females – hardly “Women” - have me locked in, or the remainder of dimensions the mind, be-it human or of some other physical and “thinking” entity, is able to exist, dwell, live, climb or fall into, are all illusion, which does seem the most credible explanation, then Hell, Heaven, and all in between are also illusions.


So therefore, is everyone else.

But fabrications, by whom?

There is no god, other than those witches who've captured the minds of the dumb, such as Christians since at least the 4th century, when Rome took-on the cult beliefs systems out of the decrepit collapsed Israel, as usual, completely for their own material, economic, aka land-grabbing gain.

This may rightly beg-the-question of whether the Jewish Puppet, Jeshua ben Joseph, y' know, JEEEEsuss, gave his disciples and followers his deep, full and honest insights into “yehovah”, and if, as I, from my little particle of existence, believe, he was a far-advanced intellectual and spiritual mind-cum-person, he told them the same truths today's foremost physicist Steven Hawking deduces, that “there is no 'god'”?

We'll never know! The church and synagogue crime syndicates will make sure of that!

And anyone who is so stupid today to believe that the Israeli “god” yehovah small-”y” was-or-is the highest pre-eminent pre-manifest universal deity, watching, guiding, playing with all of the multifarious creations, then, short of death, they belong in a pharmacologically-induced, or surgically induced coma, permanently.

For we can be sure that if they were free to expound their delusions about yehovah, or any other “god”-type entity, somewhere down the generations, we'll have nuclear war as our daily bread!

O! the classic Pandora's box, we witness, apparently, pending in the Middle-East now!

So “god” or “gods” exist only in peoples' minds, having been hypnotised to believe so, by charlatan priests.

And, it's not hard to deduce, that the “god” anyone believes in, is most always transposed over by occult manipulation, from the “priest's” mind, as can be deduced from these miserable western cults' portrayals of “him”. Always, depicted in “human” form.

Surely it's closer to the truth that western religions', and eastern, have painted the “gods” in our image!? Not, as they would have us “believe” that we are but created in his image. Typical lost tribes narcissistic anthropocentricity gone mad!

Yet billions of fools go along with the big deceit, and even give their cheese-crackers to the cults because 'the priests live as paupers'!?

It's surely a clear sign of the stupidity and entranced state of the minds of the flockers, that NONE OF THEM, challenge the most demonic FACT, that the western religions are wealthy beyond assessment, due to their inhuman mis-dealings in banking “usury”, corporate exploitation of people and of the eternally-precious natural environment, in land speculation, and that it is always someone elses' land!

The last 100 or so years has seen the most tragic reduction in the most dominant sub-species' intellects, by our evil and brutal religions.

Travel through any Australian rural region, or lower-class, or upper-class for that matter, suburb, and you'll see masses of utter idiots tripping around in the most extreme delusions of mindless and brutal grandeur, not possessing extreme wealth, but being possessed by it, in any of it's innumerable forms.

All covertly, claiming superiority, over every other person.

Classic “god” delusions, sponsored and fostered til death and beyond, by these outright evil false religions, aka Judaism, Christianity, Freemasonry and the like.

As they've been driven by some ancient spirit, some ancient witch, possibly once, named “yehovah”, or as a TV doco revealed, alleged, recently, in fact a spirit based in the Sinai region east of the Red Sea, who was called by the locals, “yahoo”, they are but zombies, without any of their own Sovereign Intellectual faculties.

Doesn't stop them being evil, cunning pieces of shit though, aye?

So since then, and since the viciously seductive bewitching power of the ancient Jews overcame the failing magic of the ancient Romans, whence Emperor Constantine, on his death bed, and apparently too weak to resist the pressure of his cult priests was baptised into the ben Josephian cult, the world has been overrun by bullshit religion we now know as Christianity.

Hence, most, as likely around 99.999% of the white skinned idiots of the “western world” have been under trances demanding extreme stupidity and subservience to demons.

This not only applies to the lower-class slaves of ancient and current times, but to the middle and upper classes too.

