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121213 Kings' Outlaws Truelaw Junction WikiLeaks REALPolitik Edition (UPDATED 121221)

"O Yaye, though I go forth into the Valley of Death....,  I will FEAR NO EVIL!  For I know that the most evil bastard in the Valley, is on my side!"

Not inspired to comment on news lately, other than the few I can be bothered to scribble about, if only to keep my writing mind, hand and keyboard active, WikiLeaks Boss, Julian Assange's announcement that he intends forming a “WikiLeaks Party”, gives me cause to write summit!


As politrix has become bullshittrix of the ooooh? last 1600 years, and with WikiLeaks and Assange building huge credits on the scales of Outlaw REALPolitik Human Beings, I guess the 1st call over the oceans, and up the Ecuadorian London Embassy's rain-pipe, is for him, and/or his Staff, to release some “POLICY PAPERS”, for to read, mull over and smoke a few other pipes while contemplating? (UPDATE! 121221: On the other hand, what-with yesserday 121220's, announcement by Julian from London, on what we can expect from WikiLeaks in the new year, mere “policies” may not be necessary?)

I guess?

Being trapped in a below-intellectual-ground 19th century rum club prison, known to the world as “Queensland Astrayliar”, where the slightest mention of Intelligence-based REALPolitiks will get a bloke shafted by every nearby copper, redneck cane toad, cattle-trucker and their sprogs-with-Harry-Potter-in-their-school-bags, one has to hide as far from zombie habitation to avoid the insults and threats of being banged-up in a local cell for Christwhatamess!

So..., hohum!

Indeed, a few inquiries here and abroad seem to have sparked the world media to get, finally, on the bandwagon more than a heap of Righteous Whistleblowers world-over have been fighting and unceremoniously dying for, of talking about the depths and breadths of CORRUPTION, the planet is being sunk by.

From the parochial, local perspective, here down-below-down-the-sewer-pipe-of-British-corruption, in Astrayliar, our so-called AFP - Australian Federal Police, have allegedly scored a king-hit by busting a department of Customs internal drugs-ring. (This is an update from the original “ASSANGE - Truelaw Outlaw Junction Edition of 121214, to today at 121221 [OH! By-the-way, it's “The End Of The World Day”, for Mayanophiles!])

This news of yesserday (121220) from the AFP, isn't any surprise to most dope smoking and dealing stoners, especially from around the Nimbin northern New South Fails region, and an Indonesian prison or two, because it's accepted here, there and nationwide that we are run by syndicates of criminals, up as far as ooooow? …..let's just say HRH QE2 of not-far-from Sir-Julian-of-Ecuador-on-Knightsbridge, knows a lot more than she's - er - She's gonna tell the BBC-ophiles, about corruption in her land of pineapples and wealthy Chinese real estate-hunting bus tours, down-here-down-the-sunshine-sewer.

But, being unusually REALPolitik.... (k-k-koff!), it fell on my head last night that the shiny suits in Brissy's state government offices, are but our local prime “organised crime syndicate”.

And with a bit of REALPolitik digging, we don't have to shovel much shit out of the hole to see that the whole fucking soil of what is generically called “government”, from yer local councils' refuse station, up into the mayors' offices, through the states' parliaments, on ever higher to national HQs and across the waves to Whitehall, and the White House, not forgetting the wucking, wanking Watican, and not forgetting Wisrael..., is/are nothing-at-all more than ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATES!!!

[END..., E-o-t-W edit!]

But, whether the rest of Astrayliar is as corrupt and stupid as Who'sland-Queensland or not, there are, believe it or not, a large percentage of mainstream and alternative criminals here who see the Rectitude and, indeed, the Righteous Courage of the WikiLeaks Front Man, Assange, and I have no doubt that lots of them would be glad to support whatever he does in our shithole of federal politrix.

However, I doubt anyone's expecting an easy ride and rise into the federal Senate for Assange, and/or for other's joining his “WikiLeaks Party”, because we do all know how rotten the political class is here.

Almost as much as one Pauline Hanson knows!

It's a little remiss to compare Assange with Hanson of course.

