Syria Or Not Syrius

130904 JUST DEFIANCE Syria Or Not Syrius Edition 

Further chatter off The Conversation article  Malcolm Fraser: Syria attack ‘illegal’ by ex-PM Malcolm Fraser, where, for a change I engaged a couple of other commenters...

Max Cook
REALPolitik Outlaw Journalist
In reply to Mary ­_________
Mary O Mary? The world doesn't, never has and never will work like that. Progress is a scam, Democracy and law courts all show, so well done as to have you and the comfy classes utterly blind to the brutality of real life, and free to dream your dreams, vote for your ideologues, and still have a house and warm fire with friends to sip vino in front of, at the end of the day/epoch/war.
Syria, the topic, is but one front.
Hardly a region on earth is not earmarked for subterfuge, infiltration and subversion of politics and warlords' dominance these days. War is the agenda, and it is planned to spread worldwide asap.
Our region too.
The comfy club benefiting from the churches buy-off [bribe, aka, 30-pieces of silver, to betray the natural world], for the last several centuries, is paying off for the global elite, such that they march in and do whatever they want - read need in resources - anywhere. And the comfy homeowners sit mute, turning to another channel a blind eye to the horror of reallife, out there.
Politics and politicians, monarchs and diplomats are only where they are as long as they play the ruthless games of the never-known power-mongers.
Therefore...? ENJOY the spoils!
Hyperbola and hopes of the wordy many, are futile and but dust. er...? hot air, wasting their and your time, filling time between adolescence and death.
While we think mere safe, polite conversation and debate can save us, without ever having to get up {"Get Up!], leave the lounge room, drop our pleasant inheritances [as-in forget we ever had them], discard our accoutrements, take up our arms, axes, picks, shotguns, molotovs and a month's food pack, and march with Comrades for weeks to the core of the corruption, then wage war fearless of our own death, against the zombies of the 1%'s guards, we are lost.
Thus.., we are lost.
So..., you voted for Abbott? :]

Mary ________

In reply to Max Cook
Good grief, Max.
I fear you are right, but I really hope there is hope nonetheless.
I will continue to bang away from my little lefty greeny soap box in the corner of comfortable middle class suburbia. I know full well the masses in this lovely country are blinded by comfort and don't want to share anything let alone think or get off their backsides and fight for what's right. Let's just put up walls and eat cake while everyone else in the world has to suffer real life.
I just worry that we Aussies are like Nero fiddling while the rest of the world burns. It will come to us eventually. I know full well I wouldn't last 10 seconds in a real fight, so just let me live in hope that people like me can make a difference by sending out my thoughts into cyberspace. Trying to encourage anyone else with vague hopes that the 98% can triumph over the 1% using passive resistance and education about better ways to do things. (Like not voting for Tony Abbott).
Viva the internet!

Max Cook

REALPolitik Outlaw Journalist
In reply to Mary _________
Yeah, hope is useless without action.
Nero fiddled [disputed by historians] I think, because he realized he was but a puppet in a much more powerful game/play, and that anything he did was either prescripted or useless. And, I reckon, because he knew it, life, was/is all an illusion. So fiddle music being so soothing to the soul, what else would an emperor do?
I rant online too though, so contradict myself writing brutal stuff like that, albeit brutal truth, perhaps opposed to "virtual reality".
But the fact remains, that hope, like words, is/are useless without action.
One billion people on the streets globally PROTESTING against the western elites mismanagement of the planet might prove this medium more than virtual illusion, for the mass medium reaching that far.
Keep keyboarding. But keep a bug-out pack ready also.

Mary ________

In reply to Max Cook
See you on the barricades, Max.

greg _____

In reply to Max Cook
You are so correct in your assessment Max. However I pray we use NVDA Non violent Direct Action in our tilt at the windmill edifice.
We do not have to be violent. But daring and creative, honest and brave. Violence is merely acceding to their game.
The hand of violence is ever more powerful in the hands of the state. We do not win the hearts and minds of the many with such antics. And even if it was thought a fair tactic as the lesser of two evils, how would it bear up and persevere?
However to gain the 'rise up' out of the social media is a possibility. There is a growing sense of purpose amongst a broad front of the 98%.
I've collected signatures on petitions, blogged and commented, read and thought, attended actions and lectures, protested; I sense there is a shift in the air.
How big? How soon? Keep up the good fight.

