PM Gillard! Your 1st Priority Is Teaching Rural Australians How To Be Human!

PM Gillard! Your 1st Priority Is Teaching Rural Australians How To Be Human!

Being a suburban boy from Melbourne, with extra covert tuition in how to be a king, the last 15 or so years of being exiled and living out of cars across rural Astrayliar has shown me many things.

But at this stage, it is frighteningly clear that in the short time we have left before the planet turns up her heals and trashes everything whitey has come to demand for their greedy psychotic selves, in Australia, and probably across the "western world", all our governments from the smallest regional councils, to the federal parliament(s) - all parties are implicated - there is a dramatic and urgent need to address the paucity of justice in our rural communities.

By "justice" I mean far far more than exorcising the embedded, 204-plus years of corruption in all levels of the law courts.

I refer more to focusing on giving all schools and universities a complete "revamp" in terms of what the students are taught.

But further than just trying to correct the horrendous perversion of all laws that really underpin the material students are given no choice but to imbibe and assume as a student's "holy grail" for the rest of their lives, it is imperative that the adults, out there in the workforces, who, in rural regions, have been totally deserted by the white, western, essentially foreign establishment, are re-educated.

I don't mince words here.

After several centuries of the elites of the most dominant nations taking over all nations, thus all their schooling and culture, the planet has become re-populated by masses who have never actually known what is involved in being, or becoming Human Beings.

Australia, possibly the prime example, where the majority are merely surviving on the ruthless, blind, ignorant ways of the slowly declining British and Eurapean cultures of false gods and unquestionably evil ideologies and economic theories.

Questions of speaking honestly are laughed at by most of us here, such that anyone who dares speak out about the underlying corruptions in economics and religion, are slammed and exiled as insane.

As long as an individual out here is aligned with a cult, be-it a so-called religion, in this malnation, Christianity, or one which is large enough to support itself, by raising enough flockers to form a self-perpetuating “club”, or whether it's the gangs lower class youth are left few choices but to either form, or join, and as long as that group is “savvy” enough to bring in wealth enough to purchase land, all Honor, all thoughts of fighting “the good fight” for a truly just community, let-alone nation, are frowned upon and laughed at.

It appears that the results, long term, from such a situation, cannot be seen by the masses who clamber to join the preferred local or larger club, gang, organization or religion.

But such a cultural situation lends itself only to a downward spiral of the overall ethos of the people, in any group or not.

This, after the 1st generation to adopt such corrupt principles (which aren't “principles” at all, for “principles” are not that if they contain no facts, no truths), breeds the degradation of the individuals mentality, thus of the whole community, and, increasingly degrades the whole populace on an exponential downward scale/rate.

Hence, we have the utterly beggared, brutal and childlike mentalities forcing their selfish, narrow-minded ways across whole regions.

Then, as said, they breed and inculcate their own degraded views of life upon their progeny, so creating the exponential decline of the community.

And the elites, mainly our filthy economic elites, the political class of the OCCUPY Movement's “1%”, which spreads it's bribery, in the form of high-paying corporate incomes, across all of us and then asks us to vote for a select few of THEM, as leaders of the whole.

This can only result in OH! The impending apocalypse!

What a fun time today's children have to look forward to?



While our federal political organs, forced to accept and apply totally corrupt ideologies by the collective of more powerful and more populated foreign nations' embassies, as-in the upper-class suburbs of Canberra, all rural Australians are left high and dry, to fight it out between themselves.

Media never covers this/these types of problems, precisely because 70%-plus of our media is owned by foreigners, many of whom have covert operatives within their own embassies.

Britain's High Commission in Canberra, and their demonic MI6, but one example. USA's embassy, on-par with the Brutes-er-TYPO!-Brits, is but an outpost of the dark, alienated (some say these power-houses are controlled by hostile aliens) Freemason-run Central Intelligence Agency C.I.A.

Scattered, fatalistic rurals here, therefore, are really up against it when it comes to trying for the bottom-line of all justice – equitable, affordable land distribution.

So, with no hope, they retreat as far into their own little worlds of workplace and society as they can, and gutlessly - not their fault – adopt the options they are given, of materialism and plunder of anyone and anything they lay their hungry eyes on.

As said, this, these types of cultural problems are totally ignored by the dominant media, because the media are under the same influence and sway of the foreign powers, both national, as-in Britain and the US, and nowadays, China, and cultural, the dominant cults, otherwise known as religions.

