The Kings' Outlaws

121210 Truelaw Outlaw Junction Kings' News-Release Edition

Well? Ain't “life” a piece of shit!

Struggling to get by and avoid the expected option of suicide, for the last 40-plus years, having done at least “the time” on the roads and streets as an extremely rebellious motorcyclist, attracting the antipathy of most every motorist I scared the shit out of as I rode passed their wing mirrors with but millimetres to spare at over twice their comfortable and lame speeds, this morning watching a news tv channel, a very “clipped” Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABC news station, one item, with video footage was about a couple of dudes being arrested from the Comancheros Outlaw Motorcycle Club, caught me in the heart.

In the few seconds of footage, the mind went to their cause, and of course, to their mode of transport - BIG motorcycles - and in that instant, to my bitch about being exiled from “life”, from a home, from all associations with humans, and - from owning a nice and spicy motorcycle.

Most unusually, the heart went BOOMBOOMWHACK, and tears welled-up in the eyeballs!

But this, it must be said, for it is the point, was exacerbated by the mind throwing the name of the Motorcycle Outlaw Club I would belong to, indeed, would be Maximum Head of, were I to have me “druthers”


Now, at this stage, I don't feel it's necessary for me to go into my link to such a superlative name “King”, for after some seven years of my own investigations as to why the world of 99% criminal scum have treated me with every form of denigration, I have established beyond doubt, that I am a chosen puppet, to play a mad bunch of overly wealthy zombies' “king”.

Of..., pretty much everything on Earth.


But, this is the case, no matter who spits their envy in mockery or such.

I make the point that, after over 35 or so years of my own wild and wandering investigations into this world's political bullshit, into monarchies, and into Communism, with most in-between options, as well, it must be said, into how Cultures outside the terrifyingly narrow parameters of the western versions of government ran their realms, aka the World's Aborigines, I insert the apostrophe ( ' ) after the “S” in “KINGS'” because placing it there, means that the “OUTLAWS” do not belong to, nor are subjects, nor lesser beings, to any such singular “KING”. Placing the ' there, means that the Club is made-up of “Kings” plural.

As yet, I haven't decided, or deduced, or divined, how such a Club would be structured in the minutia of such detail.

But the point should be clear - “we are Kings”.

And, better to the general thrust of such an entity, we are “Kings' Outlaws”, existing to serve the Realm Compleat, if-I-may add a touch of “old English”?

And...., there really is not a person on Earth who has the authority nor right to challenge that yes, quite hubristic assertion.

Therefore, debilitated by masses of lowly suffering zombies as I am, exiled and chained to DEFIANCE, for the cruel injustice that is my “life”, I dare here and now to “'ave a fuckin' GO!”, by writing at least, that I declare the creation of a new Outlaw Motorcycle Club, called


Not, of or under any monarch of Britain, or Eurape, or any other fiefdom, nor any “Prince” (a Roman word meaning the same thing), but of and under our own reconnaissance, as-it-were, to, as said,

“Serve The Realm Compleat”.

High-sounding words, no question! One might well expect I've been typing the intentions of the world's most slimy subversives, “Chatham House” or “Tammany Hall”, the Theosophical Society, or even just Catholic woemen, all of whom are well reputed as the worst abusers of language to disguise their horribly corrupting purposes?


Mayhap, indeed, I'm channeling mentations from one of my Ancestors-alleged, the mythical “Merlin” Druidic Lord of my Step-Father's bloodline “Meredith”, aka “Maredudd”, aka “Great Chief” of Ancient Wales' King Arthur?

A humbling Honor, if so!

But, were any such thing possible..., the Grace of such high-falootin' words have to be attributed also, to my Real Ancestors, the now “extinct” (according to Wikipedia!?) GUNAI-GURNAI-KURNAI Aborigines of south-eastern Victoria, Australia!

However, not to dwell on my own persona, seeing those Righteous Scumbag, Outlaw Motorcyclists in the news video this morning, prompted this e-ssay, and at-the-same-moment, the mind filled with the full spectrum of what such a Club would be and would intend to be.

Wary of course, that “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions!”, and that I have created my own little hole, called “Hell's Gate Warmongers”, by not playing the puppet of a coven of horribly awry white, western, self-interested pseudo-Christian females, I nevertheless, or in relatively-full awareness of the implications of the high-sounding title and words herein, put it in writing that it is my will to make something of this larrrge Title, if, only to get meself a fucking BIG motorbike, once more!

Well..., one, how many of us really-truly do do things for some sucker we'll never meet or even know about, somewhere up the road of future-bitumens?

I spent all my adult years with this hex of Catholic woemen plundering my Sovereignty of Soul to think and live “altruistically”. That-is, to sacrifice my own comforts and security to go-to the realpolitik issues of our times.

Only to find - TOO LATE - that I've been a puppet, essentially, I say, to a cult of lying, self-serving females who want a male, a Man, a bloke to go the full sacrificial distance of challenging the hegemony of the masculine world, purely so they can cunningly, in the background, climb the ladder of power to take control of Men, while they themselves remain comfortable and snug parked on their fannies, scheming my moves and unavoidable downfall. Not at all dissimilar to the fall, the crucifixion of one Yeshua ben Joseph, aka JC!

