My Comment To "The Conversation" On The NBN

130915 JUST DEFIANCE My Comment To The Conversation On The NBN Edition

For having my motorbikes, business, right to live in a house, and all social associations STOLEN by Hell's Angels and spoiled lying catholic filth over the last 25-to-58 years, I've dived into pools of thought such as The Conversation pages, for some Intellectual Nourishment. And most of it is Choice! Good! Top Quality! At least as Top as my humble old brain can discern.

But each time I add my thoughts to these types of pages, and to such as Google+ conversations, right-wing smug, self-assured fuckheads who just love playing with their cheap cowardly “Harry Potter” witchcraft on me, retort to my assertions, comments, thoughts, with unmitigated bullshit, trying to elicit my anger in my replies.

It's tragic to know that lots of them are wealthy and my generation and older, who regard themselves superior because they, or their parents/ancestors have lied their ways up the wealth-pile, of white, western, judeo-christian 1st world materialist shit. No shortage of them, unsurprisingly, are female.

But watching with disgust and controlled anger, released mostly in laughter, I enjoy finding facts about things like the ALP/Greens/Independents' National Broadband Network “NBN”, designed and started by the last ALP/Greens/Independents' Government, and facts about the bullshit NBN countered by the new evil LNP government.

So here's my expression of interest in 1930s fascist Germany, as our new LNP government intends to advance and emulate, on the NBN alternatives, and what underlies, the, lies.

By Sean Rintel Lecturer in Strategic Communication at University of Queensland

Deerr? I'm a slow reader, a 4th form tech school dropout, and autodidact in Law, Philosophy, Politics-er-politrix, the Science of Economic Rent, and the Hard Road of Learning and other stuff, and now an 18 year homeless pensioner.

But I can read enough to discern that the "techies" or "geeks" who really do know the basics and the facts about the whole internet and telecoms issue/s debate, etc, are in favor of the Labor/Greens/Independents' NBN to the home.

Some of them, like many of the class able to afford to linger in these types of conversations, have their opinions about our debacle called "democracy", while some have more than parochial, indoctrinated, un-thought-out self-interested views, based on their more mature mentalities [good, unspoiled childhoods], and deeper understanding of the things Democracy should encourage all of us to aspire to, and to foster across the family, nation and today the planet.

It looks like those "for" the LNP's NBN, are welded to the mememe culture of self-interest and Darwinian economics - the brutal survive, and "if bullshit lets me keep my possessions, then bullshit it shall be", and cannot say anything real about the dark, right wing intentions of Murdoch against the ALP's NBN.

Great! Freedom of speech at work, undermining longevity of our species at every opportunity, proving Darwin correct - that Intellect of the superior Human mind and Wisdom therein attained are irrelevant to bullshit, for mememe and a skwishy good time in front of the big-screen watching FOX anti-intelligence garbage.

That no-one in this conversation, full of off-topic rhetoric, clearly led off by the pro-LNP type out to prove they can debate deviously better than the fair minded can debate with facts, and reason, and a fair go for all, but that no-one goes beneath the topic here, and addresses the fundamental injustice of Murdoch winning the election by his massive strength of media propaganda [and off-camera threats] to wipe all sensible policies off the table, shows we are loosing it folks, and that while we, yep, like me, pontificate around the issue, that democracy is not under threat, but that it is once more, 1930's Germany, we allow the unseen evil in Abbott, Howard, Costello, Ruddock, Pyne, Turnbull and others' long term agenda to turn us into slaves, and, meat.

The new LNP government is the most appalling in our history, was not elected by any fair and HONEST democratic election, and has very foreign interests playing with these otherwise very intelligent and for the benefit of all Australians, plans.

As soon as important topics, like the ALP NBN, and I think I see that it is not perfect, short and long term, but perhaps nothing out of the larger "political" structure ever can be, are thrown open to debate, via this top quality media outlet [just a little bit of grease applied], the spoiled, over-indoctrinated idiots who can use a computer and type, and see Democracy as the threat to their opulence, jump online and trump up all manner of rubbish to drag the public off the path of discerning the best for all of us.

So, if everyone has NBN to the home, how much will the rubbish increase, and bring on their own destruction, at least of their spoiled over-consuming lifestyles?

Better hasten the FTTH and see "Democracy" doing it's thing! [sarcasm]

The issue is the veracity or not, of the NOT elected, but the SELECTED government.

We cannot, and must not let ourselves, while we can afford it, afford to bury our heads in these types of distractive issues, important as "utilities" as they are/should be.

However, we must keep these avenues of debate open, and allow the popular, but informed consensus to decide. But please, we have first to ensure our positions are not the mememe of 1930's Germany.

The hard and cold reality is that the election was a complete crock,the LNP government is NOT WORTHY, is NOT LEGITIMATE, and IT IS OUR RIGHT AND OUR DUTY TO MAKE THESE FACTS KNOWN, and were we truly People in a Democracy, we would all be on the streets [to our houses of corruption in each state and territory] and on the highways to Canberra to PROTEST what we KNOW in this regard, and that the system has much to have done to it to make it Democratic.

Apologies for dragging the pontiffs off topic and back to the REALPolitik drawing board, and for writing ANGRY.

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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