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Stepping back from all the shite, of politrix, etc., so offering no motivational chatter for healthy Democracy in the lead-up to the 2012 US Presidential election, I send the US President “Congratulations, and all the add-ons!”, after his re-election to the Top Spot yesserday, in the White House.

Which has me ask, as I did to myself in 2007/8, “How long before you paint it BLECK?”


What I hear, is that you essentially won some massive 70% of the vote, but am open to correction there!


Does this give cause to have HOPE!?


But it is an optimistic sign that, if the numbers are correct, Americans are coming-round to see the need for more “Social”, Cultural and environmental corrections to their otherwise wunnerful dream worlds.

It also shows perhaps that America is coming to true terms with the, their, democratic voting system at last.

Because everyone knew that 2000 was a farce, and a crime.

Also, it does seem to show that the US voters are tiring of the staid conservative stoicism of the right wing Republicans, in a time, era, where even the upper-upper class, and the least-literate, lowest income and underclass, ethnic and Hard Roader is aware of the emptiness, the hollowness, the deceits, upholding corruption, and unintelligent thinking behind Republican rhetoric, and that they themselves have a duty and an effective role to play by voting, and that it's important to take an interest, even just in not-so-deep unnerstandings of the – THE – Issues their national government must deal with.

But, other factors, like the ethnic vote, and/or the “non-white” vote play their parts.

Forgetting that I reckon it's too late for humanity to prevent a global calamity, all things considered on the USA, I expect it will play out that as the globe lurches deeper into unsustainable debt and lifestyle choices, and as the populations increase their knowledge of the behind the scenes affairs and manipulation of things which effect their own communities, thoughts and beliefs etc., there will be a wide shift to the labeled “left”, to a more Socialist way of life.

The only way this happens, is by the dispelling of the deceits spread by the seriously anti-intelligent corporate agendas, policies and self-serving – at all costs – wealthiest players.

OCCUPY's” “1%”.

But it has to have a large, LARGE, VERY LARGE Environmental component, so-as to reduce resources use, thus making a healthier ecology.

Also, uptil this century, most US politics has been almost anything but – politics, in it's proper meaning, of being focused on “policies”, and instead has been more about egomania, power, and the concentration of wealth.

Wealth, over Intelligent and Wise culture, lifestyle, personal and social health.

Surely, everyone is glad to see the end to terribly anti-intelligent government of their nations?

So..., Top Job, Mr President!

One hopes this easy win gives you the momentum and support to address those issues conservative money has stood in the way of to now, one being offshore tax havens?

That, and OH!? Land Reform!

Well Done Mr and Mrs Obama, and Family, and your Peoples' Collective Intelligence.

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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