Terminally, the upper classes who do everything possible, including inventing nuclear, chemical, biological and other weapons to enforce their heinously evil beliefs on the whole of the illusory species.

So, what respect should a bloke, biorobot or less-chained organic bipedal specimen, give to our dominant “authorities”?

Not one tiniest iota! Not one minuscule fragment!

So, when we hear of people, as on the basis that what I've deduced above has credibility, therefore said “people” are really (what IS reality!?!?!#$%^???) also no more than deluded, illusory entities, possibly not at all of the “human” strain, nevertheless, when we hear of people in high places blabbering-on about the need for certain controls, constraints, censorings, monitoring, and laws, there can only be one possible option available to us, and that is to DEFY to the death, all of their demands and suggestions.

And when some self-righteous, gutless, most-likely severely and irreparably mentally-ill western, white, idiot assumes authority over one or many, either at a footy match, or a paintball wargame, on the road, in a school, at the shops, in the halls of government or elsewhere, it is not so far from rational, reasonable, Wise and “Just” thinking, to eliminate them as soon as possible.

Having just listened to a replayed radio program about issues involving our spooks, ASIO, and their assumed powers of surveillance of the public, it is not possible but to determine WAR is best, against all their levels of delusional, illusory upperclasshole organised crime syndicates we call political parties, parliaments, governments and departments, and therefore, against all who, like super-moron zombies, adhere to the so-called laws, and customs and cultural standards those hypnotised idiots on top of the evolutionary as-luck-would-have-it pile say we should adhere to!

What a shame!

May the existence wipe us out as soon as possible!

For then and only then will we be able to believe that there actually is such an entity as “god”.

For only by such a judgment – of the extermination of the followers of these western false “gods”, who do nothing at all good for the existence - will it become clear that some higher power, of the “god” variety, beyond every slimy, cunning, self-interested human “priest” or “priestess”, who snaps peoples' minds into believing there is a god, and that we should follow those who talk it up, actually exists.

It's possibly correct also to deduce, that “god” is a dark and merciless “god”, and is nothing at all like that depiction painted, according to more than a few in-the-know sources, “mocking” the idea the shiny white-skinned upemselves idiot megalomaniacs of Rome sought to further fool the people with, by Leonardo di Vinci.

In the meantime, I stick with the more and more popular “belief”, that there is no god beyond utterly retarded demonic magicians, who got in the 1st strike on lost blind and gullible sheep.

If humanity gets beyond the evil ideas and ideologies of western religions' “god”, we might have a chance at surviving the impending ecological and over-population apocalypse. The apocalypse brought down on everyone's head by the very same demonic Jewish and Christian cult beliefs systems!

But it seems certain that while such entranced fucking idiots with sophisticated, clever-sounding accents and lexicons, hold any “authority” over the planet and it's species, namely pretty-much every political party, public service department, and government, here in Astrayliar, but globally, it's “EVERYONE IN THE DITCH!” from now til the big DOOOM!

Will, therefore, the universe still exist???

Who cares?

ASIO! You are the biggest load of wankers this crumbling nation has ever been insulted with!

And so it goes, all the way down the ladder of assumed authority and secret collusion against the Commoner of species “Human Being”!

Clearly, there is no such thing as “government”.

The brutal truth is that ours especially, but including the other sides of the parliamentary farce, our so-called “opposition”, are but organised crime gangs, out purely for themselves, and their upper-classhole cronies.

The rest of us are nothing to them but slaves and dupes, and while we bow to any of their demands, including all “market” games of commerce and consumption, we ourselves are worse than evil idiots.

ASIO, the police and military forces, all government departments, etc etc, exist purely to keep the masses, off whom the toffs profit and cannibalisticly feed, oppressed forever and forever.

Add that to your secreted dossiers and files on Max Nichols Cook, MISter David Irvine!

And CIA! MI6! Mossat!


All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

OMo Biorobo
Zion's Dissident biological robot
aka Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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