Samsung's Robot With Guns

My thinks on killer robots, after trying to post it to the iafrica.com article page, which wanted me to agree to sharing my yahoo contacts with the ezine?  Ummm...?  DERRR??

'Ban killer robots!'
Article By: Sebastian Smith at iafrica.com

Tue, 20 Nov 2012 9:09 AM

Why do the military chase after these metallics, when their troops are robots too?

Biological robots, but robots, nevertheless, and with overpopulation, ever-available.

This is one reason why "the class system" exists, so the elite can farm poorer people into their forces.  A la the term, "cannon fodder".

Each one of these metallic robots cost millions, where-as the bio-version come at a dime-a-dozen.  Granted, military training the bio-versions cost, but it might be rightly argued that the humans can be redeployed into different roles and environments no robot can alter itself or be reprogrammed to fit into.

Besides, as history shows, any advantage one warmongering side gains with the latest inventions, aka these robots, only lasts the briefest time, as, quick-as, the enemy develops, by theft of designs, or by their own inventive resources, their own comparable weapons.

This is classic Hebrew "lost tribes" thinking and scenario, where fools with too much power, are fixated on technology to provide the human security path into the future.

It's an "all-down-hill" situation, with, in the end, no winners.

Such as in the modern world's fanaticism of invention, like Samsung's robot, modern technology has gone that further step requiring the "rare-earth" materials etc, which are said to be in very limited supply.  And, if any barriers rise unexpectedly to supply, production slows or stops, leaving such developments high-and-dry, or up a smelly creek without an outboard.

Insanely, this too gives rise to the frantic elite calling for a war, so-as to be able to maintain the supplies of materials, to make, more-better-bigger war machinery!?#$%^&??

So, the military geeks bind themselves and thus their financiers and corporations, by seducing themselves and the markets to believe and depend totally on such extremely high-tech constructs, as-if oblivious of the "all-things-considered" limitations and eventual lack of available raw materials and stuffff.

As well, just like a Hollywood movie, the "good-guys" Outlaws will come up with some clever way to thwart the effectiveness of the metallics.

Then, there's the realspeak, that such huge Babylonian corporations depend upon wealthy (warmongering) markets into which to fling their wares.  While humans exist, there will always be an upper echelon with access to enough wealth, but in their opulence, they lose sight of the dead-end game war on these scales actually is, and will eventually bomb all of us back to the stone age.

It's actually a calculable end, and the faster we adopt just such insane weaponry and ancillary equipment, the faster we bring doom upon ourselves.

Classic "military intelligence" thinking.  The classic oxymoron.

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