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Trying to stay OK with myself for not driving to Canberra and arresting all of ASIO and the Fed Police, for allowing such a fraudulent election to be run, and failing to write a clean worthwhile e-ssay earlier today, I was inspired to be more succinct after reading The Guardian Australia's pages, thus threw out these few....
I suspect something of a “pro-Kev” troll was steering my thoughts about Kevin Rudd as I wrote the salutary comment, below. But I think it's on-the-money, and that Kev has more talent in him, than his denigraters spoke of.
Personally, from the forests, I still see Rudd as the best choice for the ALP. Many of the ALP's troubles were with the exposed Sydney rum club, no doubt, and the nationwide, pervasive corrupting influence it has had since 1808, and since the Labor party's earliest days.
But also the catholic church MUST BE REMOVED both from the party's board, and, from Rudd's personal life. But, the latter is highly unlikely.
Nothing was said during the election campaign of the negative reactions from the voters because of their knowledge of the influence the church has within the party. But it is huge, and must be purged from within, AND, from within the ACTU hierarchy.
Also, the church must be in bed with the ALP Sydney rum club, so cannot escape being nailed to it's own cross, to die a painful death, along side of the rum clubsters of the IMF.
08 September 2013 9:59am
Abbott won the chair by subterfuge, as the LNP won government, aided and abetted by Murdoch and an huge very-antidemocratic offshore cabal.
That Abbott is now our PM says a lot about our nation's extremely low intellectual capacities, about our dangerous selfishness that-is our egomania, that-is our mental illnesses, that he is indeed, a puppet of much more powerful orders, most all overseas, and that the LNP is "the dolts' party", for there not being anyone more intelligent than Abbott to be posited in our top job.
The election was quite deliberately turned into a "presidential race" of 2 individuals competing, because individuals are easier to target and shoot down, Rudd being the one with the mark on his back, by those forces, so-as to take the focus away from the real issues we must face.
We are all, too up ourselves to admit humiliation, and admit we have failed as a nation, by electing the dolts' party to "rule", with the leading dolt as PM.
Rudd, and the ALP/Greens/Independents DID NOT fail as a government.
Their demise was entirely by subterfuge.
MI6 has a lot to answer for, when they meet me up the road.
This was an insulting abomination of an election, a disgrace to the whole concept of "Democracy", and should have us all hang our heads in shame, and promptly on the road to Canberra to arrest the British High Commissioner, and the whole media and parliamentary cartel further up the hill.
BOOO[hoo] and HISSSS!!!!
god. [small-"g", 'cause I'm humble....! and, an Atheist!]

My 2nd comment

08 September 2013 10:28am
Rudd might have had his flaws, but I say his only way through the ceaseless and unqualified attacks against him, was to "Man-Up", which to those set on denigrating someone, was seen as Rudd being an egomaniac.
Under the pressures he faced, which any PM or leader faces in this psychotic and fanatical age, he kept as good an attitude and focus as any could be expected to.
If, one day, Abbott finds himself the target of the same dimensions and types of foul forces, he will, even after the masses of programming his sides pours into candidates, collapse well before Rudd would.
Rudd has not collapsed, but is understandably quite exhausted and fed-up with the shit he's had thrown at him.
Were Murdoch a human being, and not a megalomaniac with severe psychological issues he's too old to face, admit to and expunge, he would not have been so bitterly against the Common Interests of all Australians, by destroying Labor and Rudd.
All who criticized Rudd over the passed months/years, would not be able to match Rudd's intellect and talents, and most of them certainly cannot take the stance of knocking him, as if they are holier, or better.
Another slap in the face, Kev. As that True Fella Aborigine said 2000 years ago, "turn the other cheek", and "wipe the dust..." etc.
I still think your better than most all on offer now, on all sides, aside, perhaps, from Julian Assange, and were you given even a 1/16th of a fair go, you'd leave them all for dead, and lead the nation well out of this offshore mining and real estate hex, to being an Honorable Nation and the Republic we have to be, if we are to find ourselves.
You did not lose the election. Filth and subterfuge lost it for US!
You're a sick man, Murdoch.
Sue me.

08 September 2013 10:18am
My grandmother could have won the election had she had the outrageous level of support Abbott had from Rupert Murdoch-- so who are you trying to kid Lenore Taylor ?
From day one Rupert Murdoch had New's Limited conduct the nastiest ,grubbiest WITCHUNT of the ALP and it's leader's Rudd and Gillard ever seen in Australian Political History.Rudd couldn't even fart on a plane without being demonised for doing so by the evil Rupert Murdoch and New's Limited ,Abbott was making blithering mistakes left right and centre and regardless of his imbecilic statement's New's Limited was hailing this dimwit a hero at every turn.
What we have seen in Australian politic's over the last 6 years is an evil American citizen in Rupert Murdoch completely control the political debate in this country with his heinous right wing propaganda ,relentlessly negative repetition -the type Gobbels' himself would have been proud of and dishonest fearmongering over the ALP's handling of the Australian economy to a point where consumer confidence has been utterly destroyed by New's Limited and the Liberal party ALL IN THE NAME OF OPPORTUNISTICALLY GRABBING POLITICAL POWER AT ANY COST.
That Rupert Murdoch could manipulate the Australian public with his heinous and evil propaganda to such an extent exposes the complete stupidity of the majority of the voting public in that they are actually dumb to believe Murdoch's newspaper's are actually newspaper's.
Watch Abbott pay Murdoch off !!!!!!!!!!!!
We will see the end of the ABC and any media outlet opposing Murdoch's evil empire New's Limited --already the ABC is overun by New's Limited's right wing propaganda specialist's despite the fact Wendy Bacon's study of New's Limited found it's so called journalist's to show a bias against issues such as the Carbon Tax of 8 to 1 OPPOSED.
And a never ending series of cover up's or whitewashes of Abbott's mistakes ,more Abbott hero worshipping and more undermining of Democracy in Australia as Murdoch takes even more control of this country than he already has.
The truth is Abbott's the new PM ,but he's simply a puppet Murdoch can manipulate anytime he want's and the person really running this country remains our hideous fascist/nazi dictator Rupert Murdoch.
Yesterday was just another great tragedy for the country.

My reply to the above...:

Correct! Murdoch sees the NBN as a threat to his FOX cable TV network, or whatever it is, which, as I read recently, is a major reason Murdoch has done down the legitimate ALP/Greens/Independents government.

If this farce called the LNP government lasts a term, the ALP/Greens/Independents government may be the last Legitimate Government Australia sees.

The next step down from the new LNP laugh, is outright tyranny, if we are not already there?

Of course, the question that shall never be HONESTLY answered, is, "was the election result fixed?" Over 30 years, I've noted enough folly and straaange outcomes to be entirely suspicious of our Australian Electoral Commission AEC.

Asking the question is pointless, because "who are we asking?" but the same upclub cult conspirators, indoctrinated in the same bigoted pro-European/British church schools.

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