One, Assange escaped the usual degraded mindset of Who'sland-Queensland, well aware of the depths of the slime here, and that from any local perspective, it was a dangerous waste of time trying to rectify our disgusting political arenas.

But not to down-write Pauline, because while she lacked intellectual rigor, she had Tenacity enough to earn a great deal of Respect, for having a go when she did. I think, though, that possibly from her start on that road, she was something of a puppet. Certainly she would admit now, that then, she was a bit naïve, to attempt to take-on the global syndicates running the sunshine state?

Nevertheless...., Good on Her for daring to take the bastards on!

Assange is on the other end of the political/intellectual spectrum, in that he did his homework on local and global issues pertaining to corruption before jumping into the frying pan, and appears to have a mind complete with the selfless courage and acuity crucial to actually advancing politics, here and globally, rather than, as most in the game today do, of securing their own future, super-payouts, and next field of employment.

For many years I've cynically/mockingly regarded myself as Australia's - er - Astryaliar's - sacraficial lam... er - Nelson Madella, for my being forced into penury and solitary-confinement for over 17 years.

From my reading of history of the western world's political bullshit, it seems the powers-that-orchestrate both sides of politics, think that making martyrs is how to fool the punters that they have “cred”.

There's hardly a nation left where the west's elites haven't manipulated someone into prolonged pain and suffering, so-as to finally, when the cards are stacked in the powers-that-orchestrate's favour, free them to a hero's return, then up the ladders of popularity and into a high-chair, complete with a funny hat.

This is - but - one reason I stay out in the fridge. FUCK 'EM!

Like I said to a Who'sland homelessness outreach team recently, “There's ego, there's pride, and then there's Dignity”.

I shun the 1st 2, but regard my Intellectual Dignity, and Integrity as worth more than the price I have to pay, in filling out real estate agent's forms for an criminally-over-priced roof.

The same applies to being lured or shunted - read “shafted” - into the political fray.

I refuse to regard myself, or whatever knowledge I've gathered on politics, as being credible enough, or boni fide, to be actually in an MP's chair.

But someone like Julian Assange, is quite another thing.

Being the anti-Christ the lost-sheep Christians made me, it's obvious that I will not-not-not regard Julian Assange as our messiah.

Henry George was-is, and forever after...., well.....!

But that Julian has an Honesty and Directness about himself, equating to Top Class Integrity, along with his astute REALPolitik mind, and his fearlessness in bringing the toffs back down to earth, at the time Astrayliar and the werled is at, where things have actually already gone down the Moral, Ethical, Intellectual, CRAPitalist and false-Zionist-gods sewersssszz-plural, even while our coppers and authorities are weaklings in terms of not going to the issues and not arresting people who challenge the dominant corruption, MISTER Assange might well inspire punters to get off their fatcells and support REALDemocracy for a change?

No doubt he'll need a strong legal team to ready him and them and sponsors for the bullshit the mainstream parties are as-we-breathe piling up in their conspiracy-rooms!

I s'pose he should find a way out of the northern hemisphere first though?

On that, while dogs are dogs, and shall always be dogs, the British coppers do win, here and there, my Respect. As do...., sort-of..., their courts and Toms-Dicks-and-Judiciarys. (Is “Judiciary” derived from “Judas”? HAHAHA-HOHOHO-hehehehe!!!!)

So while I now refrain from going them to actually be legal, we all have to accept that the whole shite Julian has been put through, since he was led up the garden-path by a couple of not-so-”white”-witches in Svvveeeaaadun-n-n-n, and let down his pants too quick, without the crucial pre-sexual security check on the femme fatales' psychoses, the British too, I know, look upon this charade as farce, and would, were they released from the Pentagon's and Zion's own fanaticism and mania, throw the case against him out, releasing him to resume something more normal in life in the future.

So, “Come on, Met! Drop all constraints on Mr Assange!”

It is also an issue the British parliament cannot ignore, and leave him to waste in the embassy.

Because, even while Julian might be of the other side of the political debate, to the 2 colonialist, establishment majors in IMF-Westminster, the whole issue of English law and justice and free speech, etcetera-etcetera and a rahrahrah, is in the dock, while Mr Assange is kept in the lock-down.

