I will never ever introduce a GST!” promised extreme right wing LNP leader John Winston Howard before introducing - a GST - in the late 1990s!

LNP party leader Tiny Abbort in his 2013 election campaigning, gave Australians the promise that he would not increase the GST.

But a fortnight into their new tenure, their lesser co-conspirators, the right wing LNP state governments, feeling the pinch of, in Western Australia, falling profits from a slowdown in mining exports, and a generally criminal tax system, have told media they want the federal LNP government to increase the GST, from 10% to 12.5%.

I don't think the people would really mind if the GST was increased from 10% to 12.5%”, [paraphrased] said W.A. Premier Colin Barnett this morning on ABC radio, going on to say he would urge the new prime miniature to increase it.

So, we wait, knowing the outcome, from the two leaders of the right wing “austerity” party, the LNP, to slime the public into becoming inured to such an increased impost, so they can make the move.

Adding to the popular consensus as shown in the election results, of a clear shift by the voters away from the two major parties, the LNP and the ALP, that the two majors are not Democratically-minded, but work together against the good government and benefit of all of us, LNP's partner in taxation crimes-writ-large, the ALP state's parties, have agreed that a rise in the GST is a good idea.

So, we wait, for how long, for the try by the new austerity LNP federal government to legislate to increase the GST.

As Barnett said, “I don't think the people will mind an increase from 10% to 12.5%”.

I put it that the people will not mind, mainly because a majority of them know very well how to get around paying any GST.

Australia is, no more or less than any other 1st world nation, a nation that makes it's “wealth”, from criminal activities, which are not subject to such criminal taxes. Criminal monetary activity is part and parcel of life in the opulent 1st world. Most people know it, accept it, partake of it.

And, as Australia's underworld overlord of the last half of the 20th century, Kerry Packer, once asked a journalist, “Can you give me one reason why I should pay any tax?

Obviously, the journo, but a junior reporter, backed down, against Packer, “the Goanna” head of Australian crime syndicates.

But Packer had a good, well, sort of good point.

He, a media mogul billionaire, perhaps up there with the most informed of them, knew well of the fundamental crimes of our governments, of the three-tier federal/state/local council system of government, of the corruptions which had been imposed from the 1808 rum rebellion on, to this day, across the nation, and that taxation was indeed, the biggest theft, while it was not coming from what the aforementioned “John Howard” our 1996-2007 extreme right wing LNP prime miniature [he's only about 1 metre tall], once told ex-ALP leader, the Great Mark Latham, when Mark interviewed Howard in the 1980s, was “the Most Honest Tax” of Land Rent. The “Economic Rent”.

Packer though, being many generations a New South Welsh Australian, so completely familiar with corruption, of land distribution laws, taxes and everything else that follows, was himself a key player in land speculation and made as much of his billions from that sordid trade.

Generally despised for his ruthless, brusque manner in business, he nevertheless was as much so for his knowing of the great and general travesty of Australian government and the underlying corruptions embedded deep across the upper, landed class, from which the landed class made their piles.

Possibly a better Australian than most, in fact, for Packer was aware of these terrible imposts and perversions of laws, of finance and of wealth-creation, and that they were imposed by our overlords “over there”, in Britain. I think he quietly despised the British, for how it maltreated Australia, and Australians? That, was as much what drove Packer to partake of the world of corrupt business, merely to not let the fucking poms win it all.

But, we're all only so able to fight against larger tyrannies, and all eventually become too involved to take any grand and righteous steps to make it a better world. So Packer died our richest, but perhaps not quite our most corrupt Australian.

Until about ten years ago, most Australians were simply corrupt. Most did not know there was a method of government which could be free of corruption, assuming life was corrupt, and “...there's nothing we can do about it, so let's just accept it and get on with getting away with everything we can!

Avoiding tax being the general priority.

So, lifting the GST another 2.5% will not be looked down upon by most Australians. We are, after all, a leading world economy, a 1st world nation. And everyone knows 1st world nations are the most corrupt, and the most corrupting of everyone else.

Various 1st world international excuse organizations do their warping thing and survey the planet for things like “the most corrupt nations”, etc.

