The Western Powers Must Get Serious About Syria, Afghanistan, Israel, Switzerland, Britain, USA, Rome, and Salt Lake City

130903 JUST DEFIANCE The Western Powers Must Get Serious About Syria, Afghanistan, Israel, Switzerland, Britain, USA, Rome, and Salt Lake City Edition

Patrick Wintour and Kim Willsher in Paris
The Guardian, Tuesday 3 September 2013 06.09 AEST

Wanting nuclear war will only make my little life harder, with higher diesel prices and foods, etc.

So I threw this'n at the Guardian Australia website just now.

The aggressive west, assuming illegitimate posturing as the global cops, is essentially behind the growth of dissent and unrest across not just the Middle East, but the whole planet.
We forget that the west has been installing it's own puppet governments and leaders for well over 100 years, from the USA to China.
While the sheer arrogance, otherwise known as ignorance, persists, of the British William Hague, David Cameron, even Tony Blair, and US powerbrokers like Dick Cheney, et al, do the bidding for weapons-makers, development corporations and "illegal drugs" cartels in troubled places like the Mid-East, the only reaction from below, will be violent.
Clear to me, the causes of so much violence, are very bad laws, local, national and global.
All very bad laws, inflicted upon the less powerful, thus, typically more Honorable nations and their peoples, from the "almighty liars" riding the wave of the last 500 years of colonialist plunder, sitting "on high" in and behind the west's parliaments.
If the US Congress is so stupid, so under the thumb of psychotic multinational corporations, as to not be able to see what a bad decision [of interfering with weapons, etc,] would cause in Syria, against the least likely culprit behind the said "chemical weapons attacks", the Assad regime, then war it will be.
But not any "controlled war" as of the past.
If the Middle East goes off, it's more than likely we will see buttons pressed all around the planet, as ideologues of every persuasion, leap to be the first to strike a blow against their opposites.
With the amount of weapons of mass destruction now amassed globally, once this begins, diplomacy and even a coalition of the most powerful nations' military will be useless, and only make it worse.
Western elites! "Know Thy Self", and clean up your own minds, before you go out to "correct" others.
YOUR culture is the "wrong way" culture on earth, no matter what perceived alien threats exist.
"Energy", "resources", "land", "food", exist aplenty.
The problem is your insatiable mentality, fostered nurtured and driven into the masses by an utterly lost and insane elite.
"Christianity" in a word.
To avoid Armageddon, tax all "religions" fully.

And, then this to the next news page on Afghanistan's completely failed puppet administration

Emma Graham-Harrison in Kabul
The Guardian, Tuesday 3 September 2013 05.30 AEST

"Afghan police and army may need west's support for years...," only while the retarded western powers insist on enforcing their very bad laws.”

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