I mean, Cameron!? It's unsubstantiated, minor allegations by WHO? - of acts carried out by-the-minute all over the floor-coverings!? Especially by your breed of diplomats!

So while Julian is stuck in the embassy, British Justice is both being insulted, and is insulting everyone who has ever placed their trust in it.

Let Him Go! MISter Cameron!

As well..., the criminal costs so far incurred by all parties covering this bullshit case, make it a ridiculous burden on democracy, the justice system, media and the tax-payer, here, there and everywhere the CIA pokes it's sniffer.

If he were let go today, we'd all be over it in-a-jiffy, and things would be far better for everyone soon enough.

The whole affair is nothing but a load of hype and fanaticism, by Sweden and the other parties trying to silence Assange and free speech.

And..., the call here has also to go directly out to the White House (when ya' gonna paint it BLECK!?!?!).

Aliens or not in the Pentagon basement, President Obama has, with his recent re-election, the Authority to call off the dogs who're attacking Assange.

But more to the geography, also to call off the thugs leaning on US military's Private 1st Class Bradley Manning, methinks.

Both Britain and the USA would do all and themselves, a favour, and would ease resentment against them locally and abroad, if they let both of these Champions of Democracy go.

Besides, Australia - and the world - really does need an Assange-type figure in politics now!

Perhaps also - the USA needs a Bradley Manning-type figure somewhere in authority over there!

So, Mr WikiLeaks!? Let's see the Color of your Policies!?

Of course, diving back forward into this 121221 UPDATE, the latest from la-balcony-de-Knightsbridge, is that Julian told his supporters and media yesserday, that we can expect a nice-and-chunky dispatch of WikiLeaks document releases in the New Year. By inference I assume he means they will implicate every nations' political classholes.

AND ABOUT TIME TOO!!!” the world is heard to mutter from beneath their pints-o'-beer, and vodka!

So..., if all goes well...., perhaps Julian wont have to run for the Astrayliarn Senate, because what WikiLeaks has up it's Anonymous Hacksters' sleeves, might save us all from going crazy at the polling boothssss every election cycle?

I'd wager, that there's not a leftie polie, or Common-Unity Bleck, Green or Red-Ragger alive who hasn't breathed utter disgust at the state of politics everywhere lately.

And..., few if any of them-us, is not aware that something significant, as-in cataclysmic has to occur real-soon, if we are to hold any hope for the species and for the Great Mutha Eartha!?#$%^!?

Lastly, on this auspicious day 121221, I posit that humanity has a duty to itself, beyond all superlative hyperbola, to support the likes of WikiLeaks.

I say WikiLeaks, rather than Julian Assange, because he too, is well aware that he would never have become the frontman for WikiLeaks, nor the Representative for Human Justice he has become, were it not for a mass of Right-minded Dissidents both within WikiLeaks, and far from their underground bases, who quite simply knew what is Right, Righteous, and Duty to Life itself, to Dissent, in whatever ways they knew how, and were honed to effecting, against the rampant and escalating psychoses of wealth-based oligarchic corruption of our times.

Democracy might very well be a chimera of ancient dreamers, with too much time on their inheritances.

On the other hand, Ancient and Divinely Wise Peoples all over, once knew no other way, because they also knew the imperative of living the Honest, Community-First, Life.

WikiLeaks are not the only Dissenters we should hold high in terms of Respect.

Though they have apparently faded into the shadows since the massive movement began, OCCUPY WALL STREET are on the Right-and-Righteous Path also.

So, it is short-sighted to fail to see these two relative Giants of Democracy, WikiLeaks, and OCCUPY, as being something of THE future for all of us.

Surely everyone knows now that the modern machinations as have been pumped out of the various elite political and economic institutions are terminally failing the world?

Up in the World of Shadows, lives a veritable monster of a man, who has for all his troubles, accrued massive power, enough to set the geographical world on fire. With a mere thought, he has it in his power to wipe-out some billions of us.

And, for how we have maltreated him, and what he regards as a Most Sacred Orb, the Planet Eartha, he might well be well within his rights, and Right Judgment, to bring an end to this whole planet.