Max Cook
    REALPolitik Outlaw Journalist
    In reply to greg________ 
    Thanks for the tick, Greg.
    As for your...
    "...We do not have to be violent. But daring and creative, honest and brave. Violence is merely acceding to their game.
    The hand of violence is ever more powerful in the hands of the state."

    I was raised and honed to the Fabianist way, but brute-reality and a life of inquiry and combat-assessment, showed me it's flaws.
    I do still want to believe a passive, intellectual offensive will bring the mongers to their senses. And, to that, persist in throwing my word-grenades at them. [www.maxearth.blogspot.com.au]
    But history, and observation, and experience, does indicate otherwise. Like Dad giving me the old "clip over the ear" to snap me out of some hex I was stuck in, on some, usually trivial, subject.
    The deeper the spell, most severe amongst the fanatics of power "up there", and those who sell their souls for material comforts, the harder the "clip" is [usually] needed.
    Remember, the brutal megalomaniacs reject the intellect over sheer might.
    Like the egoist cannot possibly understand anything a genuinely "spiritual" soul [not your soft mainstream, spoiled catholic, but your ascetic Buddhist or Hindu or Taoist reclusive Sage] utters, the megalomaniac scoffs at the divinations of higher mind, resorts to the battle-axe.
    They have not had the fortune of guidance to opening their Intellect, so don't know, understand, or believe it even exists.
    Again, it's all a matter of them being captured by some dark artist. But try telling them! And, the dark artist is never "the state", but a self-interested corporate baddie, if-I-may.
    So... "The hand of violence is ever more powerful in the hands of the state." of yours, is right.
    It's just that the world has not seen "The State" for so long we do not have a clue as to what the "State" actually is, nor how it Properly functions.
    Australia for one, has never been "a state" in any true sense. 1, under a monarchy, which has been as well, under the thumb of the IMF, ex-British East India Company, nor 2, under "Democratic Rule" by us.
    We, and the whole "British Commonwealth" are all employed or pensioned-off, by dent of the corporation. Which is really why we regard governments, here, the old USSR, but most, in the USA, as severe, brutal, merciless.
    It's only for the Demo's lack of knowledge on "Democracy" and on who actually runs our lives, that we let the IMF-type run us, and the planet.
    They know that of course, so do everything they can to keep us meek, lame, powerless.
    So, a "tick" for the internet, while it enables the free-dissemination of data, information, facts, knowledge, wisdom, rahrahrah, and we must hope [Mary] and WORK-WORK-WORK to ensure 1st, that the Knowledge IS Knowledge, and is NOT more [Roman] weapons of mass-distraction, then use the medium to spread the raw, basic, simple Truths - Facts, Knowledge - as far as we can.
    O? The "Critical Mass!?!"
    Besides, any hypothetical ONE BILLION PROTESTORS, marching worldwide against the global tyranny, simply in the energy such would ignite, could be said to be a pretty violent act?
    Would the pacifist object to that?
    If all the knobs on the 'net were for real, they get off the screens and onto the streets, but not just for some sunny Sat'dee arvo, marching arm-in-arm downtown, an' a picnic in the park after.
    Like the classic movie "Warriors" the alcohol they bring, would be high octane.
    So, accepting that in the end, violence will be necessary, what is essential is the Knowledge the Warriors hold, and find their Strength, Truth and Cause from.
    The expected US bombing of Syria might be quick, precise, and bring down another innocent President, another typically corrupt regime, the installation of another puppet-dictator, and as likely bad-v-bad-v-bad etc-and-on for years into the dusty future.
    As Obama is but another puppet-President-turned-dictator, like those before him, the Middle-East will not find a resolution, and conflict will continue.
    Will continue, to support the illegal state of Israel, which is so deeply entranced it will insist on seeing in Armageddon, merely to prove itself and it's beliefs right, and will use the western alliance to get it's M.A.D. way.
    On the other hand, were the US military, it's Troops, or ONE BILLION PROTESTORS, Properly Armed with THE Knowledge, on what a True "State" actually is, and told the world the facts, Assad would more readily step aside.
    Perhaps the US Military personnel, being prepared for the assault on Syria, will "down tools" in PROTEST against this insane, ILLEGAL action?
    How many of it's Commanders do not want a repeat of Iraq 2003, and their being culpable of war crimes?
    But the US is not likely to Talk True to Israel, and tell them to make straight the road, of Laws, of borders, of walls in-and-outside of their minds.
    Maybe Christine Laguarde will...?
    One things for sure, we ain't gonna hear the facts on THEIR ABC!

Stay toon'd!, for the next exciting episode....!

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