Merit For Both Genders

130926 JUST DEFIANCE Merit For Both Genders Edition

Since the new LNP federal government came in with only one woman in the drink's cabinet, with new PM Abbort making all the false noises about wishing he was actually surrounded by drink's cabinet females with sex appeal, the rest of the comfy-fanny gender [just my irascible hex, to elicit the witching bitches needles] has began it's counter-campaign.

That the LNP is decidedly patriarchal, it's a mystery as to whether they have made this one-woman-in-cabinet decision to re-assert their ballsy man-ner, because
- there just aren't enough females in the LNP with ANY skills enough to warrant a cabinet decanter, because
- women aren't - in Australia - smart enough to be up their on the top shelf, because
- the patriarchs of right wing land-owning parties see the threat to men from women in land ownership, the threat being that women mean to assert themselves post-feminism, to the point of so marginalizing men from owning ANY land, thus asserting some catholic Mother Mary cult I call “the matriarchy”, or,
- the patriarchs have actually conceded that women are at least equal in all aspects, outside of having balls, on, the outside, and this is the patriarch's way of firing women up to do the assertions themselves.

I can only see this right wing, male chauvinist move from my misogynist, far, far, far left wing ute, [no girls, not “nute”], so don't know why the dills have done their thing in Canberra.

But I remain with my assertions typically crudely-put in a previous blog post, that were women to make it to the top of our political classes, and, as the previous e-ssay went on about Hillary Clinton's thoughts about having a shot at being the president of the USA, thus, on the outside, being the most powerful person, not merely the most powerful woman, on earth [ or so we're told about that chair ], the possibly 70% of females on earth who talk amongst themselves about how shitty men are, would lose control of their pent-up antipathies toward men, for some 5440 years since Adam, or his patriarchal descendants, scribed anti- Eve literature into the world's most entrancing religious texts.

“AT LAST!!!' The femme fatales would be chanting in their witches circles “WE RISE! WE PAY BACK! WE AVENGE! WE DOOM MEN TO THE PITS OF HARD LABOR!” and a rahrahrah.... [ DERR? Have men NOT done the hard labour forever??? ]

I have absolutely NO DOUBT, that some large percentage of females all over the planet would be unable to not drift over into that vengeful, and while not necessarily incorrect, or injust, coven of revenge.

It doesn't take much to see that this would cause yet another type or level or both of war between - A! HELLOO? Human Beings, with it only accelerating our common self-destruction.

Of course, myself being made into both a misogynist and a misanthropist for 58 years of being shit on by all, our common self-destruction has quite some attraction.

It also goes with the calculation, assessment, prediction, that humanity has gone about as far as it should be allowed to, and needs to be exter- A? EXTERMINATED!

Whatever, on that front?

But, I remain stoic with my contention that there are so many women who are not Balanced of mind today, and that any thinking by them that they now can, or may, rise up, to the levels and class they will actually never rise to, have absolutely NOT the intelligence to understand and deal with and be qualified to comment on, who will nevertheless decide they now have the right to assert their witchy and typically awry ways and wants over their men.

The coppers will be frantically overworked dealing with an explosion in domestic disputes. Our courts will be jammed with a backlog of such - SO OFTEN - fabricated allegations and claims.

I dare to predict that were any significant rise in the female gender to the world's houses of power - if they're not running things in the House of Hanover, etc, now - and in places like the USA White House - is Barack scared of Michelle?? - [ at least Michelle is Black! ] etc., and even down here down below in Astrayliar, there would be a large increase in marriage breakdowns, divorces, and of men banding together to form male-only, not necessarily homosexual ones, communities, communes, and urban enclaves, merely to have some peace and equality, and, some land.


Funny that in my e-ssay about Hillary Clinton going for the big chair in the US White House, I made the point that we all really have to get off this gender-bias, gender-war of qualities and talents and superiorities etc, and focus first of all on getting the whole HUMAN system of ECONOMIC MANAGEMENT correct, and once, if ever, that's achieved, the gender shit will dissipate by itself.

I write “Funny that...” above, because our own girlie ex-PM, Girlie Gillard, er, sorry Jules! Julia Gillard, has come out talking about her next career move/s, and says near to the same thing, regards, getting the underlying factors right before worrying about gender inequalities, etc.

I'm cynical about us putting a women in charge, or in the majority or even in equal measure in the latest LNP-type extreme right wing government, one, because right wing women ARE evil bitches, the same as the right wing males are - which equates with being selfish - as well as being far less intelligent - again, apply to both genders - than we must have in those places.

However, the less intelligent, selfish bitchy-boys and girls are EXACTLY the type Murdoch wants in government, so he can sit a level or three higher and control them thus, us.

But..., on having anyone at all in such places of power and corruption, I have to say, that, as all power centres today are totally corrupt, no amount of women will make them straight.

They'll all be reduced to giving head [ if only metaphorically ] just to stay alive, and to stay in the comfy chairs of power.

That makes them vulnerable to blackmail, which is how the houses of the world's dynasties [ corrupt, remember, since the Fall from Eden ] have maintained control of the ambitious and megalomaniacs for millennia.

And, I think, really, especially up that high, be-it much lower in local politics, or in all middle-tiers such as in business or, in national and global government, men simply do not trust women.

It's in our DNA, you might say. 

And, that women will never admit to having hidden grudges against the male gender in general, or that they do conspire with their girlfriends against the boys, both in local knitting circles, witches covens, Country Women's Associations, and across the corporate worlds, up to the world's most powerful arenas, men should never trust them!

But hey! I have no hesitation to say, that women should never trust men!

At least not in the western, white, cultures.

Ancient and once completely balanced, and much longer lasting cultures well away from the white expansionist west, Indigenous Peoples had a handle on gender differences, and had laws and customs well-honed to keep the balance and order.

Modern times, and it's technologies mean that women can, without large muscles, control the horse pulling the carriage, or chase down the prey, or run from being prey when out hunting food.

Any woman can drive most B-double trucks now, with the same amount of training. Not all of them can sling a tarp and ropes, over the loads though.

And, while I have my reservations on it, but this actually false “gender-equality” thing as has breached the barricades of entry into being frontline soldiers, some women are strong enough to carry packs and use semi-heavy, military-grade firearms. And, to endure the tough living conditions for extended periods.

And while we are all so screwed-up as to our own personal and gender roles in the world, if they make the grade, perhaps they should be allowed to.

But, being so screwed-up as the world is, it does not mean that all operations will be enhanced by the presence of women in them. Indeed, in some, they can clearly be a problem.

“WHERE?” “In WHAT??” Come the bitching reactions.

Fuck off bitch! Go figure!

Bare foot and pregnant in the kitchen!” is as dangerous nowadays, because they being such good liars, find it a no-brainer to poison our food.

No..., Humanity has problems, from fanatical and occult religions, from imbalances across all divides, gender no less, but perhaps, as I wrote about Clinton - Hillary, mostly from economic imbalances, ie., CLASS!

If we cannot get rid of the BOOOLLLLSHSHSHIT class divisions, we will never be rid of gender imbalances.

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