Charleton Heston's portrayal in “Planet of the Apes” 1960's Hollywood movie scenario, where, in the last scene, he, the lone human survivor, staggers-upon the destroyed, buried ruins of New York's “Statue of Liberty”, is not at all far from what is possible.

And, that man, who lives out in the World of Shadows, has had to enforce the most severe self-restraint to stop himself from making us all shark-tucker.

He does understand Integrity, and Honor, Wisdom and Dignity. Even while he duels minute-by-minute with demons of the lowest realms.

And, that he sees so little of these Fundamental, Primary Human Traits of Integrity, and Honor, Wisdom and Dignity in us, sends him wilder than ever, and with, as said, a mere harsh thought, he can put a stop to all our juvenile beliefs and behaviours.

He watches. He listens. And he recognises that there are still some Gallant, Rightminded People, like Julian Assange, and the Warriors of OCCUPY, who do make it worth our while to drop the superficial crap we are conned by demons to possess and abuse, and who make it known to all of us that we do have a fundamental Duty to Resist, and to get out on the streets and PROTEST, against the idiots of tyranny, at no matter what cost, to life and limb.

So, that angry man, that angry wizard, holds his fire, once more, because he sees that even while the most of us, of YOU, are lame, gutless, ignorant selfish turds, deserving of nothing but burning in Hell, he also sees, thanks to the devil of modern technology, that he is not the only one who is prepared to put their life on the line, so that there is a future for other people.

Julian Assange, Private 1st Class Bradley Manning, Fidel Castro, Henry George, Gaias and Tiberius Gracchas, William Wallace, and millions more, all through history, knew that this world is but an illusion, and while it is to be enjoyed, it is ever on the brink of being ruined by YOUR ignorance, selfishness, stupidity and cowardice, if you do not Stand for Something Truly Worthwhile, Honorable, Dignified, and Pure.

Away with the demons of gender wars, of cult superiority, of skin-color superiority, and of the most destructive of all, psychoses of selfish oligarchic delusions of grandeur!

Today might well have been everyone's last, were it not for Wisdom, and for the True Philosophers of the world.

Julian Assange should never have to put himself on the frontline of this stupid game of politrix.

He, more than most, knows the dangers he faces, either from the pathetically insane, gutlessly corrupt powerhouses of Washington and Sweden, etc., and/or from whatever, whomever conspires from here forward to bring him to his knees.

But, he “goes forth”, fearless, exactly like all Men, all REAL Men, should first and foremost do today, whether from the backwoods of an Australian cattle station, or coal mine, or from the under-class hovels, of our own western suburbs, or from those of all 3rd world cities.

While any of you, sit on your fatcells selfishly “justifying” your weaknesses, cowering, dishonorably, and heinously dishonestly avoiding THE fight, you FAIL miserably as Human Beings, and that man of the Shadows will show you, and your future generations, NO MERCY.

However, were these his words, he would also urge us all to support WikiLeaks, and, AND.., the world's “OCCUPY WALL STREET” Warriors, to arrest the tyrants and the idiots who are simply lost sheep, yet with lies and over-confidence, win themselves too much power to be good.

It's pretty much a cruel universe, with little room for the softhearted.

Anyone who thinks they can escape serving in some war, to the point of the “ultimate sacrifice” - a term too often abused by those evil bastards on top of the pile, who have never thought of anything but their own delusional profit - is seriously insane.

Whether in this life or some life of the future, being a coward always catches up with them, and they learn too late that theirs will be lives of eternal regret and shame.

So...., mark this day blokes, as the day you were given a second chance, when you escaped eternal damnation.

And, never forget that this chance, this opportunity, only comes to fruition, if you get out there and PROTEST, for Good Government, in every nation.

Because, though lots have made a dollar or forty from the end-of-the-world hyperbola, with the “cosmic” “121221” pseudo-numerology, now passing beneath us, inaction by the Human Beings, and, by those yet to know what Being Human actually entails, is being watched by those who may be “gods”, and if they do not see Righteousness, worldwide, in the immediate future, from those in the highest chairs, and from everyone below them, then one day you will wake up to the worst day the planet has ever seen.

So endeth this drivvle, updated 121221, or, 21-12-12, or, 12-21-12.




All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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