My Election Day BITCH!

130907 JUST DEFIANCE Election Day BITCH Edition

Helen Davidson

Seems like nothing is real, especially in this election?

Because media has really only given "lip-service" to the minor parties and contenders/candidates, almost completely ignoring them in the last day or two, and focusing on the two majors, I'm suspicious? ["?"-?]

Without personal interactions with "the punter", plural, it still feels as if the polity is deeply annoyed with the majors, and with the whole system in general.

This doesn't mean however, that the Australian voters are well-informed enough to discern which option is best, all things considered, long term being now, the primary consideration, I believe.

But the wide annoyance with the "BLAH" of the media and major parties, and the media's relative focus on not just the two major parties, but worse, the two puppet-leaders, is likely to incite a larger backlash from the voters than media, pollsters or parties expect.

This could have two things in it.

One could be that we're being done over AGAIN, by the "political class" a cabal of corporate politicians and corporate media, and are not being informed as to the real picture of,

- the two-party cabal's plans after the day,
- voter discontent, and
- the reactionary, as much, tendency to vote for anyone but the major players.

Naturally-inclined right wingers to Katter's or Palmer's, or those smaller "mockery" parties. and the "lefties" to the Greens, and even further "left" to such as the Socialist Equality Party SEP, of the Communist "4th International".

No longer being a voter, for 18 years of no known address, it doesn't matter to me who, or which, wins, outside of wanting the best, in voters being savvy enough to vote against the majors' [offshore] cabal.

Leading political voices warn of a chaotic term if minors win and enforce a minority government, or even a split Senate.

I say "YAY!" if it does, because the same old two-party control always ends with us Australians being sold down the pipe to offshore interests.

And the biggest bitch being that our land prices continue to skyrocket, purely because the upper-upper wealthy classes from O/S can afford whatever it costs, come here in plane-loads singularly to view and buy the acreages, out of our income brackets' hands.

Whereas the Aussie workers' cannot afford the rising land/housing prices, and so are evermore endebted merely for a roof.

So chaos in the house will be wild, if it comes down to that minority and split powerbase, which might have benefits in that it might incite enough turmoil across the public to bring on a major protest against the bullshit, and ever increasing bullshit of our whole political structure/s?

That our biggest drain and impediment, in my opinion, to Australia ever moving up the ladder of Integrity to actually having our own, and good government, is the three-tier system, such turmoil in-and-outside of parliament may well be exactly what the nation needs to get the polity off our bums and onto the streets, to the houses of politics, and to shout down the aloof rhetorical pricks, oust them, and demand reforms to a, the, far superior two-tier structure, of local councils, rezoned and restructured of course, being the source of revenue [collection] and of National Executive Representatives.

THEN..., let's have an election!

Bring it on!

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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