Well - I'm a bit OVER IT!!!

The unquestionably evil abuses I've endured from such woemen, has, on waking up to their little plan, understandably made me a misogynist.

Hence “woemen”. No apologies!

However, as we are all born of the female, we Men are essentially “wedded” to acting Equitably, and to ensuring they are able to live safe lives.

But, crucially to my thinking and reasoning, we Men must ensure Woemen never get the upper hand, as-it-were, and take their masses of resentments and bitchings out on us, whenever we let ourselves be emotional for or about them.

So....? how would Kings' Outlaws structure their village, or nation, or planet?

First, I reckon, and have for a long time, that the world is in chaos.

“At war” in fact. And there is no sign that things will cool down in the forseeable..... No matter what the nancy pussy middle-upper-class “hippies” might chant!

So! We have two choices.

One is to become ourselves “girls” and run from the fight, and assume the lives of pussies-on-sofas, avoiding the hard issues, taking a woeman for a wife, to have sprogs, and become indebted to the scumsucking banks and bighouse landholders, ETCETERA! Ie., to become essentially mainstream crims, with no Integrity!

This, for those who have never known Integrity, is exactly how the filth on top reduce us to cowards, so they can keep the squeeze on the whole world, and keep plundering everything from under us, or from under the Bleck Fella Aborigines, etcetera.

Because, while the males of the species are dumb-and-desperate enough to be seduced by a clucky female who wants “A BAYBEE!” etcetera, and for the sake of saving face in their usually sub-grade community of mates dan-th'-pub, will sacrifice Honor and Duty to the Group for a fuck once or twice a week, the evil bastards on top can control us, as oft' through the awry selfish desires of the female, and the larger society just keeps falling off the edge of the Moral and Ethical and therefore Secure world.

It's a “not-on!” scenario, to expect a bloke with the usual western version nuclear family catastrophe, to go to war, with the increasingly real possibility of being killed. The nuclear family has more dangers to it than can be spoken of in anything less than a major and ongoing dissertation.

This, softening the average male to be too emotionally attached to a partner and kids to get off their arses and take the REALPolitik to the streets, against increasingly brutal powers, is exactly how the powers-that-be have structured our societies, so they can walk all over us.

That's not to say marriage is all bad, even though 99% of it is, in my....

But, in consideration of the perils our world faces, and while also not even liking children nowadays, they do have to be considered, and as girls are, and will always be - girls - there remains a place for Men, to “Man-Up”, and, as was accepted as right and normal in ancient times, even in Roman times, a certain number of Men have to fore-go the slop of marriage and family life, and Dedicate themselves to the aforesaid “Serve the Realm Compleat” Ideal.

But how can a bloke, or a Bloke, do this in today's shitfight we call “modern society”?

He can't.

The demands and lures and attacks on our senses and disciplines is overwhelming, as most of us know, which, once more, is but one more way the filth on top weaken us into being but fucking less-than-useless consumers of their junk.

So..., if a Bloke today recognises something in this, toward that olde notion of “Honor” and all it's add-ons like “Integrity” “Duty”, etcetera, and who is not so easily lured by a fanny into the traps of modern-day wedlock-and-death-pledges, He might see that in order to do the right thing, some of us have a place in the world where we get away from the usual shit, and join an order, Dedicated to “Serve the Realm Compleat”.

From my 4-plus decades of observation, inquiry and deduction, it seems we must adopt something near to how the Noble Savages of say, pre-invasion Australia, or pre-invasion Asia, or pre-invasion America might have done it, by forming separate male and female villages, communities, where the women do the domestic stuff, and of course, birth the ruggies, and nurture them, both genders, for the first few years, while the Men, specialise in the Arts of Warriors, in their own villages, unattached to families as such, and to the modern expectations of “nuclear family life”.

From memory, I think some old cultures had about 10% of the men taking this life and role.

This shouldn't mean both genders of any such Warrior Class can't integrate, associate closely, and do enterprize, etc., with the other gender, or with the larger body of society. But it does, methinks, say that the all-consuming, popularised western social cultural model/models, are seriously flawed, and if we are Humans, we must act to correct these market-driven furphies.

Today, I think we need a larger percentage than that old 10%, mainly because so many of us have gone real soft, and have lost all inklings of Honor and Duty, and Male Integrity, ETCETERA.

Obviously, almost all “other things” in and around our lives would have to change dramatically to enable such a culture now.

But it doesn't really take much to see that things are going to change for the worse soon enough anyway. So those who run from their proper place, AS MEN, and ignore the facts of what the future holds, and thus, of their Duty AS MEN, should really be made to wear skirts and be castrated, methinks.

Like most whitefaced males of the day.

Obviously, the biggest “sacrifice” would be the loss of having a shag here and there, on Friday nights after a few ales, etc.

And the apparent loss of the warmth of family life.

