Avaaz anti-corruption email, and MY REACTION

130912 JUST DEFIANCE Avaaz anti-corruption email, and my REACTION Edition

Some months ago, I opened my gmail window to allow “Avaaz” emails to fly in, which generally, are about social and human justice issues which concerned citizens of earth think need confronting.

Some are good, and since doing so for the 1st couple, which I was able to put my online signature, mainly I think just my email address, to, to a petition they send to governments and/or other large authorities, there's been a rush, [well..., not a rush, but there was an increase in the rate] of issues thought worth taking on by the open communities “Avaaz” allows to sign-on and create a campaign.

I can't and don't mock the Avaaz mob, their site, or the concept.

There's shitloads of people out there, now interglobally [internet and global], who are pissed with things as they are, and are eager to do something to contribute to making a better world.

You can't knock people who want to try.

But..., the old reality creeps up on all of us, eventually, and is well understood by the powerhouses of the world. So well understood that the elite powerhouses have, for well over 100 years gone out and blackmailed, subverted, invented their own “social justice organizations”, so-as to assume, usually covertly, control of the whole of the planet's mainstream “social justice” mechanism, and organizations.

You DON'T WANT TO KNOW, the seedy sides of the many large worldwide NGOs of today.

But I'd still like to support this Avaaz mob, albeit that the “a little knowledge is dangerous” adage applies when “inspired” volunteers chime in with their ideas of how to help the world.

Also, and this really shits me, volunteer organizations, especially in the fields of social justice, are known, by my experiences in them, to be riddled with slippery bastards who are not there for anything but to scam the usually government funded set-ups' funds, for themselves.

But..., in these types of “shops”, there's always a shortage of funds. Not because of the scammers, but because governments in their benefactorial roles try but cannot dish out large sums to all of them. So even the largest of them, are run on “shoe-string budgets” mostly.

So those who are paid to work for the “volunteer” organizations, typically in the management levels, usually do so with large doses of goodness in their hearts, and are genuinely dedicated to doing the right thing. They are mostly, from my experience, “salt of the earth”people, without whom the larger society would be enormously less moral, and less intelligent.

And, with their not being paid huge amounts, so sacrifice sometimes a lot, for the sustenance of the organization, and so, of the larger group or society they serve, in some cases, it's not unreasonable for them to “play the game”, the larger game of corruption, which bring the need for their organizations into being in the 1st place, for their own side-benefits.

If they don't undermine the work and the group they work within, and this way affords them a few improvements to their otherwise lesser-paid existence, then, it ain't all bad, methinks.

However..., this mornin' there was an email from Avaaz in my inbox.....

It didn't have that option to simply and at no cost, put my name, or signature, or email address to a petition, which they typically did inform us is to be sent to such as the UN, or the US government, or Australia's etc.

It only asked for DONATIONS, by clicking on the link???


Guards pop up all over my mental screen!

What was worse, though might be simply a “cause” set-up using this Avaaz website, by some naïve monkey wanting to pave the road to Hell?

But what was worse, was that it tried to sell itself by using

“the root of all evil - corruption” as it's driver?

“Naive”? Either the poster, constructor of this appeal for donations was but a child, with mummies help on the internet, and was just a little bit naïve and a little bit illiterate, for thinking that “corruption” is the root of all evil, or the poster constructor of this Avaaz appeal FOR DONATIONS - NOT your email address/signature for a petition to governments, etc etc., was a shuckster, trying to scam “the volunteer” and willing wanting and loving to help the Avaaz, and/or the world in general public?

Being out here, so not in any social group of like minds who might also contribute to this specific “Avaaz” site, and for being otherwise focused..., I haven't followed up on whether my previous signatures have gone to the said recipients, with any positive effect.

So, I don't know if Avaaz does what they say they'll do with my online data they undoubtedly cream off each time we link online, or whether the petitions make a difference to us avoiding Armageddon?

I guess, even in this most degraded era, where shucksters are every-fucking-online-where, we, I, must maintain SOME level of trust and expect the people running Avaaz ARE “kosha” are genuine, and are incorruptible?

I guess?

But shucksters being what Nimbin is all about, I MEAN, everywhere, it struck me, in my CYNICAL-EXTREMIST online mood, that Avaaz might even be shonky to the degree where they spend say, a year, building trust and support from their stated “millions” of participants and contributors, as a bone fide human justice association, such that they lure us all in, and win our trust, then - BANG! With one, or a series of foul swoops, they ask for DONATIONS, and disappear like the wind, with several million willing peoples' $10, $100, $1000 donations, never to be poor again!?

Being from the white, middle-upper-upper classes of the world, most of them will be, this kind of thing, is second nature to them. Ask any True Fella Bleck Fella?

But..., I don't think so.

Here's the text of their appeal for MONEY to help kill corruption...:

On Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 2:08 AM, Ricken Patel - Avaaz.org wrote:

Dear friends,

Underneath it all -- the devastation of our environment, the subversions of democracy, the cover ups of human rights violations -- there's one pervasive poison: Corruption. But together, we just might have the antidote.

When politicians work for people, everything we care about gets better. And when they work for big money, everything suffers. Corruption is as old as the hills, but something unexpected is happening… the tide seems to be turning. Avaazers are teaming up with local activists in places like Brazil, India and Italy to build mass anti-corruption movements, and more and more, we're winning!

