My words to our PM, on her End of the world video

Succinct, to the point, and if you wish to avoid 121221, please order the AFP to assist me out of the hex the fraudulent secret "Theosophical Society" has me locked in.

The occult is beneath all our worldly existences, and has been let out of the bag, as-it-were, such that masses of dangerously stupid, unqualified juveniles deem they are "Magi", so abuse this power.

I, whose full name interprets to mean "Greatest Victorious Peoples Great Lord" or similar, known to the Freemasons as "Merlin" seem to have acquired enough power to make 121221 an unhappy day for humanity. 

By Impartial assessments, over some 50 years, I and innumerable Scientists, conclude we have stuffed our world, so deserve little else but the "end of the world" calamity you jest about in your JJJ video.

I, for being pushed around and homeless for over 17 years now, feel no empathy, nor sympathy for the species. 

Inordinately embittered by a massive false god plan, putting me at the centre, as no more than a puppet for a female cult's delusional idea, I see myself as none but their sacrifice, who must endure and fall to those who do actually see the falsity, and the dangers, and thus oppose this hair-brained plan, so, I fight the evil, keeping the heat off the (white) women of the world.

Shame, really, as I do seem to have many noble talents.

Nevertheless.., While I'm left out in the cold, and homeless, I have no will to help humanity anymore.

Indeed, I feel rather the opposite.

All because we are in such dark times that the precious land is abused and I'm unable to find an affordable and secluded enough house-cum-home?

Were you, Madame Prime Minister Gillard, on the other hand, prepared to release me from this tormenting homelessness, my anger would ease dramatically, such that my talents and powers would be, once more, turned to helping us through the uncertain future.

As the Qld Homelessness and Housing outreach unit only came to show me off to a couple of their psychiatrists, with no advance or genuine assistance, I can not expect the appropriate help from this state's government. 

And the real estate industry is below all ethical levels, so I refuse to seek housing in their rudely inflated and speculative markets.

Please help, and enable me to do at least the "visionary" stuff that the ALP for two decades-plus, has tried to squeeze out of me?

Yours, for "equal gender government". 

Not patriarchy!  Not matriarchy!

For clearly, at this point, both are severely dysfunctional, especially while either believe they are superior.

As you say,  "We must MOVE FORWARD!"

Max Cook
aka Omaxa bin Eartha
aka OMo Biorobo
Outlaw biological robot, for Human Justice.

And.., "have a nice day!"