Words To Other Human Warriors - Assange and Manning

130928 JUST DEFIANCE Words To Other Human Warriors Edition

Since Private FIRST CLASS Bradley Manning was sentenced to decades in prison for being Honorable and Righteous, by exposing the war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan by the western alliance military forces, but more, since Bradley shocked me at least by going for the gender-change, so becoming “Chelsea Manning”, I've written naught about either “affair”.

Also, Julian Assange has gone from our news headlines, perhaps since the 2013 Australian federal election, in which he was standing as a Senate Candidate, and so, I've not written anything about him or WikiLeaks or his hopes of representing Australians in the federal Senate.

Sorry Blokes! Err.., Ma'am! Err... “Guys!”

Both are victims of todays' evils, of cult-and-corporate military power-gone-off, and both are incarcerated for being somewhat fearless and Intelligently Honorable in challenging the dark hegemony of our times.

Both, I reckon a majority of “Human Beings” [ ie., those of this species who recognize that these Warrior's Honesty and Integrity, etc etc., make them/us Human, ] agree that neither should be restrained as they are.

Does the fight to free them go on, off the media waves?

I guess so?

I just hope, for the sakes of these two, that they are not lost of the hope that they will either or both, be vindicated, and released, soon enough.

But, with our election over, and the fervor created by the two Warrior's Actions gone from the news headlines, what hope remains, that their efforts were lasting in value and achievement?

I think since the farce of a federal politicians' “selection” on September 7th, Australians have simply gone back to their same-old-same-old, playing the world of corruption, as usual, but perhaps with a little less optimism that “We The People” can beat the enemy of world powers, marching relentlessly toward their “one world government” plans and with it, the decimation of the species?

I guess I haven't any optimistic/inspirational words to throw up here, for the world or for the two Warriors who dared take on the darkness, perhaps inspired by one lone Warrior of the Australian forests.

Other than to suggest, that we are victims of an essentially “western” ignorance, with all it's “trappings” of wealth and delusional monarchic supremacy, etc.

Most True Warriors of our times are aware of the failings flaws and outright evils of the “western” culturalists - the religions - and know well that they offer us NO Genuine Knowledge nor even paths out of Hell, about our actions and the rectitude of them, or not.

So, searching souls, looking there and finding NAUGHT, go East, and find the Essentials of why we should be Courageous.

Western whiteguy cults have modified their dogma I think, since the mysteries and secrets of the Orient have been deciphered and translated into western languages.

Up until even the turn to the “3rd millennium”, the years around “2000CE”, the western churches stuck defiantly to dead and utterly nonsensical literature [ and still now do ], which solve absolutely nothing on the “macro” fronts of global militarist and political tensions, and on the micro personal fronts of individuals dealing with those enforced beliefs and their own intelligent dissent and inner conflicts the western dogma created.

Indeed, the results of really ignorant religious dogma out of the major western cults have made all conflicts many times worse that if they'd not evangelized as they are addicted to, in trances, do.

If only the west had traveled east a thousand years earlier, we might now have figured out how we should be, to be Human Beings?

But..., NOOO! Not whiteguy!



So.., now me, “Moltvort” [??], Harry Potter and the Hell's Angels have woken us up to the secret realm/s, we know masses more than the western cults let us.

So, the mysteries and secret tomes of the East, and of the west, make more sense than they could have to previously blind, stupid, “faithful”, ie., “hypnotized” victims of western cult magic.

And, the west is now far more “enlightened” as to the “beliefs” perhaps “facts” out of the Ancient Eastern Philosophies, and, having learned the shit that is christianity, at least in it's more recent “incarnation”, is but a deceit, and that we are now equipped with the mental faculties to understand what the East has always known, and freely disseminated to it's own Peoples, we know better than ever that this 3-dimensional world is one Hell of an illusion.

Manipulable, and changing according to which ever witch or cult has the upper hand from one day to the next.

But as well, we can get a grip on our own fate, or Fortune, with the right will, and the right pathway, and with them survive the troubles, and ensure a better life for ourselves, once we've expended our time and karma down here.

A line that really shits me, but does seem to have merit, is that “hard times make us stronger”, or such.

If, we keep to the Life of Honesty, Ethics, Morality, Fearlessness, Integrity and the ongoing pursuit of our own Improved Intellect, then whatever we endure down here, in this small step of a life, we get Brownie Points for the next one, and the next, etc.

While I'm a confirmed Atheist, now, I reckon I've learned enough from the Masters of Philosophy, and of Life, to know that “gods” as the Ancients knew them - Zeus, Thor, Et Al, were once Humans, who rose up the levels after death for their own Tenacity and Morality and Strength against fucking idiots.

So we who endure the onslaughts from the ignorant powers that will never rise in Spiritual Worth, should be able to keep on keeping on, knowing for certain that our Strength in this world, will carry us higher in the following.

And, a little glee is allowed I reckon, in knowing that the fuckwits are DOOMED!


So, aside from Private FIRST CLASS Chelsea Manning knocking me sideways a lot, for her personal change, here's a few words to the two of You Champions, for Human Justice.

Also, while it seems a major task to win the Eternal Freedom out of the cycles of birth and death, to the choices of becoming one - Truly Liberated - with the First Principle, the Eternal Light, which I cannot regard or call “god” anymore, so most of us are destined to return here for more of the same, or similar, I'm sure we'll be a lot better equipped in all aspects, and thus better Forces for the Good Causes we found and saw as Right to Advocate and Fight for, in this and obviously preceding lives.

So, I reckon we'll all meet again, in the future, perhaps on a really trashed planet earth, but we'll all be right and ready to resume where the scum of the universe took us out.

See you there, Warriors!

And..., for the record -


Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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