So Australia's rural regions are now set on a down-spiralling course, in intellectual standards, so, in cultural standards and levels, and thus, in ecological terms.

“DOOM!” the only possible outcome.

Also, adding it's filth to this tragic scenario, are the busted beliefs about “leadership” as have come to dominate the planet as Roman Catholicism and it's shismic-offshoot, Protestantism have expanded their evil land-grab globally, such that not only do people cling viciously to completely false beliefs ideologies and practices, about leaders, and laws, but reject all scientific findings on how the species is best to organize and operate it's realm, society, culture.

As rural Australia is the bread-basket of so much of the world today, and as rural Australia has been set-down as the last least-polluted patch of real estate where the northern elites expect to migrate to and occupy, and as the majority here are so beggared in terms of ethics, morality, laws, family, religion, Intelligence and education, thus how they relate to the world outside their own mentalities, if the nation's politicians do not make genuine attempts to re-structure their own indoctrinated, inculcated secretive church false ideals and beliefs, the nation is lost.

In less than a generation, perhaps in less than the next decade, Australia will be at war with itself, and, at war, with the immigrating elites from the white, Zionist 1st world.

What can any federal government do to avoid this tragic future?

As they are voted in (debatably, for our big brothers, the USA, and Britain DO NOT have Democratic electoral systems, so neither do we), by masses of horrendously politically-ignorant punters, there is no alternative but the aforesaid exponential degradation of the whole nation.

Also, as the only available means of attaining any political power is through partaking of the same perversions of law, i.e., corruption, the players quicker than they realise, become as corrupt, and thus become nothing more than parts of the problem.

This applies to all who think, erroneously, that they have a duty to become involved in “the political debate”, by accruing both wealth and “souls” into their little, growing avaricious and megalomaniacal club, cult, gang, tribe and eventually political party.

The classic cultural “downward spiral”.

A self-perpetuating calamity.

As said “DOOM!” is our only future.

So, next time someone acquiesces to an adults (NOT!) or a child's desires and demands to do something immoral, see that this is part and parcel of making the end of all western culture has built over the last few thousand years, more tragic.

In Australia, we have been insulated from the decline we see on our mediated news services, as are happening across the western 1st world.

Over there, things are farther down the down-spiralling track, and it's a matter of time before the whole shebang implodes, taking with it – US!

While so-called “adults” here blindly continue to scrape and thieve enough of an income to satisfy their microcosmic material desires, of utterly shitful foodstuffs, and similarly degraded, zero-quality material goods and lifestyles, they are doing nothing but harm to their progeny.

I expect, if we stay on this course, post-apocalyptic scenes close to those depicted by the Great George Miller's futuristic films “Mad Max, 1, 2 and 3”, with children wandering dazed and completely anarchistic, rough, violent and mutated, in small groups, will be the best their parents will leave them, and will be the “norm” for everyone below a certain warmongering elite's walled, micro-communities.

By far the majority of children alive today, will not remember their parents with any fondness and warmth, in the decades to come.


Our prime minister Julia Gillard, if she has the metaphorical “balls”, has immediately to move to ease the farcical false and outright evil burden her political class pours minute-by-minute on the heads, hearts and souls of the people of rural Australia, 1stly in HOHOHO! Here's me going into “Dreamtime overdrive”, declaring publicly that the world has no option but to introduce martial law globally, and for our own military and policing forces to assume authority over all levels and departments of government until incorruptible land laws are instituted.

This is nothing to do with cultural values, or social oppression.

The primary boon is relieving pressure off the workforces, who have few choices aside from crime - which is in fact what the vast majority of employment is, as it serves primarily to contribute to habitat environmental disaster, and to those up there who miss the point – that's THE crime (the “creme-de-la-crime!” Hehehe!) - to survive, as said in the opening paragraphs here, creating the “perfect storm” of cultural, legal, social, moral and thus personal atrophy, at exponential rates.

With such economic weights off their heads, they can, with re-education, grow-up at last, and mature to be Wise, Intelligent individuals, fit, perhaps for the 1st time since Rome dreamed-up it's world plans, to be parents.

I hold absolutely no hope of any of this coming to fruition, because, we're a busted and near-totally degraded nation.

I wrote above that this, and these rude scenarios predominate across our rural populations, but do not mean the city and suburban populace is any better.

