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130916 Just Defiance Words on god and Atheism Edition

Hey...?  C'mon?  Gods is magic stuff.

Some dude, megalomaniac wizard, unhappy with their own lot, hungering for POWER over others, [full of "demons" of unsorted psycho-pathologies, of the lost tribes of WRONG WAY religion, never really truly HAPPY inside] goes out, captures a nubile, a gullible, starts messing with his/her mind, goes into their dream-spaces, appears HUGE, powerful, almighty.

The kid/adult/sucker wakes up "I'VE BEEN VISITED BY THE LORD!!!"


Zeus.  Thor.  Hecate, Yova.  All of 'em.

Some, no doubt, were pretty cool and wise etc., HUMANS, once, and some, fairly enough, were  powerful types.

Some, ancient national, or tribal leaders, ruled with might and with justice.

Eventually [DERR?!?!] they die, and for their good-guy behavior, moves up a notch in the dimensions, were still seen by their tribes, revered, given higher status of those the peoples knew about in the afterlife.

Rah Rah Rah.

Time, tribes loss of their own independence, sovereignty, power, leaders and "priests", shaman and sages, oracles et al, try to keep the tribe together, under some common "hero" past king, to hold to, to revere, to recall as an example of why they should be good chappies and lassies.

Rituals of reverence become degraded until they're like the Vatican's are today, full of shit, meaning nothing. Accept to the idiots in funny hats in the centre of all the fancy hooplaalaalaa.

But, time, the general decay of all those high and mighty attributes of passed tribal leaders and their Warriors, are amplified by the current cult bosses and moaners, headbangers [on old walls!] evermore desperate to keep the flockers coming to church, to throw money at the honchos, and soon enough, we have "GOD!" "YHVH", and a Rama Rama Rama.

The further from any recognition and general respect for the powers of the occult the tribe falls, the more magic is abused to keep them trapped in the beliefs systems.

That's precisely why they're so stupid.

[{[ And on that, the Dudes who were actually smart, weren't so exceptionally "higher" in "godliness", etc.

They were merely not caught by dark artists, and were free of mind to engage their own higher mind, the Intellect, the, in Sanskrit, "Buddhi", "reason", exactly as that Fella JC was. He, and others, "Buddha", etc., "appeared" as "enlightened" [not a word used in the ancient west" or in old Israel], not because he was a super son of, THE ONLY SON OF god,  but because all the rest of 'em, were dumb as dogshit! Or.., is that godshit?]}]

But, of course, by then, by now, it's all wrapped up in the pride of the priesthood, the clergy, the admin, the theocracy, their riches, banks, and their FUCKING REAL ESTATE!

So Hey OOooowh! We LOVE god, when he gives us some LAND!

But, there's always a price!  And once you've signed over your soul to them, they demand you prove your "faith"  [now, where have I seen THAT word before???]

YOU MUST KILL THAT son of a BITCH, who threatens my ER-AHUMM GOD'S superiority [and real estate shares!]

And AWAY WE GO "Back to Jerusalem"  parts 1-to-1948!!!

Best way to shut the fucks of cult religion up, is to TAX THEM!


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