ALP Rudd & the root of all evil - “catholicism”

130912 JUST DEFIANCE ALP Rudd & the root of all evil - “catholicism” Edition

Defocusing away from the debacle of the post 07/09/13 ALP election defeat, but reading a few articles here and there, different opinions and details emerge as worth a sling full of dirt.

Unsurprisingly, “leadership” issues bounce to the fore of the ball court, with some senior ALP members warning that K Rudd, must go, for good.

Other newsy items tell of the aspiring few ready to jump on his carcass and into his seat.

And everyone is really going through the motions but not really wanting to be in the country, let alone being stuck in that vacuous pit of ALP leadership oxymorons.

WHO? Can blame them?

Julia Gillard saw the tunnel, and starting digging her own tunnel OUT of the shitpit.

Rudd did as best he could, against the tsunami of Murdoch's ILLEGAL political interference in the election process, and should be saluted for his efforts. He did save the furniture, and, were it not a lost cause, purely for the BULLSHIT from below, from the LNP's and Murdoch's caverns of dark minds, he could have had Labor win the election.

Or, more correctly, the ALP/Greens/Independents could have won.

That Clive Palmer shouted about AEC and vote-counting CORRUPTION, then went mute on those REAL-and present-dangers [to Democracy] issues, once it became clear to him that he was gonna win his seat, tells me he either was told to shut up on the obvious corruption EVERYONE of the political class has known about, and quietly accepted for decades, perhaps for 11 or 12, or 20-point-5 decades, or, he is as corrupt as the rest of them, and saw that, with either his win, or his being GIVEN a win [if he shut up], he wasn't THAT into a “revolution” as he spoke about in his televised debate with Bob Katter a week or so before the election, nothing changes.

That another ballot intrigue down in Victoria influenced things toward less “major party” MPs, in the final result, in the electorate of “Indi”, where “like magic” a bag full of “counted” ballots, all for the Independent candidate, and thus counting against the LNP incumbent “Sofie Mirabella” leaves me with more certainty that the whole affair is completely stage-managed from “on-high” somewhere in the offices of god, of whichever god is listening to someone like ME, who champed at the bit prior to the election and championed to the psychic ether for voters to vote for ANYONE BUT the major parties.

So, having champed at various bits prior to the 2004 federal election, in favor of putting Mark Latham Esquire, into the ALP leadership chair, whence I wuz got at soon after, and took a vagrant drive through outback Queensland, deserting the ALP campaign totally, whence Markus suddenly collapsed with pancreatic problems, then championed the new bloke come the 2007 election, one Kevin Rudd Esquuse me, it does feel like the god of offices relies somewhat on the shit that dribbles or froths out my vocal orifice?

But whether goo [god of offices] listens to me or not, for some reason my thinks reach high places and change or straighten the road here and there.

After 18 years literally “on the roads” of astrayliar, it seems goo has selective hearing, and doesn't hear me bitching about wanting somewhere PRIVATE to rest my weary bones.

Just as well then, that I LIKE the roads of Australia.

But the latest newsy shit off the 'net on matters ALP, say 1, Rudd has to sling hisself up on his own catholic cross, leave the party AND PARLIAMENT altogether, and 2, that the couple of replacements, are half-hearted, and would probably prefer to get wasted on a tropical island, and wake up to a bottle of painkillers and a result where heaven has fixed the problems the ALP is slowly being killed by.

To me, for goo's ears only, Shorten is too career-focused, and wants the top job, sooner than he is qualified for.

His being the son-in-law of the outgoing governor-general, Quentin Bryce, herself not any horror show, but clearly a stooge of some faction, cult or power-hungry manipulator, perhaps most, of men, ie., of the matriarchy, warns my psychic instincts off Bill.

Although he does show some level of pragmatic intelligence.

But while the backroom shenanigans that is Labor of the last 1600 years, is not called out and admitted to by the party, and that Bill rose so quickly up the ranks from a previously unheard-of existence, prior to the northern Tassie mining disaster, that he's the S-i-L of Bryce, tells me “..not until he has some runs on the board”.

“Albo” Albanese, being the other member with a few nods, and possibly the mettle, is well capable of leading the party like the rest of them, along the tracks, and like the rest of whiteguys of the white world, down the cul-de-sac, eventually.

But, he seemed to me to be there to do his job, more than be there for any delusional aspirations to be THE BOSS one day.

He's capable and smart, and for not “appearing” to be aspiring for the top chair, shows the necessary integrity we need there.

But, again, I harp back, or on, again, about the unreality of “leaders” in-general, in this far more “awake” age.

In an age where most of us, who are not just selfish pigs attaching themselves to the tits of the church for the milk of their land-owing kindness.