More refined, maybe. But any such “refinement” of the urban masses is tightly kept to the spoiled economic classes' circles which our “world's-most-evil” western 1st world religious cults are pumping out of their exclusive schools, colleges and universities.

As with our rural peoples, the rest of us, from our lower socio-economic, who have not been grabbed, lured, forced or bribed into the upper-crust indoctrination factories – private schools – are left to fend for themselves.

Hence Australia continues sliding into the cultural abyss.

Thanks Britain. Eurape. The USA.

And, on the foundations of our destitute society and culture(s), it cannot be emphasized enough how much we today, some 150 years since the last “convicts” were shipped here from Britain, are still belabored by the most deeply-impacting horror our ancestor-convicts endured on their sojourn from the beggared English jails and lower-class existences, and the hardships and perversion they had to endure once here.

Added to the complete absence of moral authority over the transported convicts, an absence which has to be understood to have lasting mental effects, down the generations, while it is not fully exposed as crucial, and thus addressed with every possible means of remediation, for today's descendants, there really is no hope.

So, as we are in reality without any True Leadership - and none of the 3 largest political parties escape my most damning assessments, scientific conclusions and Impartial condemnation – so Abbott, Gillard and Joyce cannot use this to gain political points - and as the vast majority of us, from any class, are almost totally unaware of just how criminal we, they and their lifestyles and expectations are, without something of the most violent cataclysm, ecological AND cultural, enough to pretty-much totally destroy the old order, primarily of the IMF, et al, and all it's falsely nurtured Brit-Eurapean class-structures, of working classes, and speculative and inheritance classes, long already in fact at war with each other, the utter destruction of all of it, is assured.

SMILE! Kiddies! Daddy and mummy love having you as their real-life TOYS!”

This last line, goes also to the disaster that the western family models have made of us, collectively and as individuals.

That no-one either can see the rude failure and falsity that the western nuclear family standard is and makes, or that no-one either cares nor has the balls to bring to the fore of social and cultural debate these fundamental issues, shows again just how pathetic and ignorant the culturalists – the western religions – are.

As Palestinian Hamas PROTESTERS chanted just yesterday, against the brutal Israeli invaders and their blind materialistic western christian financiers, “Death to Christianity!!!”

And all the obediently gutless frightened, small-minded egomaniacal self-serving students of Christian schools run to their hot cars to terrorize little me, Humbly, selflessly speaking the facts and truths about how fucked they and their false cults are making the world.

Gee! Aren't YOU tough!

Good on yer, whiteface!

An Impartial Assessment of the recent and ongoing crises of child sex abuse within the Catholic church cannot arrive at any other conclusion than that the church and all of it's ideological offshoots, protestant, evangelist, et al, are beyond redemption, and thus, needs-must be closed down.

And, the “leaders” of all these cults, for the sake of a just world, their archbishops, popes, and senior clergy, must be arrested and charged with treason, against the good of the nation and against the good of the whole species.

Were any of the produce - the students and ex-students - possessed of any Intelligence and Honor, they would refuse to obey any commands from their church or school superiors, and instead act to force them from their positions of false authority, and bring them to face the courts on charges of as said, treason.

This, while I'm at it, brings me to challenge the accepted club and gang rules which seem to predominate across the western hemisphere, and probably across the world.

The “rule” I refer to, is the one which works to keep “loyalty” to one's clan mates, et al, in times of strife.

I do unnerstand the rectitude of these club laws. Without them, such as in a public venue, when one of the mob engages in conversation with people from outside the club, and a disagreement arises, the whole body of said club would crumble, if they did not side uncompromisingly with their own.

This rule has merit, as said, and is something the progenitors of clubs and the like, outlaw or elite, have had to introduce. Mainly because, in this “fallen era” the vast majority of “followers” have not followed the few rarified paths of making straight, and pure, their own mind. So they are full of false beliefs, whether they kn ow it or not. This isn't something the individual should feel hostile to me for, for so saying. It's foundation is cultural, and as I say above, our dominant western culture has been awry, off-the-straight-and-narrow, corrupt, for some thousands of years.

Therefore as we are by far awry in our culture, in our social ideals, norms, expectations and standards, it follows that as individuals we will say things which a Wise and Intelligent fellow-conversationalist will know are either false, or not true.

Perhaps, like the Sages of the East recommend, one is better to say nothing than to give another, a reason to get angry.