The strategy is to focus on one goal: to kick corrupt politicians out of office, and so end the culture of impunity in which corruption thrives. In Brazil, we played a key role in helping pass the Clean Record Law, which barred politicians convicted of corruption from running for office. It was hailed as a political revolution, barring thousands of dirty candidates!

In Italy, we helped fight off Berlusconi's gag law, which gave cover to politicians under criminal investigation. In India, we've rallied to protect a court ruling to sack guilty leaders.

In each case, the level of public support has been gigantic. And in a social media age where we can track and counter their every move within hours, politicians are finding it hard to make their old tricks (bury something in committee, quietly buy off the press) work. This model is working -- let's take it to the next level. Click below to pledge a donation to expand our anti-corruption work with more campaigns, more investigators, more damning opinion polls and media exposes -- and let's strike at the root of what ails us:


When just one dirty politician goes down for their crimes, it sends a message to the rest that they may be next. When hundreds of them do, there's only one word for what happens next: Revolution. That's what le Monde called the outcome of the ‘Clean Record’ campaign in Brazil. Millions of Avaazers teamed up with dozens of civil society organizations to pass that law, which was initially declared impossible because 30% of the people who needed to vote for it were themselves under investigation! But vote for it they did. How?

Time and again, we're finding a winning equation to beat corruption, against even the worst odds:

a smart, sensible, easy to understand anti-corruption measure like the clean record law +
absolutely gigantic public support, on the order of 98% of the population! +
rapid, nimble campaigning over many months to match the politicians' every squirm and wriggle to delay or dilute the measure, forcing, in the end, an up or down vote on it.

= WIN!

We've seen transformative results with this in Brazil, huge wins in Italy, promising beginnings in India, and much more. But to take it to the next level, we need funds to bring civil society coalitions together, hire experts to draft effective measures, run nimble media campaigns and opinion polls, and keep the pressure sustained over many months until the corrupt politicians realize their day in the sun is over, and give in. Corruption is public enemy number 1, sucking the hope and life out of our democracies and every issue we care about -- let's take this promising new corruption-killing model of campaigning to scale:


Together, every week, we strive for better, more responsive and accountable government, whether it be on a particular issue of justice, poverty, human rights, democracy or the environment. We've helped put politicians on notice like never before that the people are watching. But we're getting bolder. Winning battles isn't enough. It's time to change the system. Corruption has tyrannized too many of us for too long. It's time for a revolution.

With hope,

Ricken, Ian, Maria Paz, Ari, Rewan, Alice, Heather and the whole Avaaz team

Nevertheleeeesss...? I certainly didn't donate anything to this “LET'S KILL THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL - CORRUPTION!!” Avaaz campaign, and instead, replied to them, with this.....:

Yeah, good on yer, Ricken, and buddies.

If Avaaz ever was the Honorable group it says it is/was, then this type of hype, using cliches like "the root of all evil - corruption" has Avaaz drop down the list into the basket of the millions of scams.

If you want to get to and expose and correct the "root of all evil", you have to Man-Up, as the say, and address the actual root of all evil -

"Unjust, uneconomic, inequitable land distribution".

It's what subverts all tax or revenue issues,
thus the ability of government to actually govern honestly,
it perverts totally our culture, and
is the root cause of the vast majority of personal mental health and security issues,
leaves the masses, AND the elite, no choice but to resort to your root, "corruption"
to pay the rent,
or the equally evil "mortgage" [french for "death pledge"]
and banking in general.

It's what forces people into subhuman workplaces, jobs and living standards, and
is what drives the push for ever-increasing wages and salaries.

It upholds a closely related "root of all evil" -
the real estate industry, and
their ignorant, selfish and evil lust to falsely push up land prices.

It utterly perverts all markets,
from the local green grocer
to the global stock markets.

It screws every business person's chance of running a clean business,
because the biggest overheads are locational values and tax,
where were Land distribution Properly addressed and made right,
the land rent would be the tax.

So, we win twice,
with the almost total eradication of all current taxes ["all tax is theft"]
paid instead in the land rent,
to the local councils,
who then forward whatever is needed up to national government.

Go read Mr Henry George's "Social Problems" to start your awakening to the real root of all evil, then come back and ask for "donations" for your cause?

I actually, am disgusted at your cheap attempt to garner donations from a willing public by saying you're taking on "corruption".

The road to Hell is paved with good, but shallow, unintelligent, unscientifically researched whiteguy christian intentions.

If you DO want to get rid of corruption, there's an Hell of a lot of homework you have yet to do, including into
the economic science of land rent for government revenue, and
dive into the depths of Philosophy of what makes us think the ways we do.

But underlying all of it, is
of the universe,
of the land,
of economics, which is how humans interrelate with the planet, and
of the occult.

I actually ask that you withdraw this appeal to get donations, and repost it once you have done the above-mentioned homework, defined the tasks, the targets, the Knowledge, and the Proper Alternatives to reduce corruption.

And, I put it that "corruption" is based in bad laws.

"One man's corruption is another man's income". It all depends on the laws making one income legal, and another illegal.

Go figure.

All the best.

The following is always at the bottom of their emails/appeals/newsletters, which I include for your benefit.

I restate that I don't think Avaaz is a scam. (But, what would I know?)

It's just my “healthy paranoia” operating properly. Banks, are a scam. Real estate is a scam. MacDonalds is a scam. Britain is a scam. Government is a scam. Religion is a scam. So....?

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