It's easy for me to ruminate about these without emotions getting in the way, because this is what I've been made for, and why I've been denied all those otherwise pleasant things.

But having watched from the extreme outside, I also see the negatives, small-and-large, of the typical western idealised urban life, so it's easier for me to not pine so much. Not so much.

As for the picture painted above of separate gender communities, I've scribed fictional dreamings of them, and I guess they're due for posting on the unreadable blogpages here, soon.

But I have no doubt that here in Astrayliar, every Aborigine Nation could Tutor those interested, exceedingly better than I, on the Proper Roles in the Group, of Males and Females. Because they've known those structures forever.

Also, while I'm typing, it doesn't mean the Warrior Class of Men cannot enjoy any warmth of family and partner. It just, as best as I can deduce, or discern, means that we have to as said “Man-Up!” and control our desires and emotions.

It would be essential to have sex, and intimate relationships with Women, but in full-and-proper recognition of our Purpose and Duty at the same time.

Getting back to the family thing of kids, and raising them, Men would take the boys from the Women after their business of the primary years of nurturing is done, both to raise the boys to be Men, with as said before, a percentage of them raised to be Warriors, but all of them to be raised with the Wisdom which is Inherent and Vital in the male.

To my mind, today's boys are subjected to dangerous distractions while they are expected to focus on developing their “manliness”, without meaning the chauvinistic traits, amongst the unnatural lure of over-promoted sexuality, etc.

I'm sure a lot of dads despair seeing how their boys are so constantly “tempted” not only by the advertised expectations of finding a girlfriend, most always for sex, and most always quite deliberately making them not recognise the other say..., 90% of roles and responsibilities all adults must learn and adopt, in their youth.

This goes to the rest of the “consumer society” the pieces of shit running the CRAPitalist marketplaces force down everyone's throats from our first days, and can be connected directly to the weakening of the male's (and female's) Will and Self-Discipline essential to good individuals and thus Communities.

How often does a spoiled child run to hide under mother's skirt when Dad sees and says the kid is out of order?

In this subverted “childs' rights” modern Catholic woemens' world, a Right-Minded Dad is really up against it, methinks, and can only insulate himself from what is his role, when mummy jumps in as-often purely to win the childs favour over daddy?

For me, seeing the majority of males today, and kids, are lost to softcockery, I say, “Fine! Let the kids be weak! When they're adults, when the world has dropped down the shithole, see how useful their little insatiable desires and demands will be!”

That today's - and yesserday's parents will be responsible, ie., culpable for a chaotic set of future generations, will be something they'll have to deal with then!

And Buddha help them, because the monsters they've bred-up now, will as likely not look compassionately upon them!

So...., a lot to add to...?

But for now...,


riding on the Mottos

Serve the Realm Compleat”

and one I heard drop into mind a few weeks ago

Lead Us Not”

has been brought into existence, in words at least.

I do stress, that with all that is behind this name, in history and meaning, there is one, an inference, and two, a suggestion, that


is the Top Club of all Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs.

Thus, that all others “should” “Humble” themselves to this, my, superlative concept?

Well..., as I'm to now the only member (HAHAHAHA!), while somewhat fearless, aka “DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR, BITCHES!!!”, and while these words go to the Highest of Calls for MEN today, and, not discounting the rude fact that I'm still severely disabled by the occult idiots behind my creation/invention/fabrication, for any Biker to even begin to think about whatever Credibility there may be in this idea, demands, I guess, that they unnerstand the fullness of such a high and mighty concept and invention.

As the three words that came together over recent years on my blog pages seem to Call, and Shout, that I connect with the Three Wise Tribes I've considered as such -

Aborigine - Greens - Biker
Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor

these are demanded from all of us, and for any of us to recognise what I'm rabbiting on about here, we have to do the hard-hard-hardest yards to ensure we are Wise, Intelligent and Honorable, as males, as Men of the terribly fallen species, Human Being.

Like Motto Two above,

“Lead Us Not”,

I am absolutely convinced that we all have the essential ingredients in us, one-and-all, to educe the unconquerable Strength we must find and Prize and Cherish and Nurture daily, indeed, minute-by-minute, necessary to survive the horrible future the idiots of our world are making and leave future generations. And Possums!
Therefore, whenever we see or hear some lost tribes harping on about waiting for a great leader to save us or to lead us out of the ditch, we must recall all our Presence of Mind, and our Practices of Educing Rightmindedness, so that we are our own Wise, Intelligent and Honorable Masters. And Madames.

It's not an easy road. All the best Scripture has it as the hardest road, or, the road less traveled. But the rewards are perennial.

Whether I ever ride a motorbike again or not, it'd be nice to know that someone with the Courage and Ceaseless Tenacity as imbued in me by The Most Noble Outlaw, Allan Nichols Meredith, can take on this name for a Righteous Outlaw Club, and do it Proud?


Serve the Realm Compleat”

For We Are Men - All Kings

I s'pose I best invent a badge....?

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Hell's Gate Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth
aka OMo Biorobo
biological robot for Human Justice

Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor

Education &