New Australian PM Hides In Police Academy In 1st Week

130916 JUST DEFIANCE New PM Hides In Police Academy In 1st Week Edition

Took me a few hours, but it hit me late yesserday, that Tony Abbott, Australia's new Liberal prime minister of only 8 days, is already running for cover, and for maximum federal police protection, by staying nights sleepy-byes deep inside the Australian Federal Police's, AFP's, CADET Academy!

We may well wonder who, how, and by how much he's making friends there?

Apparently, the prime minister's official Canberra residence, The Lodge, is having work done to it, so he has to camp elsewhere, until it's done.

Fair enough.

There was mention a few days ago, that he had already had death threats made against him, which one or other police force was investigating. On “Facebook” I seem to recall?

So I ain't under suspicion, 'cause I refuse to have a Facebook account. Never have. Never will.

And, I have no fear in making the point that I, myself, wrote in one of my posts on this-here blog, before the election, which I can't recall verbatim, something going to the very same likelihood, were they, the Liberal/National Party, LNP, to take office after the election, now two Saturdays ago. Which they did.

I do recall I used the word “assassination” in that blog, which you'll find down the list here. Sorry, I can't recall or bother finding it for you.

But..., just to be PERFECTLY CLEAR, I made absolutely NO THREATS against any politician or anyone else.  

I merely weighed the general paucity of Merit and Veracity the then federal opposition parties had, or lacked, the "feeling" I believed that pervaded much of Australia's Voters, and that, for many reasons, mainly Murdoch's illegal interference, I think I wrote something like "Abbott could be the first Australian prime minister to be assassinated"?

Take office” being more pertinent than usual, for, I assert, as I have since the election, that the result is not a democratic one, because of the massive amount of what I regard as “illegal” political interference by Abbott's puppet-master, Rupert Murdoch, and his global media empire, News International. Here, “News Limited”. [“Limited”, indeed!]

Further to that assertion of mine, I will not retreat from my summation of the election result as, in fact, in legal fact, that the LNP/Murdoch cartel have with Murdoch's astounding cunning and chicanery, enacted and succeeded in taking our government and all it's authorities from us, in a non-violent coup d'etat.

Little wonder then, that Murdoch's new boy in the chair, no doubt advised by the AFP heads to seek refuge anywhere any of the expected many Outlaws, who might have Abbott's name on one or several bullets, can't get him.

I guess Canberra isn't Afghanistan, and we don't have insurgents in the cadet academy, like they do in Kabul?

I guess?

And..., I guess it's just as well that Canberra is policed by the AFP, and not by the rather wilder and divided NSW police.

Are the NSW police more divided than the AFP?

Some years ago, I was in Canberra, trying to help the Aborigines at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, over the road from the old parliament house.

Time came for me to leave town, in search of other things to do. But as I drove away from the Tent Embassy, I said to myself, “I'm not leaving without causing a ruckus somewhere!

A few months earlier, I'd been given, as usual some 20 years late, the choice document “Drugs Inc” Boston Bankers and Soviet Commissars, by Linden Larouche and his “Executive Intelligence Review” organization, which gave exact, lengthy and historical details about the global drugs trade, with information going back at least, as I remember, to 1601, and the Jesuits running the opium importing trade to Eurape.

We all know now, I guess, but the British establishment and of course, their secret services MI5 [domestic] and MI6 [foreign] skullduggers, run the world's illegal drugs trades, amongst about every other illegal thing.

The book opened my mushroom eyes somewhat. It didn't tell me however, who I was.

Nevertheless, I looked at Britain in a new light. No more anti-British. I was already very anti-British, establishment at least.

So, armed with this knowledge on Britain's evil, I decided to pay a visit to the British High Commission in Commonwealth Avenue, just down from our new parliament house, before leaving Canberra.

The long and the short of it was, after threatening to lob three half bricks I procured from not far away, over the fence at the High Commission building, only to be brought up short by an “Protective Services” officer on duty inside the premises fence, the cops asked me, politely, to wander back to my van and have a chat.

So we did, I pulled out two chairs, and a police sheila and I sat on the lawns in a park for about an hour, discussing my thoughts and why I wanted to crown the fucking poms with a few bricks.

Now, my point, re the security of the AFP cadets academy, versus the NSW police force and it's divisions, is that when I made my case, against the Brits, and against the whole of Canberra, I said “the whole of Canberra should be arrested!” or words to that effect.

To whit, the Sheila, a ranking officer, very amenable and not at all threatening, agreed!

So..., how secure is our illegal coup d'etat prime minister, even sleepy-byes inside the AFP cadet academy???

But, of course, the AFP do not work for the People of Australia. They are a private security service employed by the national capital's government.

Well..., no, that's not exactly correct. Well... it IS exactly correct, but with “modifications” to the signed papers, or something?

Because none of our police forces work for the People of Australia.

Because all our governments are in fact, not in conspiracy theory paranoid fiction, but in fact, offices of the International Monetary Fund. The IMF.

So, the police forces are also.

But..., that does not mean, by any stretch, that ALL police officers here, or anywhere in IMF-land, and this goes to the military also, here, in Britain, and the USA, etc etc etc., are welded on supporters of the most tyrannical and brutal - and illegal - establishment corporation in history?

So the last week has seen, no doubt in their exclusive gated communities, the supporters of the new federal government celebrating their “win”.

But things might be a little “dampened” since their shiny super hero PM “Tiny Habit” is known to be hiding from the public, and possibly from some Rightminded chasps bearing arms, deep within a lot of other weapons-bearers' sleeping quarters.

It doesn't take any imagination to suspect that a lot of the cadets at the AFP academy, pretty na├»ve one must expect, for joining the force in the 1st place, but old enough to think about such a scenario, we might well understand that lots of them do not have much of a positive opinion about their new HA! “commander-in-chief” PM, hiding from the public amongst them?

One could rightly, take his cowardly act to be evidence that he, Tony Abbott has realized after the fact, that he has in fact been thrown out of the frypan of the meek, though mouthy but basically safe pit of opposition, by his puppet-master Murdoch, and into the fire of being liable for prosecution of effecting an illegal coup d'etat?

I guess, were the AFP to do a bit of what coppers are supposed to be experts at, criminal investigation, they might arrive at that same conclusion?

If so - WE WISH! - at least they don't have to go far and know where to find and ARREST him!!!

Rounding up the rest of the cabal, might be a bit more of a job though.




Block all banking transactions of all LNP members, families and corporate partners!

ET cetera! ET cetera! ET cetera!!!

Murdoch and the lads, might be a bit more work, 'cause the old one is very bloody slippery...?

Now, what an amazing way to effect a LEGITIMATE and Legal Coup D'Etat!

Our Righteous and Rightminded Law Enforcement Authorities

-arrest and prosecute the illegitimate government,
-replace it non-violently with a Military and Civilian National Management Committee,
-correct all anomalies in the electoral and political processes,
-set a date for new elections,
-shut down all Murdoch media offices,
-ban the Murdochs from Australia, warning them that they will be arrested if they come here,
-and proceed with Maximum Rectitude,
-in Cooperation with as many other Nations as are willing,
-the Proper Formation of the Australian - and worldwide - all Nations' Government.


Pity..., I guess.., it's all a dream?

Whatever the Reality..., I would NOT like to be, Tony Abbott, prime minister of Australia, or one of his government ministers, from this day forward!


“SLEEP WELL, prime minister!”

Let the nice sergeant tuck you in, shall we?



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