Guns in the USA & Info-grabbing phone apps

Occupying my time last night, I hit the L.A. Times, USA website, came on an article on the recent mass shooting in eastern USA, so flung the L.A. Times author this'n....

From an Outlaw's view, 17 years living alone in forests & deserts, running from the mainstream mentally ill society/culture in Australia, after being steeped in Raja Yoga Meditation & Philosophy, I'm sure such woes of crazymind societies have their roots in 2 things: "culture & parenting".

Under these though, same as under economics, sits Universal Law.

If bottomline Law is broken, ignored, corrupted, culture breaks down, as must parenting.

True Law, 1st, of the Land, the Sacred Land, & our equitable use & spread on the Land, is Primary & Fundamental to all Earth-born beings, as our 1st Universal Right.

If this 1st Law is known & upheld by the people, satiation follows, & good wise culture keeps the peace.

No need for coppers, guns, "drugs" or prisons, etc.

If True Land Law is hidden from the people, corrupted by the self-interest of sick "religion", education, thus eventually government, crime follows like day follows night.

Without True Land Law there is no True Democracy.

Without True Democracy, there is only tyranny, &, carnage.

Therefore the need for guns to both defend people & to bring down tyrants.

If True Land Democracy is stolen from the people, bad, false-law government tries to enforce the peace with terminal, ever-failing stopgap religious beliefs & state laws, only adding to insane culture, forcing people to crime just to survive.

Stopgap laws destroy all good culture, & cause bad reactions & more stopgap laws to snowball, taking out everything with them.

Raising wise peaceable kids-to-adults in that culture is impossible, only adding exponentially to a crazymind people, society, culture & world.

Guns are great. Like big motorbikes.

Only bad, real bad, evil "laws", make some or all of us, not at all necessarily "evil" ourselves, need guns.

Women are as much to blame as Men, for not fighting 1st, for True Land Laws. With & without guns.


Gen. Blue Meanee
Kings' Outlaws Motorcycle Club

Bleck - Green - Red
Aborigine - Greens - Bikers 

Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor

While the law is corrupt,
being an Outlaw is Duty.

Then...., this went to the SMH this morning, on an issue they'd an item on

Info-grabbing apps

Smartphone camera apps ask us to accept their "right" to take photos through our phones without our knowing!

Numerous other "conditions" like this surely call for a dramatic revision & tightening of laws surrounding presumed rights of manufacturers, of both phones, tablets, laptops, etc etc, & of apps & software?

Perhaps also and more importantly, "mental health checks" should be done as mandatory on all manufacturers of such product's employees, where such covert info-gathering is possible, because this "trend" amongst them is clearly a sickness of out-of-control, unethical, immature minds.

These seem to be products of our burgeoning "spy-society", made so by the hienous spy agencies of bad-law governments.

So "spies" and people, clearly immature people who want to be "spies", either for govt agencies, for corporations, or merely for personal "fascination" of the "Harry Potter" kind, must be seen 1st as not in control of their mind, so they, and if children, then their parents, need to be put through the most rigourous mental health assessments, before being allowed to produce, own or operate such technology?

The abuse of such stuff is not harmless.

So either the products should not be so freely available, or, like heavy machinery, autos, etc, licences are necessary to operate them.

Clearly, such a call is out of the question, in our most seriously insane culture?

However, this doesn't mean its not correct though....!

Max Earth