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130913 JUST DEFIANCE My Comment to Google+ “Conversations” Page Edition

Here's the intro by the poster to the conversation, which gives us a link to hit and watch, or read.

Because of the cost of watching videos, I rarely do.

But the poster, one “Dirk” wrote the following [in pink], which, with the usual typos common to these pages, says enough to incite my reactionary factorials in my bwain... So, I responded with the stuff in Gween

Thinkers (Discussion) - Yesterday 3:33 PM
America is in a real bad place in history right now. Its people are waking up to the fact that 9/11 was a inside job. Its obvious, as plane as the nose on your face. Throughout history America as a country has done some of the most horrific acts in mankind's history. The only terrorist in America on 9/11 were in the White House. And in the days that followed, they led the American people astray, into Iraq, where there were NO weapons of mass destruction,, NO terrorist, OR, terrorist camps. The brave, and, innocent people that died on 9/11 and in the years since. From both armies and the the women and children caught in the crossfire. Is a crime that, I hope, not only the American people, but all humanity, does not let go down in history unpunished. In the book of Thomas God said, he didn't like kingdom, or, religions. Because they were easily manipulated, and used to led people astray. His is a personal relationship, he is in your heart, the temple is your body. So,,,,, who is it that has manipulated the American government, and, I dare say, the religions of the world. And led us like sheep to the slaughter.!!!! The ones that own the Federal Reserve, The world Bank. The Rothschilds. The jewish germans that have been financing both sides of wars since the crusades. Think I'm crazy. Then if you think you can fly a jet airliner through the most protected airspace in the world, and crash it into the most protected building in the world,,,,, your crazy. You also might think strapping on a bomb and killing yourself and a lot of other people is going to set you free.... You too are crazy... For only the TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE Go to the site below Rethink 9/11 And see for yourself.

Good On You, Dirk!

It adds to the wake-up, especially of American mainstreamers, caught in the hexes mainly of the western cults, who supply them with the plundered and refined riches, to keep them in the blindfolded state, so the cults can pursue their extremely dark agenda/s.

The truth is horrible in these types of affairs, and I, for one, do not open my self to seeing it all, preferring a life of exile and 3-dimensions, alone on the road [for 18 years now] fighting the establishment you refer to.

Those who have submitted to the lure, or to the fear, and work for the establishment, which has as many names as a devil can think up, work thus, some, with complete acquiescence, ignoring the sheer horror of what the establishment has created, some, seeing it, knowing it, but have intellectual strength enough to live and work while knowing of it's filth.

This and the spread via the internet, monitored and scaring us with the Ed Snowden type revelations of the NSA, CIA, Mossad, MI6 etc etc etc, might...., might..., hollow out the fortresses of blackness, of evil, from within, because those inside and quiet, also are being forced to hear, their resentment, their anger, and their deeply hidden "compassion" "sympathy", simple Humanity about and against this glitch in humanity, and/or whomever comes from elsewhere.

I am not optimistic about how it will all transpire, in this era, or in future epochs, centuries from now, when and if, the big fall, the apocalypse comes.

The slime has age-old ways of capturing us to be their slaves, puppets, middle-managers, ministers and leaders.

But while I think it is gonna all end badly, for most on earth, cracking the grip on the minds of those within the fold of powermongering goes on, as endless as the slime spreading.

Life, may well be an endless battle between slime and light, and in it, an endless and necessary balance.

There is always the option to put a quick end to this direction, by simply eliminating the planet, BOOM.  Sending our concentrated life/lives off to gather or wain in the voids of space, and start again, or cease to exist in any sentient, intelligent form.

But for now, here, in this century and era, with "Cloud Atlas" in mind from just last night [not a big fan of hollywood], it and lots of others do have merit in parts of the messages they offer, of how we are now, how we treat "life" now, how we get up and WAR-ON! against clearly sick ideals and beliefs, or not, and where we, as individuals, and thus as any "collective" evolve in the future.

The Matrix's "Red Pill" or "blue".

I try to, but can't pity the likes of those who cannot accept the dark sides of their own "governments", in reality the progenitor corporations of this type of evil.  

They are of a dead time, made so by the very institutions they love, give to and blindly obey.

The worst thing is that those softheaded, are the lifeblood of the dark side, being bled of their psychic force by the second.

They're the ones who have most to break their mental chains, take the leap, drop some quality acid, and let go.

They hold up the middle management of "the corporation" young, aspiring, set, middle aged and old, most, promised the classic "all the wealth of the world" to obey, acquiesce, turn away from the cold facts, and shut up.

But like the Great Ed Snowden, who probably is yet to realize how Great He and His act is, and will be regarded in future, like Brad/Chelsea Manning, and Julian Assange, who Works from outside "the firm", lots of insiders hear Snowden, and the shift across the globe, and some, perhaps a small percentage now, are finding the moral courage to ask themselves, if they can find a deeper happiness and the required Strength to DEFY, the establishment.

They can hear this.

And, we should be encouraged, because while those on top are welded hard and fast to the corrupted psychology and the corporation, and it's dark ways, as many of the darkest of them, also hear this. 

They too, being perhaps the most, best informed about the filthy arts of their own creations, also harbor deep bitternesses against their very existences, and, with a scotch, or gin, or such, or a line of smack, in front of their huge lounge-room fire in castles, feel a want, and a glow of cheer, when something fabulous strikes down the towers of Babel they are wedded, addicted to.

Were the cowering masses to know how many of their masters were also viciously against their own empires, and knew the catalyst is always on the brink of being ignited, and that with the spark, the fundamentalist crazies would collapse into piles of dust, everywhere, and the cowering would be belted free, the critical mass would be reached.

Better to let go of the fear, and the acquiescence, than to be too late, for that "Slow Train Coming", aye Bob?

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