“'Zimbabwe', 'Uganda', 'Bulgaria' are the world's most corrupt nations, according to a report from Tranferancy International released this week”, come media news items now and then.

Abou as credible as reports we had to endure here during the Howard years, sayinng “Peter Costello [Howard's Treasurer”] is the world's best treasurer!

Classic 1st world “winners” writing, rewriting history, ignoring their own mobs', nations' and cultures' chasms of corruption, perversion, distortions of reports and surveys and findings and science, etc, because they control the media, and so the peoples' beliefs.

Classic “Tammany Hall” “Chatham House” BOOOOLLLLLLSHSHSHIT!

And taxes slowly increase. Deeper austerity measures are imposed on the bottom 70%.

Media so controls everything that the 70% are ignored by the top 30%, who lick right wing political-class arse, to stay up there and in favor.

Positive figures from the housing industry this week show a rise in house prices!


Wealth in 1st and 3rd world countries, is such that once a person, or corporation reaches a certain level, tax can be avoided almost altogether, and wealth becomes self-generating, making an excess of wealth merely on it's own bank interest.

That's why “offshore tax-havens” exist, so the wealthy can keep shifting their profits around the planet, avoiding paying their dues to the respective governments. Look at most offshore tax havens, and I think you'll see the general population in them are poor, oppressed, powerless against dictatorial governments who are nothing more than puppet regimes installed by the 1st world nations, themselves IMF corporations of course, to be there as security services to protect the world's wealthiest peoples' illgotten gains. Away from 1st world, and less wealthy nations' taxation systems.

The exceptions are the opposite.

Switzerland. Luxembourg. And others are the epicenters of this “tax haven” scam, and the residents, the citizens are amongst the wealthiest, or, at least the most comfortably-off.

Perhaps one of the cruelest ironies, in regard to good and honest taxes, and not, is that Switzerland itself has the most honest tax, of government collecting the Economic Rent from it's citizens. And by their local councils! [I think?]

This is the basis of any nation being able to spread it's wealth most equitably across the polity. Across the people.

Where you find no “Land Tax”, the REALPolitik label for the “Economic Rent”, you have the greatest disparities across the populations, the greatest divisions between rich and poor.

Because it is this tax, or the lack of this tax, which creates the classes, upper, the landed classes, to lowest, the landless underclasses.

This is corrupt laws of distribution of the Land.

Kevin Rudd's ALP Government up until 2010, did it's best to bring this “Land Rent for Revenue” to the top of the list, affirmed by the 2009 Federal Treasury's “Henry Tax Review”, as having the greatest merit of all taxation reforms and proposals, and this was almost introduced nationwide.

But, the mining lobby is here, huge, wealthy and thus powerful, and has wealthy links with our biggest buyer of our minerals, China. Australia beginning to tax the land, and thus the resources from it, meant our mining magnates, Rheinhart, Forrest, Palmer, and others, would have to pay the proper tax for their selling our resources overseas.

As well, of course, the mega-bucks real estate industry makes ALL it's wealth from us not having this most level playing field revenue-raiser.

Entwined through these exist, as silent partners in the most anti-Democratic economic systems on earth, in the galaxy, rampage the religious cults - jewish, christian, masonic, etc etc.

And who are the best cronies and “friends” with our new LNP right wing “speculate and profit on everything we can” government?

Go figure...?

So we are now that much less able to ever see the most honest tax introduced in Australia.

But “OH SHIT YEAH! Let's impose the least honest taxes on the lowest 70%”.

12.5% GST coming your way, SOON!”



So, today we hear the murmurings of the first broken promise of the new LNP far-right-wing extremist government of Australia, with a subtle, one-level-removed call from their partners in major taxation crimes, the LNP and the ALP state governments to increase the GST .

GST which hits lower class people the most. Once more, the wealthy have ways, and inroads to government, to avoid either paying GST at all, or only paying it on minimal purchases, insignificant to their overall expenses.

We may well wonder when Tiny Abbort breaks his statement, perhaps a commitment, of the last weeks, that his government will not touch the pension?

Oh what a lovely war!

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