My Comment to Article “The US government has betrayed the internet. We need to take it back”

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Article by Bruce Schneier   
The Guardian, Friday 6 September 2013 05.04 AEST

Here's some thoughts I posted in the comments section of the linked article on the Guardian Australia webpages this mornin'.....,

I'm no geek. I used to be pro-geek, but have been dismayed by their terrible software designs in terms of user-friendliness or not, mainly in the larger internet forms. [HELL? O! Google! Yahoo!]

I had cause to chat live with my internet security software co recently, and established they were doing things they really shouldn't be doing to my computer and internet facilities. That brought me to ask about a fortnight ago, whether the internet security firms can be trusted, and the article on this site [

So the designing engineers of the internet do have to do what they can, perhaps especially by whistleblowing, to try to make the 'net secure again.

I tend to think it's one of those situations which will only ever be a battle ground, and the bigger dog will win-out.

Unless....? As with the whole of modern hi-technology, this is a field of expertize with a very narrow design and manufacture base. Always the producers come from the higher end of the education systems of the west, the church and cult colleges and universities, etc.

Sure, kids being that much ahead of my gen of baby-boomers, adapting to the computer age as if 1st nature, can figure and become inventors quick-smart.

But it seems the products we get to purchase are of that very narrow base, where large corporations only employ designers from the elite schools' system, so products are almost generic in their designs and in this sort of case, encoding, etc.

For a while I've advocated for high-tech electronics to become a base subject, taught from early years in all schools, especially across the public schools sectors, so that kids-to-adults in future can be their own product designers and encoders and repairs specialists, although if everyone, so-to-speak, had the knowledge, "specialist" becomes an obsolete word.

However, in regard to the spy agencies doing their usual immoral things, by breaking encryptions etc., to peer into our 'net-souls, if the design and manufacture of computers, and software was not so centralized, and was spread across the masses, so that local communities could design and produce their own systems, wouldn't they be harder for a national or global NWO spy agency to crack into?

Obviously, there'd have to be some level of commonality at the internet point, so we could all still access and communicate with the world, but I think there, local "engineeks" could as well configure their own localized products, making it unaffordable for the big dicks to stick their noses into, whatwith there being literally millions of small software product designs to have to be familiar with.

Whole new computer and internet micro-companies could evolve out of the backyard engineek workshops, catering for their local communities' hardware and software needs, and, security.

I am certain that most of the larger problems this and the linked article go to, as confirmed by Ed Snowden's releases, are made possible because the general telecoms and internet industries are bought up, to being so centralized in but a few major corporations, like Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo[shit I'm for it!]  All of whom are all too ready to acquiesce to the pressures of "big private" eyes.

[On "big private" (my term, my term!) I use that to distinguish the controlling corporations from those they control - not directly, the people, but, the governments, which are really shopfronts for big private, corporations, or, the IMF, in-an-acronym.  

I go crazy reading non-MSM and MSM media from all "sides" right and left, where "journos" hang it on "government" as the bad guys, without distinguishing this enormous and crucial difference between the big private corporations running the planet into the ditch/pit/shithole, which have for decades if not centuries, via their elite dynasties, been running this thing we too loosely call "government", but from their own entirely "private" self-interested positions of absolute wealth/landownership/power.

This failure by media to draw a clear line between super-wealthy, dynastic corporate control, and any longtime lost thing called "Government" needs-must be corrected, because it - the BIG PRIVATE corporate dynastic megalo, is that very thing which employs these arsehole spy agencies to sneek-peek into every orifice of our lives.

It's not "Government" in any sense of the word.

And this is what we the Demos, need to know, and arm ourselves against.  

OCCUPY, was a Bold and Righteous try, but was snowed under by idiots with badges and guns, ie., the police forces run by subcontracting "middle private" state/provincial/county mobsters.]

Therefore..., back to engineeking..., like True Democracy, the best way forward is to decentralize, into local communities being equipped with the knowledge to be self-sufficient.

This model applies 1st to good and honest government, as well as good and honest, but PRIVATE [not big private] means of communication.

And they all come down to US, The People, having the Knowledge of everything that underlies the product, be-it in what makes for the Most Honest Tax, er Government, and the Most Honest Inter-communications.

If the world was properly informed to the point of everyone being completely knowledgeable on this, computers, internet and encoding, we wouldn't be at war against [the "adversary"] corporations, we would have control of our lives, ensuring Proper Government, so spies would all have to find an honest job.

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