But this doesn't happen as often as it should. So disputes and fights erupt, because one club or gang or cult member says something someone else knows is bullshit.

These situations arise only because we are generally living in false cultures, where facts and evidence are not the underlying foundation of our world/worlds, be-they social or in places of importance, like in our parliaments and law courts.

Most all of us despair when we hear our politicians talking shit. But what can we do...?

Well..., in this so-called “Age of Reason” there is a need, and the quite realistic opportunity for conversations between rival clubsters, et al, to proceed peaceably.

And this is by everyone 1st recognising, and keeping in sight, these facts, that we are all in some way, lost, off the true path, astray in not just what we believe, but in how we process what we've learned or choose to believe.

Accepting this, and that there are actually some basic truths, upon which all our worlds co-exist, or, by our ignoring them, collide, and that in the typical extended “pub convo” one side and as often both sides of a discussion, debate, argument, have a few falsities in what they say.

Unless, they have done the aforesaid mental clean-up, of seeking out the most important facts about us, as a species, in terms of how we actually are best to co-exist on a finite planet, etc., in psychological, social and cultural terms, in nurturing awake our own Intellect, which is the Divine, if-I-may, Gateway to Wisdom, and not by any exclusive upper class schooling – that is the most corrupting – but merely by essentially “Eastern Practices”, of Meditation, and living humbly and – more important than we are told – by establishing as standard, a healthy dietary regime.

As said above, our ancestor convicts suffered horribly during the transportation to Astrayliar, physically and psychologically.

But their grief was added to enormously by the minimalist food diet they were fed.

The sum of these amount to actually breeding a sub-species, who have transferred their degraded genetic make-up down the generations, such that even today, while the upclub media and political classes ignore the fallen plights of our lower classes, there are swathes of us staggering through life without the primary “equipment” to think Intelligently and Wisely. So, the ruling classes are culpable of treason, they are completely ignoring the real situationss down on the lower class ground.

Unions came into being because the few of the working classes who escaped such whole-of-being degradation, and were fortunate enough to be able to nurture their Intellects, saw these deprivations removed from the Common Folk by the ruling scum on top of the pool, and saw that by Uniting, and encouraging their own to change tack, from the “traditions” of following the masters, to teaching themselves the facts about why, what, where and how, etc, etc., could, would and should they put an end to the otherwise down-spiralling world.

That the most powerful false churches and cults have slowly infiltrated the Unions, with the very specific intentions of undermining their Working Class Integrity, to once more become subservient to the upper crust, and worst, the offshore elite, signs to us an even more crucial, vital and urgent need to close down all the western religions.

And that brings us back to the need for the parliaments to be brought to account for the corruptions of Economic Scientific facts, they have let become the standards of culture, society and the individual, et al et al.

The history of these corruptions, in Australia, are not lost in the mists of time, but are quite easily sourced in the historical records of events in the nations founding capital “Sinny”! Er TYPO! Sodom! Er TYPO! Sydney.

One of Australia's legal beacons, a 1940s leader of the ALP, H.V. “Doc” Evatt, wrote a brilliant book going to this, but the many other corruptions, and their beginnings, called simply and directly “Rum Rebellion”.

Today's dominant players are all guilty of the exact-same crimes the “rebels”, led by the superman occultist of 19th century corruption, John Macarthur, set the whole nation into accepting and following, of revolting against the legitimate and Proper Government of Admiral, Governor William Bligh, by essentially ignoring the primary land laws, of collecting the land rent for government revenue, and claiming Land for their own profit, without paying the government the rightful land rent.

So, when you're daan th' pub, jabbering to anyone who'll listen, try to keep in mind that conversation can be based on facts, and when done so, arguments do not arise.

All, as President Bill Clinton said, rests on economic truths.

Get those aspects of our life right, and, with the proper, corrective daily disciplines of Meditating away all the mental garbage the church and state force down our throats, so that we can judge for ourselves the merit or otherwise of what people say, and do, and the apocalypse might just be manageable.

1st, people have to surrender their pride, and admit they, like all of us whitearses, are Intellectually damaged, and are in need of reprogramming.

Thus ends today's slurman, entitled

Your 1st Priority, Prime Minister, Is.....!”

Only then will we elect the best government for our little nation........................................

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

OMo Biorobo
Zion's Dissident biological robot
aka King Omaxa Tudor the 1st
aka Omaxa bin Eartha
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