Where most of us are self-aware enough to see the bullshit behind the church and it's dogma, it's beliefs, it's bullshit god and religious corrupting influences, and are less afeared to admit that we are NOT a christian nation this century, and, that if we do want to do the very best for the future, we have to go passed the cult crap, and employ our evolved intellects to divine the true ways for the species.

True ways, dare I suggest, not of “godlessness” as the “faithful” fools so readily label Atheists, but of an Intelligent Route forward.

If it appeases the fools of faith, then let's say “god” has evolved, changed format/s, appears to us in different, more intelligent ways now.

Whatever, the old "god's" presence over the affairs of state, must be removed, and a newer reliance has to be sought, found, proven, approved by the rituals of Science, and shown fully, openly to the voters.

If any - but better, a Wise Committee of the ALP Membership, from all branches, can take this to the Caucus, to the party conferences -

 one of which must be called before parliament sits again -

and is Brave enough to take on the offshore influences, telling them also, that they are out of date, by about 1600 years, if not SIX THOUSAND, and reset the bias, away from this debacle of “leaders” and to the Intelligent Management Committee, yes, with a rotating chair, purely for that benefit of “logistic” tactical” formation, where the various priority issues are known and so better coordinated, then, I, if not goo, say, that the ALP, can be lifted BY THE PEOPLE, back into the role of government.

Because I am absolutely certain that the 7th September election, no matter at all that the drongo's party got in, was the voters telling you party hacks, and welded-oners, that the game is up, and that WE DON'T HAVE ANY FAITH IN YOU ANYMORE.


On finding a Fairfax media online article which said somethings about the latest developments in Labor's rebirthing, I tried to fling this at 'em.

But could find one with comments “open”.

So I flung the following at one of the reporters, on THEIR ABC website article, Simon Cullen.

Better the federal ALP stay without a "leader" for a few months, as the options are no improvement.

It has another deeper issue, like "their" ABC, not yours, not mine, and certainly not average Australians, which is the root of all evil catholic church.

Until the voters, and their much more informed kids, who will be the beneficiaries - OR NOT - of more of the same CORRUPTION in these houses, know the ALP and our parliament generally, has faced itself, on a per-person basis, and cleaned out their own houses of the mind, by dropping this crusty and stale, long dead, death-worshiping cult, a cult entirely FOREIGN to Australians of True Spirit, especially the Humblest, and Wisest of us.., our Indigenous Land Owners, they will never again have "faith" in the ALP.

Or, the ABC.

Sorry, whiteguys, but it is NOT your illusion, to play with, to suit your errant unsustainable false god big-house desires.

And it doesn't belong to any deluded fools of any false "matriarchy" either.

Clean these issues out, trash them and work on building something more Truth-based, and Scientific, or it's all over.

By the end of the scribing, I was pissed with the lot of them. Media, especially THEIR ABC, and the political class all-up.

So I was writing from the position of “The INVOKER” of really nasty eruptions, and heatwaves, and things, with the unsaid intent of eliminating the whole fucking planet, if something PROPER doesn't start reforming itself, and the party, and MY Nation of True Fellas, etc....

So, time to sit back, light the sticks of incense, slow the synapses down, and wait.....

Opening the blog page, I glanced on another headline on Google news, about Rudd's reform just before the election on how the party should elect it's leaders.

“Rudd's leadership reforms critical” says one of the senior Labor members. To whit, I think this refers to Kev's corrections away from a caucus or MPs-only election process to where 50% of the party's members also have a vote.

I might be off the mark here, but it does seem to me to be heading in the right direction of the party's clean-up. 

Not, as far as I reckon, it has to go, to a far more honest and overt agenda of selection, and not of a leader, but of a management committee, which of course, is what caucus is.

I guess, were the Caucus, and more so the one we know of the last 3 and 6 years, able to vent their views openly, they'd agree that the whole false focus on the leader as some god of superior talents etc, is BULLSHIT, of the stale era of a dead religion of false hero-makers.

And, were the Caucus allowed, they'd as likely do whatever they could to form a Caucus, a Committee, free altogether of the leadership being the centre of attention.

As all this last 6 years has been about the opposition targeting “the leader” in Kevin Rudd, then Gillard, we might be right in psycho-analysing MURDOCH, as wanting this bullshit, of one head of everything, remaining, so he can assert his dysfunctional selfish superiorist delusional beliefs about HIMSELF?

But we shouldn't ever forget that having one personage to target makes it much easier for the devil to bring down the lot of the government.

But another reason why any serious party, who is not drowning in it's members insane egomania, aka the LNP, and who is intelligent enough to know the need for a spread of selflessness in government, for the good of all, to abandon the false marketing and media attention-seeking of a “leader”.

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